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Best Keyboard Wood Stand

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A keyboard stand (and bench) can add a lot. The entire keyboard does not need to sit on the stand, only the upper part of it (the part with the keys). It is impractical and unhygienic to play keyboards while they rest directly on a table or floor.

Top 6 Best Keyboard Stands

A good keyboard stand is an essential part of any musician’s equipment. It provides stability and enhances comfort while playing.

However, choosing a keyboard stand can be difficult because many brands offer similar products at different prices, so you need to choose carefully when buying one.

This list will help you make your choice by providing details about the best brands available in the market with their key features and specifications to pick one yourself easily.

1. Yamaha L125B Wooden Furniture Stand for P125B

The Yamaha L125B Wooden Furniture Stand for P125B, Black is designed to hold up your stage piano, weighing as much as 150 pounds.

Yamaha L125B Wooden Furniture Stand for P125B,Black
  • Wooden furniture stand for Yamaha P125B Digital Piano
  • Compatible with Yamaha LP1B 3-Pedal Unit
  • Not compatible with P115 or any other Yamaha digital piano

That means that this is one of the most secure stands on the market for any piano, even grand piano. The maximum height of this product is 38″ above the floor, which tends to be the standard with most stage piano stands.

The base has four large rubberized feet that are durable and will not fall apart or get worn out over time. Also included are four locking caster wheels that help position your keyboard perfectly while providing excellent mobility across surfaces without scratching up your floors.

This Yamaha-made stand also comes equipped with a quick-release knob that makes it easy to adjust the height of the legs when you have to store away this stage piano stand.

It saves space by folding flat against itself, so if you have limited space in storage areas or backstage rooms, this could be a significant benefit for you and your overall workflow.


  • Great Weight Capacity (150 lbs)
  • Durable & Sturdy Base
  • Easy Height Adjustment


  • Locking Wheels May Need Improvised Lock or Extra Wrench

2. Yamaha L85 Keyboard Stand

This model of keyboard stand is a folding unit with a weight capacity of 88 pounds and dimensions of 24 x 22 x 11 inches when in use and folds up to a total height of only 21 inches.

Yamaha L85 Keyboard Stand, Black
  • Item Package Dimension: 61L x 15.5W x 7.5H inches
  • Item Package Weight – 27.3 Pounds
  • Item Package Quantity – 1

The keyboard stand weighs around 10 pounds in total, so it doesn’t add much extra weight to your setup, which helps if you are transporting instruments often.


  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • The price is unbeatable
  • Sturdy build- nice thick tubing


  • It doesn’t fold up in half so it’s not very compact

3. Yamaha L515B Wooden Furniture Stand for P515B

The Yamaha L515B Wooden Furniture Stand for P515B, Black, comes with a maximum height adjustment of 36″ above the floor, which is a bit taller than other models on this list.

Yamaha L515B Wooden Furniture Stand for P515B,Black
  • Wooden furniture stand for Yamaha P515B
  • Compatible with Yamaha LP1B 3-Pedal Unit
  • Easy assembly and installation

Even better, it comes equipped with two cross braces at the bottom for extra stability and sturdy use when you have to mount your stage piano stand on thick carpets or hardwood floors.

Rubberized feet help keep the stand from sliding around or scratching up your floors, and they can easily be removed if you’d rather have wheels instead that aren’t as rough on tables and wood finishes.

Also included is a locking knob that makes height adjustments very quick and easy without worrying about any accidental changes or accidents that could lead to injury to you or damage to your instrument.

This Yamaha product has a weight capacity of 150 pounds, just like the previous model, so you can still use this stand on all types of stage pianos and keyboards.

The cross braces also doubled as cable holders to keep your plugs out of sight and organized neatly behind your Piano where they won’t get in the way or trip up other performers.


  • Durable & Sturdy Base
  • Good Height Adjustment Range (27″ – 37″)
  • Rubberized Feet for Non-Slip Grip
  • Very Secure Locking Knob


  • Expensive for those on a budget
  • It doesn’t come with straps or corner protectors to keep your Piano safe.
  • It only holds 88 lbs as max weight capacity.

