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Digital pianos are well-built musical instruments that have the capability to serve you for years. However, this is only possible with the proper use and maintenance of the instrument. 

No matter the care you may still encounter some issues with your piano which will demand repair services. That’s why it’s important to learn how to fix a digital piano.

Some of these issues are not too difficult to handle and only require basic knowledge. On other occasions, you may need to consult a piano technician to help repair your instrument.

In this post, we discuss some of the most common problems that you may encounter and the best ways to approach them.

How to Fix Digital Piano Keys

To fix your digital piano keys, the most common causes are broken or damaged keys. Here, we are talking about keys getting displaced and hanging in unintended positions.

In that, the moment you press the key no sound is produced. For you to solve this issue, you need to, first of all, remove the key in question.

After removing the key, inspect the bedding to see if there is any dirt or clogged debris. These are the main causes which damage piano keys.

If you come across either, you need to fully clean and replace your key. Another effective way is to spray compressed air between the keys.

This helps to remove any dirt stuck between the keys. In case you are facing a broken key, I recommend buying new keys for replace or contacting your manufacturer to plan for a replacement.

How to Fix Sticky Keys on a Digital Piano

When playing your piano, you may suddenly come across a stuck key. The encounter takes away your swift flow of tempo and coordination.

Normally, piano keys get stuck due to a number of reasons. Some of the reasons are natural, like a weather pattern, while others are just poor maintenance of the instrument.

The causes of sticky keys include humid climates, objects lodged between the keys and untidy-kept keys. One of the best ways on how to fix sticky keys is by always making sure they stay clean.

The other process is that you should fully unscrew your digital piano for you to reach the root of the sticky issue. We highly recommend you keep your piano keys clean, as it is effective prevention from more costly repairs.

How to Fix Broken Piano Keys

How to fix a digital piano

Other common problems are broken piano keys. This mostly arises from the pressing of keys too hard, or perhaps a heavy object falling on them. Changing or fixing a broken piano key is not that hard of a task. But, ensure that you do not apply too much force as it may end up causing further damage.

Here’s what you need for the procedure:

  • Glue, the carpenter’s type
  • A pressure clamp
  • Scissors
  • 2 thin pieces of wood for your key
  • 2 thick wooden pieces

You have to open your piano and prepare the patches so that their shape fits that of your broken key on each side. Use the scissors to shape the 2 patches. Apply a thin coat of glue on both sides of your key.

After you’ve done that, apply the patches on both sides of your broken key. Use the 2 thick wooden pieces to apply the pressure while you fix with the clamp. Leave the key attached with the clamp for about 30 minutes. Before you reassemble it, make sure to give it 6-8 hours for the glue to fully dry.

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How to Fix Sustain Pedal on a Digital Piano

The Damper is the most important pedal in any keyboard or piano. Its function is mostly needed to advance the sound of your instrument. Since you already know the pedal’s function, maintaining it should be a top priority.

However, you might encounter some problems with your sustain pedal. If this occurs you’ll need to either try and fix it yourself or call a tuner which will cost you some cash.

But, before you do, investigate the issue as it may only need some basic knowledge to solve. Sometimes the rod to your sustain pedal may be the one detached and you only need to adjust it.

If the problem proves to be too advanced, then you need to call a piano technician to help you solve it.

How to Fix Squeaky Digital Piano Keys

How to fix a digital piano

Squeaky keys are sure to annoy your playtime without a doubt. Locating and getting rid of squeaks from your piano is not an easy task. It requires a significant level of care and skill.

The most common causes of squeaky keys are debris stuck in between the piano keys, or just a piano that is dirty inside. Mostly, you can solve squeaky problems using household tools. However, some problems may require the services of a professional.

The Process

Here, we are going to show you how you can troubleshoot the squeaks from your keys. Follow through properly.

