Can Kids Learn Piano on a Digital Piano?




Can kids learn piano on a digital piano

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Can kids learn piano on a digital piano? Most parents struggle with this question because they wonder whether digital pianos can offer an ideal learning experience. The answer is simply, yes! Digital pianos are some of the most convenient types of musical instruments that offer the best playing experience for kids. Since their invention back in the 20th century, they’ve continued to grow in popularity due to their user-friendliness and versatility.

A digital piano is an instrument that comes with excellent features such as the ability to connect it with other devices. These devices include your mobile phone, tablet, or PC. However, buy your first digital piano can be a daunting task. It because even more difficult if you’re instructed by your child’s piano teacher to buy a full-size, weighted keys piano.

This becomes frustrating because you wonder if you should buy an acoustic or digital piano. One thing you need to know is that full size or a full set of keys normally refers to any piano. Whether acoustic or digital piano with 88 notes. The reason why most piano teachers recommend buying a fully-weighted 88-note piano is that a lot of music examination boards set these specifications as the minimum requirements for taking their exams.

Some smaller keyboards tend to have between 61 and 76 notes without weighted keys. Luckily, beginners can start by using only a few notes but as they progress, the range of notes inevitably extends. The disadvantage is that having fewer keys means that your child will eventually run out of keys to play with. This will prevent them from playing music with top-end or low-end notes – since there aren’t any keys for that.

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Importance of Weighted Keys

Weighted keys are some of the most important to consider for piano learners. Acoustic pianos contain weighted keys, but some digital pianos also incorporate them into their system. The acoustic piano keys feel heavier, unlike portable keyboards. That’s because when you press a piano key down, it triggers the hammer action to lift for it to hit the strings and create the sound.

Unfortunately, non-weighted keyboards lack the ON-OFF sensors under the keys to trigger the sounds. The length of the keys is also shorter, unlike in acoustic or digital pianos. Therefore, the weight generally depends on the hammers, action parts, and their assembly. Fortunately, most of the digital pianos with weighted keys tend to simulate the hammer action. This makes the weighting of the keys not to change.

Kids can learn piano on a digital piano if it has weighted action because it helps them build their finger strength. A child that practices on a digital piano with weighted action finds it easier to transition to an acoustic piano.

But, if the child is used to practicing with a non-weighted action digital piano, they will find the weighted keys of an acoustic piano heavier to play. This may cause them to struggle when they transition to an acoustic grand for a while until they get used to it.

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Can Kids Learn Piano on a Digital Piano or Acoustic?

Some piano teachers are adamant that their students should buy an acoustic piano. But, it’s not necessarily mandatory because even some digital pianos include weighted keys that feel similar to those on acoustic grand pianos. This is all thanks to technology that has made some digital pianos quite excellent, making it difficult to differentiate between them and an acoustic piano.

However, regardless of the instrument your child plays, ensure that they practice with one that not only has weighted keys, but also one that sounds and feels great.

Do Digital Pianos Sound the Same?

No, digital pianos don’t sound the same. Although they can produce similar sounds depending on what you’re playing, they tend to differ. Some digital pianos have fewer notes (61 and 76 notes) and are non-weighted, while others have many notes (88 notes) and are weighted. Therefore, it’s important to first understand the type of digital piano ideal for you or your child before making the purchase.


So, can kids learn piano on a digital piano? Definitely! Kids can use a digital piano to practice and become professionals. But an 88-key weighted action digital piano is the best option to consider.

You can see from what we’ve discussed above, it comes with plenty of benefits. The main benefit is that it will make it easier for your child when they transition to play on an acoustic grand piano.

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