Casio PX-360BK Digital Piano: In-depth Inspection of the Features, Insights and Quality




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The Casio PX-360BK digital piano is an excellent option for musicians and pianists of all skill levels. It offers a wide range of features, including Casio’s acclaimed Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action keyboard. Casio has also included some great new additions to the PX-360BK, including the ability to export recordings in high quality audio formats like WAV or MP3.

There are also more than 200 built-in tunes and rhythms that can be played with this instrument. Casio only manufactures products using premium materials, so you won’t have to worry about any cheap components breaking down on you after just a few months!

Features of the Casio PX-360BK Digital Piano

The good thing about the Casio PX-360BK is that it includes some of the most unique features ideal for all types of pianists. Let’s dive in to some of these features.



  • 88-key Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard
  • 3 sensitivity levels
  • Key-off simulated ebony and ivory keys

Sound Source:

  • Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source
  • Linear Morphing
  • 128 notes on polyphony


  • 550 built-in tones
  • Layer
  • Split
  • Octave shift


  • Reverb
  • Chorus
  • Master EQ
  • Brilliance
  • Auto Harmonize


  • MIDI recorder
  • Audio recorder
  • Preset Temperaments
  • Rhythm Editor
  • Rhythms: 200 built-in rhythms, 10 user rhythms, one touch preset


  • Soft
  • Damper
  • Sostenuto
  • Half-pedaling supported


  • Score stand
  • SP-3 pedal
  • AD-A12150 AC adaptor

Dimensions: 52.0”W x 11.5”D x 5.5”H

Total weight: 26.2 pounds

Casio PX-360BK Digital Piano Design

Casio PX-360BK digital piano
Image Credit: Fire Inside Music

When it comes to design, Casio has done a good job with this piano. That’s because the PX360BK features a contemporary, yet compact design suitable to use both at home and in the studio. The PX-360 would be a beautiful addition to any home when placed on the optional CS-67P stand.

The PX-360 is also ready to take the stage. The PX-360BK is easily transportable and fits snugly on nearly any stand. The piano has 1/4″ outputs that easily connect to any amplification source, as well as other additions such as MIDI I/O and 1/4″ inputs that give you incredible convenience for multi-keyboard rigs.


The Casio PX-360BK features a keyboard that feels just like an acoustic grand piano, thanks to Casio’s famous Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II. The keyboard accurately recreates the touch and response of a grand piano. It also has 127 times more resolution than traditional keyboards, which makes for smooth and accurate touch with precise and distinctive response.

If you are a professional pianist or just starting with the instrument, you will be impressed by how true it feels when playing. The keys on the Casio can be weighted heavier at lower register and lighter in higher registers, providing a more realistic piano experience.

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Sound Quality

The PX-360BK also features high-quality keys with an immersive and authentic 9-foot concert grand piano, which is powered by Casio’s powerful AiR (Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator) Sound Source.  The piano uses Linear Morphing technology to reproduce smooth, dynamic timbres and Damper Resonance to accurately simulate the experience of strings against a soundboard.

The Strings Sound Resonance features accurate harmonic relationships between the vibrating strings, allowing notes to interact with one another rather than dissonantly clashing. The Hammer Response allows you control over the time between pressing the piano keys and hearing the strings.

The Key Off Simulation, on the other hand, allows control of how long or short a note lasts by how you release keys. Additionally, you can connect the optional SP-33 pedal system to take advantage of the soft, damper, and sostenuto pedals.


The PX-360 features a class-compliant USB port for easy connection to laptops and iOS devices. That means you can easily connect without any additional installation requirements. The Casio PX-360 digital piano classically styled digital piano offers in-depth features to musicians. With the Classroom Mode, you can send an individual audio output on either side of the instrument.

As such, the piano is compatible with the most popular third party piano lab systems. Two front panel mounted headphone jacks allow it to be essential for quiet practice or lessons.

Extra Features of the Casio PX-360BK Digital Piano

One additional feature included in this piano is the built-in speaker system makes playing your instrument a breeze. You can even connect music from your favorite device to the speakers. This makes it easier for you to play and listen!

There’s also a Color Touch Interface positioned prominently at the center of the PX-360 to make it easier to use.

The display is bright, clear, and responds quickly to touch. With its intuitive interface, you can explore the PX-360 with ease. All of the right information is at your fingertips. The interface is also simple and elegant. It utilizes well-recognized symbols to access the diverse sounds and features.

Who Is the Casio PX-360BK Digital Piano For?

The Casio PX-360BK digital piano is for those who want to get a professional-quality instrument at an affordable price. Casio products are known for their durability and affordability, so you won’t have any major worries about the Casio PX-360BK breaking down on you after just a few months of use!


  • Casio’s PX-360BK digital piano is a great instrument for players of all levels. The interface is easy to use and the sound quality is excellent.
  • The piano offers an innovative design and exceptional features that make it perfect for pianists at any level!
  • Built in speaker system makes playing your instrument a breeze. You can even connect music from your favorite device to the speakers, making it
  • Lightweight, well connected, and ready to carry and use anywhere
  • High-resolution graded hammer action keys with simulated ebony and ivory textures.


  • Cons: It doesn’t come with pedals or speakers, but this can be remedied by purchasing separately as needed.
  • You might experience issues when you want to export the rhythm tracks as MIDI drums; either via file export or MIDI OUT playback.


The Casio PX-360BK digital piano isn’t such a bade idea to consider buying. That’s because the piano has a fair amount of positive features, like the weighted keys.

It is an intermediate model from Casio’s popular Privia series that offers pianists a more authentic experience in terms of weighting and physical characteristics than other digital instruments on the market.

The PX-360BK also combines high-quality components such as 88 graded hammer action keytops which offer both simulated ivory feel surfaces (on white keys) and ebony wood textures (on black keys). This means you can play at your skill level without experiencing hand or arm fatigue due to increased force required for each note you play.

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