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  • Piano Concertos In Order Of Difficulty

    Piano Concertos In Order Of Difficulty

    A piano concerto is a form of concerto that is composed for a pianist and is often accompanied by an orchestra or other big ensemble in the classical music genre. This article critically looks at all about the order of difficulty of piano concerto. Piano Concertos In Order Of Difficulty (Easiest To Hardest Piano Concertos)…

  • How Hard Is It to Tune a Piano

    How Hard Is It to Tune a Piano

    A piano is a complex instrument made up of many different parts that must be in tune for the sound to be pleasant. While tuning your piano may seem like an easy task, it’s pretty difficult. With so many notes and keys on the keyboard, it can be hard to get everything just right by…

  • Yamaha YDP-121 Review

    Yamaha YDP-121 Review

    The Yamaha YDP-121 is a superb 88-key weighted hammer action piano with a lovely appearance. The Yamaha YDP-121 digital piano is an improved version of the wildly popular YDP-101, with features like good weighted hammer-type action that most teachers look for in a beginner instrument. Yamaha has long been known for having excellent digital piano…

  • Yamaha MIE-1 Review

    Yamaha MIE-1 Review

    Yamaha keyboards are an ideal choice for beginners and seasoned keyboard players alike, with a wide range of high-quality sounds and functions. Every one of Yamaha keyboards has at least 61 full-size keys, and many of them are touch-sensitive. Specifically, this article looks into a special Yamaha product i.e, the Yamaha MIE-1, its specifications, features,…

  • Digital Piano Static Noise (SOLVED)

    Digital Piano Static Noise (SOLVED)

    You may hear static noise when playing your piano. In addition to being annoying, the noise could indicate that anything is amiss with your piano’s mechanism. In most cases, if you know what you’re looking for, you can easily resolve the problem. Hence, this article will guide you through the possible cause of the problem,…

  • Piano Keyboard Storage Ideas

    Piano Keyboard Storage Ideas

    One of the major problems associated with using a piano is its storage. Leaving your piano out just anywhere can easily expose it to damage, dust, and even falling objects. Hence, this article will expose you to ideas for storing your piano and the process of safe storage that protects it from damage. Piano keyboard…

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