What Piano Does Youtuber Rousseau Use?




What Piano Does Youtuber Rousseau Use

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Rousseau is one of the best pianists you can find on Youtube. The classical pianist delivers mind-blowing videos with a massive following of more than 4 million subscribers. This American pianist has covers of pop and classical songs, which he plays with a reactive visualizer.

Rousseau launched his channel in 2018, and he has taken the platform by storm with a digital piano with an LED key system. A screenshot of the keyboard reveals that it’s similar to the Casio PX-770 BK Privia Digital Home Piano, but with a slight improvement on the keys. The keys light up as he plays the tunes. This has made him gain significant recognition and views. 

Let us find more about Rousseau and Traum’s piano and skills.

Is Rousseau’s Piano Fake?

As mentioned earlier, Rousseau is a classical pianist who brings a thrilling experience through playing the piano.

Rousseau is tactically proficient, and his musical interpretations are incredible. Dozens of skilled pianists have uploaded videos playing intricate pieces, even before Rousseau registered his YouTube account. However, he has taken the lead due to his prowess by playing soothing piano music.

Is Rousseau's Piano Fake

Classical music is a common but old style that gives musical education a foundation. Playing this music requires refined techniques and skills, which Rousseau possesses, thus making him an incredible pianist.

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You’ll notice that classical music is not palatable to beginners. Composing and executing certain piano pieces requires impeccable skills and education. This indicates that Rousseau must have taken his time and made sacrifices to play even the most difficult tunes.

Apparently, Rousseau’s piano is not fake. He uses tricky software that gives a stunning virtual light when playing the instrument. As you watch his videos, you can see that he uses a digital piano with the keys lighting up from a modification. The video graphics are strategically placed above the instrument. Undoubtedly, he has brilliant technique.

Using a digital piano has given Rousseau the upper hand in becoming a successful pianist. So, why would Rousseau choose a digital piano?

Lightweight Construction

Digital pianos are designed to be portable. There is nothing better than an incredibly lightweight and high-quality piano when playing for an audience, friends, or family.

They usually come with a bench and legs for comfort. When you look keenly at Rousseau when playing the piano, you can easily tell that he is comfortable. This means that the piano offers superb support.


Digital pianos are readily available and come in several varieties. More so, you won’t spend a fortune to acquire one.

Quality Sound

None of Rousseau’s videos sounds mediocre. This is because digital pianos produce incredible sound, thanks to high-quality speakers and excellent timing from the keys.

Although having the best piano matters, lots of practice and discipline have enabled Rousseau to remain a top-notch pianist. Even with his experience, he still takes it slow to ensure he plays with utmost precision.

Is The Traum Piano Fake?

Most people are curious about Traum, who is also a phenomenal pianist. An actual professional piano player hiding behind a mask of an amateur pianist just having fun? His repertoire is large and quite impressive. More so, he is a good reference for fingering and interpretation.

Traum has played the most difficult pieces that even most professionals dreaded playing. One of his greatest plays is Stravinsky’s Petrushka, an underestimated and not commonly played by piano players.

Although there is no face reveal for Traum, his piano is not fake. All he does is use some technology to create a stunning visual. Perhaps having a good piano combined with the best playing techniques also makes Traum an excellent pianist.

Rousseau Piano Worth

The world of digital pianos is dynamic and overwhelming, even for seasoned pianists. For example, a digital piano doesn’t have hammers and strings like the acoustic one. Instead, these gadgets rely on weighted keys.

The musical instrument never needs to be tuned and is designed with various built-in sounds. It’s also indifferent to humidity and temperature fluctuations. In addition, the MIDI controllers help in creating music on the computers.

Long story short, digital pianos are affordable!

Typically, a digital piano has 88 keys, 64 notes or more, medium to very high pitches. It has a wide dynamic range from the loudest fortissimo to the softest pianissimo. The console type can weigh between 70- 150 lbs, while the portable type weighs 25- 45 lbs.

If Rousseau uses the console type, the price ranges between $700 to $5,000 and up. If the model is portable, the price is between $350 to $2,000. But with more modification, the cost can go higher than the market price.

The worth of the piano can also depend on whether it’s non-weighted, fully-weighted, or semi-weighted.

Rousseau Led Piano

Rousseau’s digital piano is customized with a tricky technology for visualization. It’s fitted with LED lamps to improve the playing experience. The illumination makes it easy to read the music sheet and play the instrument outdoors.

Rousseau went ahead and invested in LED lamps to create a stunning visual while playing pop and classical music. Investing in LED lighting ensures the pianist doesn’t have to deal with eye problems.

Not to mention, the LED piano is delightful to listen to and fun to play.

What Happened to Rousseau’s Piano?

In his description, Rousseau says that he uses a reactive visualizer tool. It’s typically a setup that mixes a piano with After Effects animations. Then LEDs are connected through MIDI output to create an ambient, beautiful light display.

What Piano Does Youtuber Rousseau Use?

When you look closely, Rousseau uses a digital piano with LED customization features. The features create a stunning visual when he plays his piano. To some extent, some people think his piano is fake because it stands out. However, the piano is real, only that Rousseau chose to be unique and innovative.


If you’re after slow, classical music, then you should listen more to Rousseau’s piano play. The American pianist is an inspiration to both novices and professional piano players. His piano display sparks creativity and creates an excellent listening experience.

Undoubtedly, Rousseau is an incredible piano player. Yet, even with his simple digital piano, he can play even the most difficult pieces with ease and passion.


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