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Kawai is a Japan-based company known for the production of excellent digital pianos. Though they don’t offer plenty of furniture-style digital pianos, the company impressed with the release of the Kawai KDP90 digital piano which we will be reviewing today.

From its attractive design to its standard quality features, the KDP90 is an instrument to consider if you are eyeing a digital piano that offers value for money. It hosts wooden keys action, fully-weighted 88 keys, and 192-polyphony notes.

The Kawai KDP90 is arguably the most affordable digital piano from Kawai and comes with advanced features that have contributed to the popularity it has gained. The instrument has a lot to offer both a beginner and an experienced pianist.

There is also a built-in stereo speaker system, with advanced Harmonic Imaging sound, as well as USB audio.

Another beneficial feature included in the piano is the Alfred Publishing feature which is actually very essential for beginners. Concert Magic is another feature included in the KDP90 which ensures the right notes, timing, and rhythm are played.


Features of the Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano

The KDP90 digital piano earlier has an attractive look. The piano is quite unique. Not only does it have a nice appearance, but it also offers an outstanding performance experience.


Kawai KDP90 has three pedals that provide different sound effects just like an acoustic piano. The metal to which these three pedals are made from is of high-quality and gives Grand Feel Pedalling that offers smooth pedal movement.

It also features two 12cm built-in speakers with 26W power output and provides good quality sound.

In case an external sound source is needed, one may connect using the headphone jacks since the piano does not come with external audio outputs.

Also, the reverb effect that the KDP90 offers brings an acoustic environment feeling and it can be set manually or automatically.

Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano Design

Kawai KDP90
Kawai KDP90 Premium Rosewood

The KDP90 has a rosewood finish that suits any kind of decor. The piano weighs about 83.6 pounds which makes it a bit easier to move around, unlike most upright digital pianos. Its favorable weight is matched with a compact-sized frame.

The KDP90 also hosts a built-in crucial sliding cover meant to prevent dust from entering the keyboard when the instrument is not in use.

Dimensions of the Kawai KDP90 model include 53.5 × 15.8 × 33.5 inches. The piano is well designed to conveniently fit into any average storage space.


The keyboard has some of the best and realistic features. Like most digital pianos considered to be its competitors, the KDP90 boasts of a fully-weighted and graded 88 keys keyboard. The graded and weighted features give it the feel as that of playing an acoustic piano.

In addition to the keyboard quality, the Kawai KDP90 is integrated with the advanced Acoustic Response responsible for an improvement in the feel and responsiveness of the keyboard.

The advanced Acoustic Response feature is known as the Advanced Hammer Action IV-F. From having fully-weighted keys, the keyboard offers weighted action, unlike other pianos which give a spring-loaded effect.

The KDP90 features a dual-mode that makes it possible to play two sounds at the same time. An addition in the keyboard is also the 4-hands mode.

The 4-hands mode play splits the keyboard into two equal 44 keys which come in handy during a duet or learning sessions. The keyboard has high standard features and gives the user a realistic acoustic feel when playing.

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Sound Quality

For the Kawai KDP90 model to produce the high-quality sound of a grand piano, the fully-weighted graded 88 keys are hooked with Harmonic Imaging Technology.

The Harmonic Imaging Technology enables the reproduction of keys with accurate recording and complete analysis.

The HI technology and the sampled EX Concert, 9 foot piano, makes the KDP90 one of the most outstanding digital pianos for stage performances.

The KDP90 also features 15 unique sounds to choose from and maximum 192-polyphony notes. A digital piano with such a high polyphony provides ease to the user when playing hard notes.

Concert Magic, an exclusive feature of Kawai’s pianos is also included in the KDP90 model which as earlier stated, ensures the right timing, rhythm, and sound from notes are played.


The KDP90 model is fitted with MIDI compatibility, which makes it possible to connect a computer, an iPad, or any other device to the piano. However, the instrument does not have a USB input/output.

Although, it is possible for you to convert the MIDI connector in the piano to a USB connector, through an adaptor cable which you can buy from any accessory dealer.

There is also the headphone jack which helps to facilitate privacy during practice sessions. You can also use it to connect to external sound sources.

The KDP90 digital piano model does not have much more connectivity options, but the available ones work just fine.

Extra Features of the Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano

Kawai featured a built-in digital recorder which you can find in the KDP90. You can use it to record a whole track both on the left and right hands.

