Can Learning Ukulele Help with Guitar?




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If you’re a ukulele player, you’ve probably heard of the rumor that learning this musical instrument comes with plenty of benefits. One of these benefits is that it can significantly improve your guitar playing skills. Can learning ukulele help with guitar? Absolutely! It’s been proven that sparing at least a few hours a day to play ukulele can improve your guitar skills tremendously.

This isn’t just a rumor, but something that most people have experienced in real life. The main reason why learning to play ukulele can help you with guitar is that the uke is very easy to learn. Also, learning one type of music first can help you when you go to learn another type of music. For example, the knowledge you gain from learning uke will help you learn to play the guitar faster. Below, we’ll go over some of the benefits of learning to play the ukulele.

Benefits of Learning Ukulele

Can learning ukulele help with guitar

There are plenty of benefits you’ll get from learning how to play ukulele. In this section, we’ll discuss some of them to help you understand better.

1. Learning Ukulele Helps You Know How to Create Rhythms and Harmony

One of the advantages of learning uke is that you’ll end up becoming creative because this musical instrument requires you to figure out how to create rhythms and harmony to improve your playing skill. This is quite different from playing the guitar because that’s not mandatory.

When playing ukulele you have to be in a position to use a specific scale to create a theme, in order to find your ideal tune. Therefore, the only way to enjoy playing ukulele is to figure out things on your own without any help. This eventually helps to build your creativity because it drives you out of your comfort zone.

2. Uke Provides You Many Options

Regardless of the type of uke, you’re playing, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to playing your favorite tunes. Unlike most other musical instruments, the ukulele is wired inside out, which means the strings don’t go from the lowest to the highest – such as in a guitar. Here is how ukulele strings are set up:

  • Second highest – Lowest – Second Lowest – Highest

Therefore, this setup prevents you from going up to down. This provides you with the option of playing across the strings, thereby enabling you to play any notes. This is normally a challenge for most beginners. That means it’s always like an exam when playing a ukulele.

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3. Chords Are Easy to Learn

Learning chords is essential if you want to be a good player. Luckily, learning chords on ukuleles is much easier. For example, the G-chord on a ukulele differs from the one found in a guitar. This difference will prevent you from sticking to one pattern of tying fingers. Ukuleles also offer you a wide range of chords to learn, and this makes it easier for you to master them early.

4. Portability

Unlike guitars, ukuleles are portable and easy to carry around. That means you can practice playing ukulele anywhere. This isn’t mostly possible with guitars because they tend to be big and difficult to carry for long. Ukuleles are also compact and don’t require large storage spaces, which means you can store the instrument even in your bedroom.


Can learning ukulele help with guitar? Yes. As you’ve seen from this post, learning the ukulele comes with a lot of benefits that will come in handy when it’s time to start learning to play the guitar. Since these two instruments are almost similar, you’ll end up knowing how to play both of them faster and efficiently.

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