Top 10 Best Digital Piano Stands for 2022

Best Digital Piano Stands

Are you looking for the best digital piano stands? Look no further! Stands are sturdy, well-built structures whose main role is to provide support to the piano. In the rising market for digital pianos, there is a high demand for stands because they tend to provide convenience to the users.

Digital pianos come in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, to provide users with efficiency while using them, many stands have been created to provide support.

In this article, we will fully discuss some of the best digital piano stands in the market for you to consider.

K&M Folds Flat Portable-Fits Piano and Electric Adult and Youth Musicians Konig & Meyer 18810.015.76 Table Style Keyboard Stand Omega-Sturdy Height Adjustable Frame 55
ROLAND KS-10Z Keyboard Stand
K & M Keyboardstand Spider
K&M Folds Flat Portable-Fits Piano and Electric Adult and Youth Musicians Konig & Meyer 18810.015.76 Table Style Keyboard Stand Omega-Sturdy Height Adjustable Frame 55
ROLAND KS-10Z Keyboard Stand
K & M Keyboardstand Spider
K&M Folds Flat Portable-Fits Piano and Electric Adult and Youth Musicians Konig & Meyer 18810.015.76 Table Style Keyboard Stand Omega-Sturdy Height Adjustable Frame 55
K&M Folds Flat Portable-Fits Piano and Electric Adult and Youth Musicians Konig & Meyer 18810.015.76 Table Style Keyboard Stand Omega-Sturdy Height Adjustable Frame 55
ROLAND KS-10Z Keyboard Stand
ROLAND KS-10Z Keyboard Stand
K & M Keyboardstand Spider
K & M Keyboardstand Spider

10 Best Keyboard Stands to Consider Buying

1. The K & M Table-Style Keyboard Stand

Piano Stands

First on our list of the best digital piano stands is this K&M table-style keyboard stand. It has the design to support a wide variety of keyboards. It is a standard-built keyboard stand designed with a long-lasting type of material. In terms of quality, the table-style stand is usually reliable.


The height adjustment is from a range of 23 to 40 inches approximately. For the width, it exceeds 37 inches but only by a small inch. Its housing can also be adjusted to fit smaller keyboards. It weighs 23.4 pounds and the dimensions measure 26” × 18.5” × 5.1″.

The outlook is also an admiration factor of the table-style stand. It complements wherever you store it, whether in the studio or your house. Also, both legs consist of their own individual height adjustment settings. Simple but versatile, the stand is sturdy built and really durable.

2. Roland KS-18Z Piano Stand

Portability is one of the main factors to consider when you want to purchase a keyboard stand. No one wants to have increased luggage when moving around with a keyboard stand.


Fortunately, the Roland KS-18Z stand checks the portability box without a doubt. It folds quickly and takes very minimum time to assemble. Therefore, you can easily carry anywhere without much strain.

The stand has the shape of two big Zs which seem to have been set together in a parallel manner.

The width and height can be easily adjusted and the stand is capable of holding up to 200 pounds of keyboard weight. The innovative design of the KS18Z makes it capable of housing a wide range of keyboards.

3. The K&M 18860 Keyboard Stand

Best Piano Stands

The design of this stand suits a lot of keyboards in the market. It not only a pleasing look but it’s also sturdy and durable.


It is a state-of-the-art, modern keyboard stand built with durable and stable aluminum frame.  Its dimensions are 48” × 9.8” × 7.1”. The spider stand is capable of supporting up to 2 keyboards. This is made possible due to the 2 pairs of extendable support arms that it features.

What’s more, the upper set of arms can be tilted at an angle of 15 degrees allowing the player to easily access the keyboard on the lower arms.

4. The Triple-Tier Piano Stand

Best Piano Stands

The Triple-Tier piano stand can withstand the weight of up to three keyboards. Built with simplicity, the 60-inch long keyboard stand checks the box for a stand of high capacity. Despite its look, you can easily de-assemble and fold it in a matter of minutes.


The angles of this keyboard stand are tilted at a favorable position, which gives ease of access to all the keyboards on board. It comes with a bag convenient for storage. It is also built with a durable material making it capable of fulfilling multiple tasks.

5. ChromaCast Double Braced Keyboard Stand 2 Tier Adapter Bundle

Quik Lok QL742 Double Tier Piano Stand

The ChromaCast Double Braced Keyboard Stand 2 Tier Adapter Bundle is a double tier with the capability of holding up to two pianos. It has lower and upper arms which can be comfortably adjusted to suit the player’s specifications.


The upper arms can also hold up a laptop. The upper arms set up may also be completely detached to leave room for the stand to act as a single tier.

The adjustments require some good attention from your side, although this is something achievable as long as you follow the guidelines provided. It is a lightweight piano stand despite the double tier look.

Its dimensions are 24.8” × 7.1” × 40.5” and weigh about 18 pounds. It is a good quality stand that promises amazing support adjustments.

6. Plixio Piano Keyboard Stand

Plixio Piano Keyboard Stand

The Plixio Piano Keyboard Stand can withstand up to 45 pounds of keyboard weight. There is also another striking factor to its name. Since it is adjustable, it houses 14 different height settings. You can comfortably use the piano while sitting or standing if you have this stand.


The width adjustments are also of good range and have a lot of freedom in selections. The arms are made of foam pads that provide proper keyboard support and won’t scratch the keyboard frame.

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7. Stage Rocker Single X-Style Classic Folding Digital Piano Stand

The X-Style Adjustable Piano Stand

In case you are a beginner or love playing the piano most often, then this Stage Rocker Single X-Style Classic Folding Digital Piano Stand will fit right into your preferences. Designed with flexibility and simplicity, the stand is set to accommodate more than one player. It may also facilitate other purposes due to its adjustable feature.


