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Do digital pianos need electricity? Although this question might seem too silly or obvious to some people, not everyone knows the answer. In fact, you should note that not all digital pianos need to be plugged in to function. Some digital pianos, especially portable ones can also use batteries to play anywhere you want. One thing you need to know is that digital pianos mimic acoustic pianos.

That means a digital piano can incorporate the sounds that a real piano produces, but in a modern kind of way. Most digital pianos require electricity to function and produce sound and they need a specific amount of wattage. The wattage a digital piano needs tends to vary depending on the model and brand.

Digital pianos come in different shapes and sizes and they are nowadays ideal because of their portability, user-friendliness, and the wide range of features that they offer. The good news is that digital pianos come with AC adaptors and battery life.

Electric Powered vs Battery Powered Digital Pianos

Electric Powered

do digital pianos need electricity

Electric-powered digital pianos require electricity to function. These are the types of pianos that cannot do anything unless you plug them into power using an AC adaptor. Although most digital pianos are designed to function this way, not all of them require electricity.

Battery Powered

do digital pianos need electricity

Battery-powered digital pianos only need batteries to play music. That means you can carry this type of digital piano even outdoors and play it comfortably without having to worry about any electricity. They are usually known as portable digital pianos because they are made with easy storage and portability in mind.

Many portable digital pianos are common among beginners. But, although battery-powered digital pianos are easier to use, you also have to factor in the costs of buying new batteries every once in a while.

Which is the Best Choice?

The best choice depends on your needs. If you prefer a portable piano on the go, then a battery-powered digital piano is the right option to consider. However, if you’re just looking for a digital piano that you can only use at home, then an electric-powered digital piano is right for you.

You also need to consider the price range, storage space, and sound quality of a digital piano before you buy it. Sound quality is a significant aspect to consider, especially for professional players. If you’re a beginner, choosing a portable digital piano wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

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How Much Power Does a Digital Piano Use?

Most digital pianos l currently on the market use approximately 12 W -360 W of output power. Therefore, it all depends on the model and digital piano brand that you buy. Overall, digital pianos don’t consume a lot of energy, which means they won’t escalate your electricity costs.

Do Digital Pianos Have Headphone Jacks?

Yes, digital pianos have headphone jacks. These can help you practice privately, especially when you don’t want people to listen to what you’re preparing after you perfect it.

Is Digital Piano Same as Electric Piano?

No, digital pianos are not so similar to electric pianos. They are a mix of an acoustic and an electronic keyboard. It is this aspect that makes digital pianos unique, easy to use, and efficient. Most piano beginners can excel in their skills by using digital pianos to practice and learn more about what pianos have to offer.

How Does a Digital Piano Work?

A digital piano functions by using synthesized emulation of an acoustic piano, which is amplified through a built-in loudspeaker. Digital pianos also employ weighted keys that offer an acoustic feel and playing experience. Some digital pianos also to resemble Grand or Upright pianos.


Digital pianos need electricity to function, but not all of them because some use batteries. Portable digital pianos are the ones known for utilizing battery power to produce sound and play anywhere without the need to plug them in.

Therefore, choosing an electric-powered or battery-powered digital piano will solely depend on your needs and preferences. It’s important to first consider the different aspects offered each type of piano before making your decision to buy one.

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