Piano Keyboard Storage Ideas




Piano Keyboard Storage Ideas

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One of the major problems associated with using a piano is its storage. Leaving your piano out just anywhere can easily expose it to damage, dust, and even falling objects. Hence, this article will expose you to ideas for storing your piano and the process of safe storage that protects it from damage.

Piano keyboard Storage Rack

If you are a professional pianist or just a lover of piano, storing more than one piano at a time may pose a great challenge.

Piano keyboard Storage Rack

Think of a storage rack like your regular shoe rack where you can keep more than one piano at a time.

The piano keyboard storage rack is upright piano storage where you can keep more than one piano on each other with the space of one piano. The piano keyboard storage is a good choice for use in piano shops (repair or sales), music schools, and collector’s rooms.

How To Store A Piano keyboard

The most important rule to know when storing the piano is to store it in a place with a relative humidity of about 40 to 45. This is because humidity is the leading cause of piano damage. Damages can be the following

  1. A slight change in humidity below or above the required 40-45% will immediately be reflected in the soundbar which will either shrink or swell immediately.
  2. Piano wool clothes are very susceptible to deterioration from exposure to unfavorable condition
  3. Change in the soundbar could lead to detuning
  4. For those that come in wooden parts, the wood may also warp.

Although most digital pianos are not wooden, however, the change in the humidity can affect all piano keyboards leading to their detuning if not properly stored. If you don’t know that yet, then here is a couple of guides to help you store your piano keyboard safely

  • Avoid storing it in a place where dust could get into it. The old storeroom, car garage, and beside the window are very poor places to store your piano. A better way to protect it from dust is by covering or wrapping it up in clothes to keep dust out of the piano.
  • Keep the piano keyboard away from places with heat and direct sunlight. Places such as beside an open window, close to the vent, and a basement that doesn’t have a way of controlling humidity can easily damage your piano keyboard.
  • Avoid storing the keyboard near a shelf that has loads on it. Well, this is just a precaution for protecting the keyboard from heavy objects falling on it which could cause heavy damage to it.
  • A simple electrical rule is also to properly fold the wires and keep them where they won’t get damaged when not in use.
  • It is even not a good move to play the keyboard near a fireplace, not to mention storing it near it. This is because cracks of fire, ash, and soot can easily get into it which could serve as potential damage for the piano electronic components.
  • Keep the piano far away from where children and pets can get to it – particularly cats. Cats are mostly fond of walking on the keyboard which aside from the fact that they could damage the keyboard, fallen furs from their body can also damage the electronic components.
  • Clean the keyboard regularly, but never use a thinner on it. This is because thinner are strong chemicals that could damage the plastic or even in the least remove the printing. Make sure to always use a cleaning of around 90% alcohol.
  • When storing your keyboard on a piano desk, do not keep it near the diner or sitting room. This is to prevent unconscious actions such as placing a bottle of water, a cup of tea, biscuits, or other food which could eventually spill into it leading to damage or a direct short circuit.
  • A good practice is to clean your stored keyboard at least as regularly as you can in a year to keep it in good shape.

Piano Desk Combo

The piano desk combo is a design that integrates a computer space, speaker, and keyboard.

Piano Desk Combo

Think of the piano desk combo as the perfect studio workspace. The desk combo is a super saver purchase that helps you save the extra cost of getting a table/desk for your computer.

If you run a studio with limited space, the piano desk combo is the best choice for you because it helps you bring all the important stuff you need in one place. Some piano desk combos come with an extra drawer where you can even keep notes and other kinds of stuff.

Piano Keyboard Wall Mount

Using the wall for storing your piano keyboard may be a tricky move. However, the walls of the room, store, or showroom may be the best option when space consideration comes into play. The piano keyboard can be easily stored on the wall with the help of preinstalled wall mounts.

Piano Keyboard Wall Mount

Simply hang the piano on the wall point and voila! It is as easy as placing it on a rack. However, when using a wall mount for storing the piano keyboard, attention should be placed on the strength of the wall as well as on the weight on the piano.

A heavy piano on a weak store wall or room can get damaged by falling from the wall.

Keyboard Storage Box

For travel artists and professional pianists, the keyboard storage box may be the best option for increased portability and safe storage of the keyboard. The piano box comes in two ways

  • a metal box,
  • and a box bag

This keyboard storage box protects the keyboard from forces outside it that can damage it. It comes in handy for tour and professional pianists moving from one stage to another.

Keyboard Storage Box

Another incredible attribute of this box is that it can also be hung on the wall mount or kept in a store. It is built in such a way that protects the piano keyboard from its number damage, humidity.

Digital Piano Desks

Digital Piano desks are simply ideal places to keep a piano that is in active use. It is the best option for someone who loves to play piano early in the morning or after showering in the evening but still has to keep it safe for those little periods when it is left alone.

Digital Piano Desks

The digital piano desk are usually portable so it can be placed almost anywhere you desire without the worry of space


Remember, storing your piano is as important as playing it. Therefore take note of the ideas highlighted in this article to store your piano safely. Most of the ideas in this article such as the wall mount and the desk method can be improvised, however, before using any of the storage ideas make sure it is in a safe place for the piano keyboard.

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