Built with a circular locking mechanism, this stand houses six different height settings to fulfill the player’s needs. In terms of portability, the stand folds into a slim shape which is easy to move around with and doesn’t occupy much storage space.

8. Rockjam Xfinity Heavy-Duty Adjustable Stand

Heavy Duty Piano Stand

The Rockjam Xfinity Heavy-Duty Adjustable Stand is designed to support even the heaviest of keyboards. It is among the best digital piano stands because it has a sturdy structure which fits into any keyboard no matter the weight. This is made possible by the double-x metal tubes included in its design.


The stand is unlike many and has a huge range of height adjustments. It allows about 4-38 inches of height adjustments.

The stand also comes pre-assembled or welded up together, which means you won’t need to assemble it. It is a portable piano stand since it comes already welded together.

Although the stand is not that portable, it is still a high-quality and durable stand. Therefore, it is a great investment to consider.

9. On-Stage KS7903 3-Tier A-Frame Stand

The On-stage KS7903 3-tier A-frame piano stands provide you with a way of supporting up to 3 keyboards. It might look like a rack but don’t let its looks fool you. It has an A-frame which enables it to stand upright and stable.


The bars used to support the keyboards can be conveniently adjusted for both the width and angle. Equipped with a double lock feature, this stand is able to further tighten the keyboards for support.

Its base is quite adjustable and therefore takes very minimal floor space. The stand folds well and can be stored or carried easily.

It is simple despite having too many arms. The On-stage KS79033 stand is worth your money if you are looking for a convenient and portable 3 tier keyboard stand.

10. Amazon Basics Double X Adjustable Keyboard Stand

The Amazon Basics Double X Adjustable Keyboard Stand belongs to X-style piano stands criteria. It is a double X stand built to support some of the heaviest keyboards and it’s also one of the best digital piano stands. The stand is capable of holding up to 150 pounds of keyboard weight.


Its dimensions are 2×38.25×8 inches. The frame is of good sturdy standard. This stand would definitely do well to Casio piano owners.

It has a good adjustable nature and is meant to offer comfortable playing sessions. This piano stand is suitable for any piano owner and even kids. It is is a good quality stand that can support different keyboard sizes.

Types of Stands

Mixer Style Piano Stands

These are also known as Z-style stands. The mixer style stands have a stable character and are often considered to help the support of heavy-duty pianos/keyboards.

The name Mixer originates from the stand’s ability to support mixers and DJ turntables. When compared to the X-style stands, the Mixer stands are a bit more expensive.

The materials used to build them are of high weight resistance. The stand, however, is not heavy despite the materials used in its design. It is a welded and bolted stand which doesn’t require any assembling.

Adding to its merits is the ample legroom found beneath the keyboard setup which is suitable for every playing session. For solid, durable and reliable stands, Mixer style stands are one type we can positively recommend.

Custom-Made Stands

As the phrase suggests, these are stands built to fulfill the requirements of a specific keyboard. They also match their support style.

Mostly keyboard owners who desire a more detailed and custom style stand for their pianos opt to spend extra cash. Mainly because the process of owning a custom-made stand tends to be an expensive one.

The process has seen an increased number of manufacturers create stands accurately meant to service-specific keyboards.

They adjust bolts to perfectly fit your piano and make sure it stays up steadily without the fear of falling off. One example we can refer to is the Yamaha L2C stand which is designed to suit the PSRE and NP keyboard series.

The X-Style Piano Stands

These are the most popular piano stands among performing musicians. Their name is also inspired by their design. The legs of the stands are crossed at an angle to replicate the letter X. One main factor that contributes to their popularity is that they can support almost any type of keyboard.

The X-style stands are not too expensive and hence attract a lot of keyboard owners. They are sturdy and consist of height adjustments, which don’t require too much effort to set up. However, some of these types of stands are meant for lightweight keyboards only. Therefore, before purchasing an X-style stand, ensure that the weight of your keyboard is suitable for it.

Crucial Tips to Note

When looking for the best digital piano stands, you need to know that they come with different characteristics. Some are custom-made while others have a general structure. Different styles for different keyboards.

If you are a keyboard owner and wish to acquire a stand for it, it is important for you to get background information first. You have to conduct thorough research before making the purchase.

Check whether the stand you require will serve whatever your keyboard needs flawlessly. The durability – will the stand still serve you in the same manner after several years?

How flexible is it to set up and is the stand going to be a hassle? These are the crucial questions you need to ask yourself first. Most importantly, check the stands for any warranty policy.

Do All Keyboard Stands Fit?

Not all keyboard stands fit. Some keyboard stands are designed specifically for a certain digital piano. Some are designed to fit lightweight pianos, while others are designed to fit heavy-duty pianos.

You also need to check the dimensions of your piano and compare them with a stand before buying. This will help you find an ideal stand that can properly accommodate your keyboard.

Are Z Stands Good?

Yes, Z stands are some of the most reliable digital piano stands to consider buying. That’s mainly because they are not only stable, but also pretty durable. In fact, this is why they are normally considered ideal for heavy pianos.

What Makes a Good Keyboard Stand?

When you’re buying a keyboard stand, ensure you consider things such as the length and width of your digital piano. The keyboard is supposed to rest only a few inches off the arms of the stand. That means it should sit comfortably between the rubber end caps, which will help to hold in place on the stand.

The Bottom Line

All the above factors are meant to direct you to the purchase of the best piano stands. It is money you are using, and at the end of the day, you have to make sure you get value for your money.