How to Ship a Digital Piano in the Best Way Possible

Do you want to learn how to ship a digital piano in the best way possible? You’re in the right place. Shipping a digital piano is not like shipping any other type of product.

For one, there are many types of pianos and shipping each type tends to vary depending on the model. Another complication is the weight of the instrument. Some digital pianos weigh more than 400 lbs, which may require a bit of work to ship them.

In this post, we will discuss the best digital piano shipping practices, to help you avoid any problems associated with this process. This will ensure the piano arrives safely at its destination.

Step-by-Step Process on How to Ship a Digital Piano

Here are the simple steps you need to take when you want to ship a digital piano.

1. Measure the Dimensions of Your Piano

First, you need to measure your piano and know its dimensions so that you can look for a box or any wrapper that can fit in it. When choosing a box, you need to consider how the piano will fit in it before purchasing one.

You can also measure how much space there is around the sides of your piano where excess cardboard or paper may be used for extra cushioning and protection during shipment. If possible, purchase a box that’s about 30% larger than your instrument.

2. Pack Your Digital Piano in a Box

The next step is to pack your digital piano. This includes wrapping it in bubble wrap and using packing peanuts. You want to make sure that your instrument is securely wrapped around the sides with protection foam, cardboard, or paper. Ensure you cover the top of the piano with a sheet of clear plastic to protect against condensation.

Then you need to find out how much space there is between the lid and the bottom part if you’re shipping an upright digital piano. If it’s too wide then use cushioning material like Styrofoam sheets on each side so that when closing up the box, nothing juts out from underneath.

Lastly, close up your package tightly with tape and fill any remaining spaces with air pillows made for this purpose.

3. Pack Additional Components Separately

After packing your digital piano, if there are additional components, ensure you pack them separately. These components should include the power cord, screws, sheet music stand, and pedals. Make sure you pack these components with bubble wrap before placing them in a box.

4. Find a Reliable Shipping Company

how to ship a digital piano

The fourth step is to look for a shipping company if you’re not transporting the piano yourself. Ensure the shipping company is reliable and with a good reputation.

You will find that there are a number of different areas in which you need to be aware. These include how best to pack the digital piano, how much it is going to cost and what type of shipping company can offer this service.

Some people might decide they want to transport their own instrument. But if not then ensure you do your research to know how much it’s going to cost beforehand and the reliability of the shipping company.

The first area worth looking into when deciding on how to ship a digital piano involves understanding how heavy these instruments are, and whether it needs extra protection or not.

5. Ensure You Are Present During Pickup

If you hire a shipping company to ship your digital piano, ensure you’re present when they come for pickup. One of the most important aspects you need to pay attention is how they pack and load your piano.

It’s best if they put it in a crate, but at least ensure that there are no loose parts or pieces like cables around when it’s being loaded into the truck. It’s also important to have someone help move these heavier instruments, to prevent them from straining while lifting the piano. These are all things one should be aware of before hiring any company for this type of job.

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How Much Would It Cost to Ship a Digital Piano?

The cost of shipping your digital piano tends to vary. However, it is estimated that it can cost you $700 to more than $1,000 with peer-to-peer shipping services. Shipping a digital piano with your own car is a different case, as opposed to using a shipping company to do it for you.

The shipping cost can be negotiable depending on the size, weight, fragility, and value of your digital piano. But with that said, the set budget for shipping your piano should be within the price range we’ve indicated above.


Hopefully, you’ve learned how to ship a digital piano with the insights we’ve provided in this post. It’s important to take good care of your piano, especially when shipping it to somewhere else because they tend to be fragile. However, if you package the instrument properly, you won’t have to worry about anything.

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