While other competitors offer just the capability of 2 tracks to record separately on the left and right sides, the KDP90 has the memory and ability to save up to 3 tracks.

Another useful feature is the Alfred Publishing songs lessons. It is a popular feature and provides a huge advantage to any beginner is interested in using a digital piano.

Benefits of the Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano

The keys have an acoustic piano feel due to their weighted feature and are perfect for practice sessions. With cheaper keyboard pianos, one may get an annoying clacking sound but the case is different from Kawai KDP90 digital piano.

The KDP90 is not a fully upright piano, but its compact frame design makes it possible to place the piano in areas even acoustic piano is unable to stand.

The design of the KDP90 is an advantage if one is living in a small apartment and cannot spare space for an upright piano.

The features give the KDP90 an acoustic feel, which helps the user have better playing experience.

What’s more, the piano has a classy, rosewood furniture-style finishing which is quite exquisite.

Reasons Why You Should Buy the Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano

In this era of digital pianos, different brands in the market are strategically competing to provide piano enthusiasts and users the best playing experience.

However, you can find great features, a classy style finish, and quality performance in the Kawai KDP90 digital piano.

The KDP90 is unlike other upright digital pianos, and the features that it offers are exceptional, not to mention its affordable price.

Who Is the Kawai KDP90 For?

The good thing about the piano is that it is suitable for all kinds of players. Both beginners and experienced players would find the piano to be very much convenient.


The KDP90 model is highly recommended for practice sessions due to its versatility from the features included.

The dimensions of the piano are also convenient for average storage space. This actually means that it can fit well at home or in a small studio.

The inclusion of the Alfred Publishing lesson features also makes things quite better for users. Therefore, the KDP90 digital piano strives to cater to the needs of players, which is actually a very good thing.

Buyers Guide

For such a high-end upright digital piano, anyone would expect a higher price range. However, that is not the case with this digital piano. The piano has been well priced to accommodate everyone.

Most digital pianos in competition with the KDP90 model have a price tag that is above $1,500, which is not a surprise considering the quality they offer. With the KDP90 model, though, the pricing is different since the piano may be acquired for less than $1,200.

How to Clean Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano

When it comes to cleaning, the keys are the most important parts that you need to consider. That said, correct procedures should be followed when making sure the keys are not only cleaned but also kept in good condition.

Another advantage that comes with the Kawai KDP90 digital piano is the sliding cover design. The sliding cover design helps to prevent any unwanted debris or dust from reaching the keys when the piano is not in use.

Below is the right procedure that you need to follow when it comes to cleaning the piano;

  • Mix water with some light dishwashing liquid in a small container.
  • Using a soft fiber cloth to wipe the keys with the already mixed solution by slightly damping the fabric in it.
  • Using a different dry but still, soft fiber cloth, rub the keys in their corners to get rid of any moisture.

The cleaning ensures the keys of the piano stay in good form and maintain their appealing color.

The Pros and Cons of Kawai KDP 90


  • MIDI Compatibility
  • Quiet practice enabled by the headphone jack
  • Helpful features for beginners
  • Realistic piano sounds
  • Dual-mode
  • Quality furniture-style body finish.


  • Heavy and requires extra hands to move
  • Does not come with Rhythm or Accompaniment
  • USB compatibility is missing
  • The piano offers fewer tones

Is Kawai Keyboard Good?

Yes, the Kawai keyboard is quite good. It all comes down to the action – whether it’s a weighted or non-weighted keyboard.

The good news is that Kawai excels at delivering the best keyboards in the market. The company has some of the best weighted action keyboards out there.

Although they mostly use composite materials, you still have the option of being subtle while playing a Kawai digital piano

The Bottom Line

Built by a well-known brand, the Kawai KDP90 has way more benefits considering that it is an electric piano. It provides high-quality features, design compatibility, has an 88-key digital standard keyboard, and a realistic acoustic feel to name a few.

Its classy rosewood finish also helps to beautify its storage location. The price is also another beneficial factor in the Kawai KDP90 digital piano. It is quite a hustle to find a standard quality digital piano that offers what the KDP90 does at such a price range.

Both a beginner and an experienced player will find a lot of benefits from the Kawai KDP90 digital piano, as the right notable features. If you are looking for an upright and compact digital piano, then the Kawai KDP90 is the right option to consider.

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