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The Yamaha DGX 650 is an exceptional digital piano that is derived from the DGX model line which the company recently entered into the market.

The sound quality of the DGX 650 is of high quality. The piano features built-in amplifiers and speakers to give out a clear sound. The damper resonance also imitates the interaction of strings on an acoustic piano.

The DGX 650 has a lot of musical capabilities that we will discuss in this detailed review.

Features of the Yamaha DGX 650 Digital Piano

When planning on buying a digital piano, its features are the most crucial factors to consider because they determine the value of the instrument.

For this matter, any piano manufacturer who aims to make an impression in the market should always deliver an exceptional musical instrument.

Yamaha has produced pianos with standard quality features and a lot of capabilities over the years that they’ve been operating.

Here, we will analyze and get an idea of what the DGX 650 is all about in terms of features.

Yamaha DGX-650 Specs

The DGX 650 is 55” wide by 5.7” inches high without the keyboard stand, and the depth goes up to about 17.5” deep. The weight of the piano is 22.5kgs, which translates to about 49.6 lbs.

With the stand, the piano gets a bit heavier and weighs in at 29.5 kg (65 lbs). It has full 88 weighted key tones which have the Graded Hammer Standard action.

The polyphony on this piano reaches a maximum of 128, and the touch sensitivity features 4 levels. The sound mechanism is Pure CF Sound Engine sampled from Yamaha’s CFIIIS Grand piano. The piano has very high technical features which provide a pleasant experience to the user.


Yamaha DGX 650
Yamaha DGX-650

The DGX 650 comes with an LCD screen of size 320 × 240. It allows you to easily understand the function details on board. The piano comes in two different colors – Black and White. Users may purchase the color of their choice. DGX 650 is quite portable and easy to move around.

The DGX 650 features the Yamaha Educational Suite also called the YES. This educational feature has been accurately set to teaching standards and offers great assistance to both learners and teachers.

The dimensions of the piano are well-engineered to conveniently fit into homes, studios, or learning institutions. The DGX 650 is one model that is set to raise the standards of most players, particularly beginners, although it doesn’t mean experienced pianists are left behind.


Yamaha has always aspired to provide the best works to its customers. With the rising demand in digital pianos, the company has proven to be among the best brands in terms of releasing high-end quality pianos.

Yamaha has been quite sensitive and creative when designing their keyboards. For starters, the piano has a Dual layer and split key functions.

The DGX 650 has seen significant advancement in its keyboard to give out an effective piano performance. The piano features full 88 weighted keys with GHS action.

The Graded Hammer Standard action is solely responsible for realistic and touch-sensitive keyboard performance. The touch sensitivity is of four levels; Hard, Medium, Soft, and Fixed.

Yamaha DGX 650 is an improvement ahead with the realistic harmonic action. Hence, it gives you the resonance of an acoustic piano, and that’s the beauty of most pianos designed by Yamaha.

The DGX 650 is a touch of class meant to suit either the learner’s or teacher’s specifications, but also the experienced pianist. The keyboard offered is of high standards and helps to enhance the effectiveness of the piano.

Sound Quality

Creativity is further enhanced with the sound features that the DGX 650 is equipped with. Yamaha DGX 650 houses over 500 preset sounds to choose from.

They include choruses, strings, percussions, and brass and woodwind instruments. The piano uses Pure CF sound sampling from Yamaha’s very own CFIIIS Concert Grand Piano.

The result of this capability is the production of sounds similar to those of acoustic pianos. The availability of the Metronome and Transpose allows the timing of rhythms and setting of the chord compatibility when playing different voices.

The polyphony reaches a maximum of 128 notes which ensure every note to that limit is heard, and none is dropped. The piano also features several effects which include 44 Chorus types, 35 types of Reverbs, four types of Master EQ effects, and 237 DSP effects.

To enhance balance automatically during volume changes among tones, the DGX 650 has the Intelligent Acoustic Control feature which enables you to hear every high and low tone clearly.  What’s more, the piano has 6W x 6W amplifiers and 2 x 2”, 2 x 4.7” speakers.


There are very many useful connectivity options found within the DGX 650 model. All of which are designed to generate efficient piano play and synchronicity.

The piano has the capability of a USB TO DEVICE port which connects to Thumb Drives, and another USB TO HOST port which connects directly to the music software available in the connected computer.

There is also the inclusion of an AUX Input port that allows connection between the piano and other external devices.

The DGX 650 is also equipped with USB Audio Recorder (WAV) format capability that allows you to save recorded music in a USB Flash Drive. The recorded music may later be directly transferred to the music player or computer.

