Difference Between Concert and Soprano Ukulele

In this post, we will take a look at the difference between concert and soprano ukulele. Concert ukuleles are typically bigger than soprano ones, and have a deeper sound.

Soprano ukuleles produce a more mellow tone, which is perfect for playing softer songs or melodies. This difference has to do with the length of the strings on each type of instrument.

First of all let’s go through each type of ukulele to help you understand them properly.

Concert Ukulele

difference between concert and soprano ukulele

A concert ukulele is a type of instrument that is larger than a soprano ukulele and has deeper sound because of the longer strings.

The concert ukulele is perfect for any songs or melodies that are more upbeat, due to its volume difference with the smaller sized instrument.

A single concert uke can have up to 13 frets (the same number as what you would find on a guitar) which gives it an advantage over other types of instruments in terms of range.

Concert size also means they’re bigger than sopranos, meaning there’s more room for finger placement when playing chords. This makes them ideal for beginners who haven’t yet mastered chord shapes on their fingers instead of using your thumb like you do on a soprano ukulele.

Therefore, compared to soprano ukuleles, concert types of uke are suitable for any player regardless of your skill level.


  • This type of ukulele is ideal for beginners
  • Concert ukuleles are bigger, which provides room for more finger placement.
  • They offer more room to play chords on the neck of the instrument than a soprano ukulele.


  • The size difference of a concert ukulele can make them difficult to transport.
  • Concert ukuleles are less popular than soprano types, so there aren’t as many resources available for this type of instrument.
  • Playing with chords is more challenging on the neck because it’s longer and wider. This makes it harder to play fingerstyle notes when you’re using your fingers instead of thumbing like you would on a soprano uke.

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Soprano Ukulele

difference between concert and soprano ukulele

A soprano ukulele is a type of musical instrument that has four strings and is smaller than a concert ukulele.

The difference in size means that it’s easier to transport, but the difference can make playing chords more challenging because they’re wider on the neck of the instrument.

A soprano uke is less popular than a concert type, so there are fewer resources available for this type of musical instrument.

Playing fingerstyle notes with your fingers instead of thumbing like you would on a concert makes it hard to play notes as well due to its length and width.

As an alternative, many players who prefer instruments with shorter necks will use their thumbs when playing these types of music pieces. Also, you can play soprano ukes if you don’t have any issues with shorter instruments because both hands are close together when holding them.


  • Soprano ukuleles are portable and easy to transport.
  • Portability makes them suitable for players who are always traveling.
  • It’s easy to practice with a soprano ukulele because of its portability.


  • Less popular than concert ukuleles.
  • Minimum resources are available for this type of musical instrument.
  • It is also harder to play notes on a soprano because the neck is shorter and wider.
  • You can’t use your thumb like you would on a concert which makes it more difficult to produce quality sound.

What Type of Ukulele Should I Get?

As you’ve seen above the difference between concert and soprano ukulele, they tend to differ a lot. The type of ukulele you decide to choose solely depends on your needs and preferences.

That’s because concert ukuleles are more popular and therefore there is a higher availability of resources for this type. On the other hand, soprano ukulele might be better if you want to take it on-the-go because of its smaller size.


The difference between concert and soprano ukuleles is just one factor to consider. You may also want to look at the difference in sizes if you are considering getting a new instrument for your children.

Additionally, do some research on materials before making any decisions about which type of ukulele would suit you best or whether it’s better to stick with the traditional acoustic ones. Consider looking into how much money each type of instrument costs because that can also affect your decision as well!

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