  • Locate the squeak by pressing the key at different levels. Either a softer or louder dynamic. Also, inspect the hammers and soundboard for any debris that may be causing the squeaks.
  • Between the sides of the keys, insert soundboard steel and try to remove anything that may have found its way between the keys.
  • Using a clean soft cloth and a vacuum cleaner, dust the inside of your piano. Follow by vacuuming the key heads and the soundboard to check off any debris.
  • Press down the keys on each side and using fine grain sandpaper, sand down the sides of the keys. This will prevent any future squeaks.

Use the steps above to fix easy squeaky problems. If the issue seems too advanced, hire a skilled professional to fix it.

How to Make Your Digital Piano Sound Better

Voicing depends on how a piano owner’s wishes their instrument to sound. Some are into soft and low sound, while others want a power type of sound from their piano – solid and clear.

A versatile instrument is quite amazing and convenient. With it, you’re able to navigate through many options to find your fix. Almost 50% of the piano sound originates from the instrument.

These include the design, soundboard and the structure that makes up this musical instrument. These are factors intended by the manufacturer and changing them might cost you a burden. The remaining 50% you can alter but the results depend on the quality of your piano.

One way is to needle the hammers of your instrument. When the hammers are too compacted, they cause the production of harsh tones. The needle tool consists of needles that are inserted into the hammers. Therefore, the needles act by reducing the hammers compactness.

Another proven and useful way to fine-tune the sound of your digital piano is through the use of chemical solutions. There is both a hardener and softener solution to service the hammers, with the results being clearer and brilliant tones.

However, take caution with this procedure as too much of the solution can end up causing damage in the future.

Proper maintenance and care for your instrument is a crucial factor to consider. It ensures that the lifespan of the piano increases, as well as the sound including other important factors.

How to Open a Kawai Digital Piano

How to fix a digital piano
Image Credit: LogoDix Logo

There are different reasons as to why one would want to open a Kawai digital piano. It may be for repair or for cleaning purposes. Either way, most Kawai piano models open in the same manner.

Opening your piano requires you to apply caution and expertise. You have to acquire the right tools for this task. These tools can include a screwdriver and a bowl or just a small container to place the removed screws. It covers you from screw misplacement cases.

Remove the screws that connect the back panel of your piano to the top cover. This top cover has to slide forward and with it, it releases a pair of hooks. The pair of hooks is responsible for holding down the front of the top cover. Thereafter, the top can be lifted off.

How to Open a Roland Digital Piano

Image Credit: Piano Buyer

Opening up a Roland digital piano can be quite a daunting task, and if you don’t handle it with the care you might easily damage the piano. Like other piano models, the key to disassemble successfully is to approach it with caution.

Your piano is a fragile machine on the inside no matter how sturdy its exterior is built. In case you want to repair the keys or just clean it on the inside, you need the right tools. Similar to the other pianos, you can use a screwdriver and a bowl to keep the screws safe.

On the backside of your keyboard, unscrew all of the screws and place them inside the bowl. You need every screw in order to reassemble your piano after you are done working on it.

Therefore, keeping them safe and available should be a top priority. After you have removed the screws, lift up the cover of your piano and begin to work on the interior.

How to Open a Yamaha Digital Piano

How to fix a digital piano
Image Credit: Yamaha

Yamaha pianos also follow the same order of disassembling any digital piano. Take caution and gently open the back of the keyboard. Some piano models vary in the number of screws and their positions.

Either way, their mechanism makes it easy to unscrew and screw them back easily. You have to first check your keyboard accurately, for you to locate all of the screws.

Using a screwdriver, unscrew all of the available screws and see to it that you place them in a convenient place. Take off the back cover, but fully ensure that you do not mess up any cables. Always consider caution and care during the process.


Piano repairs are inevitable and the best way to handle them is gaining enough knowledge on the right ways to do it. Some of the repairs are not a big deal as they only need basic repair knowledge. This knowledge can greatly help to save you money and time

However, you may find the issue of your piano a bit too advanced. When this happens, we suggest you don’t take the risk of trying to solve it. Hire a qualified technician to handle the problem. Note that whenever you are handling your piano, safety and care should be at the back of your mind always.

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