4. Casio CS-67BK Keyboard Stand for Privia Digital Pianos

The Casio Keyboard Stand CS-67BK is designed to hold the following keyboards: Privia PX-130, PX-330, PX-430, PX-433, PX-S600. The stand consists of two parts (17 inches high by 12 inches deep by 8.75 inches wide).

Casio CS-67BK Keyboard Stand for Privia Digital Pianos, Black
  • Optional stand in black designed for PX150, PX160, PX350, PX360, and PX560
  • High quality dark woodgrain
  • Excellent support

It weighs 9 pounds to avoid tipping or moving around when playing; both sides feature rubber footings that can be adjusted for uneven floors.

The top shelf (which adjusts in height) has four holes drilled into it, which are used with metal pegs that can screw into the bottom of a keyboard for added stability and firmer attachment.

This is useful as some people complain about this being too wobbly without these attachments and might even fall (which can damage the keyboard). In contrast, others report that this stand is sturdy enough to lock into the provided pegs.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Clamps securely to the side of your instrument
  • Can support an 88 key Digital Piano
  • Relatively cheap


  • Feels a bit flimsy and not as sturdy as some other options out there

5. Yamaha L515B Wooden Furniture Stand for P515B

This stand is compatible with all Yamaha pianos with 88 keys or supports a piano-style necessary action such as the Clavinova series, including models CVP-500, CV-300N, CVP-202, etc.

Yamaha L515B Wooden Furniture Stand for P515B,Black
  • Wooden furniture stand for Yamaha P515B
  • Compatible with Yamaha LP1B 3-Pedal Unit
  • Easy assembly and installation

The adjustable height goes up to 40 inches which is perfect for playing while sitting down or standing up comfortably. This is without bending your legs too much when you are tall. A pedal extender is also included in the package, so pedals don’t slip due to their size.


  • Sturdy built
  • Compatibility (88 key)
  • Adjustable height 40 inches
  • It supports up to 88 pounds, so even heavy pianos are safe on this stand and price.


  • Only works with Yamaha digital pianos, which excludes most digital pianos on the market today.
  • Only 80 lbs as max weight capacity, so it will be too heavy for this stand if you have a piano with 88 keys.

6. Nord Wood Keyboard Stand for All Nord Stage and Piano 88-Key Instruments (NWKS)

The Nord Wood Keyboard Stand for All Nord Stage and Piano 88-Key Instruments (NWKS) is a very durable keyboard stand constructed to hold the weight of heavy keyboards.

It comes with a two-year warranty to guarantee performance. This model can support up to 200 pounds, which will work well for most any piano or stage pianos. The steel tubes are chrome plated and give a great look while keeping the piano sturdy for years of playability.

A nylon washer helps reduce noise while playing on the strings of your instrument, so you get a quieter experience when using this product.

In addition, it allows height adjustments between 26″ and 32″ above the floor with only one knob to turn to loosen or tighten.

A front and back lip prevents the Piano from slipping off, and they will easily support a grand piano or even a baby grand without any issues.

The Nord Wood keyboard stand is perfect for those who play keyboards and pianos of all sizes. It’s durable, sturdy, has excellent weight capacity, and comes with a two-year warranty to ensure quality usage for future gigs.


  • Great Warranty
  • Sturdy & Durable
  • High Weight Capacity (200 lbs)


  • Quite Expensive (to buy new)

How To Choose The Right Wood Keyboard Stand And Bench For You

To help you choose the right wooden keyboard stand or bench, we have listed below tips that you might want to take into account before buying one:

1. Check if it Has Adjustable Height

A model that can adjust from three different heights will allow musicians to adjust their instruments according to their specifications and preference.

This gives them the luxury of practicing and playing even while they are seated on a chair or standing up.