Extra Features of the Yamaha DGX-650 Digital Piano

Additional features are also essential to look in to. The DGX 650 has featured 195 preset standard Accompaniment Styles, as well as the use of custom styles for deeper customizations.

There is also the introduction of a Smart Chord feature which allows the user to create a whole chord with assistance from just one finger. Another feature included is the Style Recommender.

The feature helps to recommend various accompaniment styles according to your preference.

Benefits of the Yamaha DGX 650 Digital Piano

Yamaha is a well-known brand that affords to serve its customers widely. So, whenever a user purchases one of their many musical instruments, they get to enjoy a lot of benefits.

They include long term Warranties, Effective performance, and quality standard features. So, when shopping for Yamaha pianos, don’t have minimum expectations.

Built with quality affirmation, the DGX 650 is a digital piano to consider. It has a lot of benefits and outstanding features. 

For students who are serious about climbing up the ladder for a grand piano experience, the DGX 650 will offer quite a starter pack. The piano is wholly designed to cater to the needs of the learners with the Yamaha Educational Suite feature.

The DGX 650 is one of the best digital pianos in the market, and it would be an advantage to have it in your house or studio. The quality and quantity of the features it has are just acoustic.

Reasons to Buy the Yamaha DGX 650

We’ve come across a lot of pianos released by different brands in the market, and all have various aspects of musicality. Yamaha is a brand that truly stands out.

It has a well-known reputation and has been serving the music industry for a long time; hence, it has gained a lot of experience than other brands.

With the DGX 650, there are a lot of musical benefits to which any pianist may enjoy all together. The piano is built with a standard nature and tries to exhaust all the grand piano features.

The engineering touch to its keyboard and sound quality enables you to enjoy the effectiveness of the piano while practicing and even on stage. The YES feature teaches a beginner the art of playing a digital piano alongside instilling relevant experience to them.

Who Is the Yamaha DGX 650 Digital Piano For?

The DGX 650 will suit any pianist out there, whether you’re a beginner, instructor, or seasoned pianists. It is designed with excellent features.

The inclusion of the Yamaha Educational Suite (YES) was, therefore, a strategic move to appeal to the beginners. All and good the piano has some of the best features that can be found in the market.

For learners, they would enjoy the DGX 650 and would probably want their fingers on it over and over again.

Buyers Guide

Yamaha DGX 650 will be of great utility to both beginners and semi-professional piano players. It also provides value for money. The piano is worth and capable of more, and though it may have some drawbacks, Yamaha has always set out to do better.

The DGX 650 has a full 88 graded and weighted keyboard to give an acoustic replication. The modes available which include the sound quality, an educational feature, individual control of volume, plenty of voices, and tones to choose from, set the standards for what the DGX 650 is worth.

Most customer reviews have been positive, and that becomes an advantage to the reputation of the DGX 650 and the Yamaha Company as well. The piano is significantly designed to fit in auditoriums, churches, homes, and studios, making it a fantastic choice.

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How to clean the Yamaha DGX 650

The following are some steps to apply when cleaning the DGX 650:

  1. Add two to three drops of light liquid dishwashing soap to some amount of water in a small container.
  2. Dip a soft cloth inside the solution, but let it be slightly damp.
  3. Use the already soft damp cloth to wipe the edges and tops of the keys, the front, and back panels also.
  4. Use the other dry, soft cloth to get rid of any left moisture.

Always cover the piano with a light cloth or dust cover when not in use to prevent dust and debris from reaching the instrument.

The Pros and Cons of Yamaha DGX 650


  • High quality and realistic sound from GHS keyboard and Pure CF sampling.
  • Style Recommender
  • Damper Resonance DSP
  • USB Audio (WAV) Recorder
  • AUX Line input
  • Smart Chord feature
  • 128 polyphony notes


  • The interface has received plenty of criticism due to its difficulty to navigate.
  • The piano is heavy built and large hence not that portable

The Bottom Line

The Yamaha DGX 650 has what it takes to deliver the best playing experience to piano players. For beginners who are interested in a digital piano with a lot of educative assistance and adequate playability, then the DGX 650 is an excellent recommendation.

Semi-professional players have also been added the touch sensitivity, and Pure CF sound sampled from Yamaha’s CFIIIS Grand Piano. These features provide an acoustic feeling environment when using the DGX 650.

With a favorable and appealing price, the DGX 650 is quite a masterpiece in the market. You get a better price bargain with a piano that offers way more than its peers. Therefore, the DGX 650 is an excellent piano for anyone to buy.

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