2. Check For Poplar Wood Construction

Poplar would be an ideal choice for wooden keyboards because of its density. Other types of materials used include wenge wood, cherry wood, basswood, and maple.

This is because they are also strong enough to carry heavy instruments. Some even come with padded seats for your comfort.

3. Check if it Has Wheels

Heavier instruments require sturdy stands so that they will be properly supported at all times. Most models include two casters which allow musicians to easily pull their instrument towards them, especially when they are performing on stage.

This reduces the amount of force exerted by the user. Therefore, increasing his or her safety as well as keeping the keyboard station clean from scratches and dirt brought about by regular movements around the area where it is placed.

4. Check if it Can Carry Additional Equipment

A stand or bench with a shelf under its main support where you can place your sheet music, pencils, and other accessories would be a great choice since it will allow you to keep everything in one place.

This is also a great way to free up some space for your keyboard which allows it to have more room for extra support.

5. Check its Stability

The stand or bench that you choose should have rubber pads on its legs so that it will be properly grounded throughout the day.

It should also come with anti-skid metal parts for improved grip and safety of both the user and the instrument itself.

This reduces the noise caused by sudden movements around the area where it is being used. This is because there are no loose parts that might cause accidents especially when two people are using it at the same time.

Wooden keyboards are known for their heavyweight but can easily be moved from one place to another because of their wheels. This makes it the perfect choice for musicians who are looking for stands and benches that will provide

6. Check if it Comes With Detachable Music Holders

Not all models have these but having one allows you to keep your sheet music properly in place while playing on stage or when practicing at home.

In terms of convenience, a detachable unit perfectly frees up more space for your

7. Check if it Has Storage Compartments

If you want a stand or bench that is practical and functional, then this feature is the right choice. This is because the compartments can store sheet music, spare strings, and other accessories deemed necessary during practice sessions by musicians around the world.

Some even include a shelf which might be very convenient for those wanting to practice while seated on a chair. Seated practice is known as the best way for musicians to keep their instruments in good shape for many years.

By including such, you can be sure that your keyboard will last longer without causing too much trouble (i.e., dents, scratches, and other unwanted marks) because of its durability.

8. Check if it Has Adjustable Legs

A wooden keyboard stand with adjustable legs allows the user to adjust the height based on his or her preference and comfort level.

This makes playing more comfortable and practices more effective (less force exerted by the musician on the keys).

Since most pads are made from rubber they also reduce noise caused by sudden movements of musicians around where their instrument is being played.

9. Material

Another important factor to consider when buying a wooden keyboard stand or bench is the type of material used in making it. You can find models that are made out of different types of wood such as maple, mahogany, wenge, cherry, and others.

However, maple would be the best option for you if you want a stronger and sturdier model because its density is greater than other woods.

10. Check if it Has a Warranty

This allows you to replace or return the stand or bench if something goes wrong because of manufacturing defects.

Some manufacturers might offer a longer warranty than others but this is done as a way of assuring customers about their products and services.

It gives them the edge over those who don’t provide such for those looking for stands and benches that are extremely reliable, long-lasting, and durable.

No matter how good a wooden keyboard stand or bench looks on paper, it will fail to impress musicians if they have numerous complaints about its durability, functionality, and stability.

That’s why many consider customer service as being just as important. This is because it plays a vital role in ensuring total satisfaction from everyone who purchases their product. This is why it should be given much attention when choosing stands and benches.

11. Size

The length and width of your keyboard (and whatever else will be sitting on top of your keyboard stand) are very important for determining the size of the cross beam.

For keyboards, it is recommended to use something like 1×4 boards, but if you’re buying a bench that might hold more than one person, maybe use 2x4s instead.

12. Shape

This may not matter much when it comes to choosing a frame for your keyboard stand (you could even use rectangular boards for the frame).

If you are buying a wooden stand with cross beams to hold up your piano, you will want to use something like 2x2s on each side of the keyboard to keep it sturdy.


You should choose these wooden things by yourself. Because it’s not only about the material but also ergonomics and aesthetics.

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