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If you enjoy playing the piano, then the Yamaha P115 weighted key action digital piano is the right instrument for you. The P115 is fairly priced and performs like a professional piano.

The professional performance is made possible by the GHS weighted key action. Basically, the GHS key feature mimics the keys of an acoustic piano which are lighter on the low end and heavier on the higher ends.

Sampled from Yamaha’s very own CFIIIS Concert grand piano, the sound of the P115 is well regarded by the music community. The piano replaces its very successful predecessor the P105 in the Yamaha’s P series of digital pianos.

It comes with advanced features, instrumental sounds, connectivity options and an increase in polyphony. Let’s check out what this digital piano has to offer.

Features of Yamaha P115

As it is the tradition of any Yamaha piano, the P115 contains astounding features that set it apart from the competition on the market. Here, we’ll have an in-depth look at some of the features included in the piano.


The digital piano Yamaha P115 features an 88-key fully-weighted keyboard with the keytops having a black matte finish. The keyboard has four touch sensitivity options (hard, medium, soft and fixed), with GHS action.

Sound reproduction comprises of the Pure CF Sound Engine and a total of 192 polyphony notes. Another thing to note about the P115 is that it has 14 instrument sounds, 50 preset piano songs, and an additional 14 demo songs.

It also has 3 Modes – that is the Dual, Split and Duo with 2 track MIDI recorder. When it comes to the functions, the P115 consists of the Metronome with 14 rhythms, Transpose, and Fine-tuning.

The speakers are 2 x 7W with each of them measuring 12cm x 2 and 4cm x 2. Connectivity options have seen some improvements from its predecessor the P105. The P115 has 2 Headphone jacks, USB to Host, Line out and a Sustain Jack.

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Yamaha P115 Digital Piano Design

Yamaha P-115

Since the P115 belongs to the Yamaha’s “P” series, portability is its main selling point. It has a compact “easy-to-fit” anywhere design. The design reduces the stress and hassle of needing to find a large storage space for the piano.

Without the stand, its dimensions measure 52″ wide, 11.6″ deep and 6.4″ high. It is a lightweight digital piano that weighs only 26lbs and can be carried by only one person. The piano also has a sleek and simple design with a nice red lining found on top of its keys.

One downside of the P115 is that it has no display screen. But, Yamaha has designed a special Digital Piano Controller app for iOS devices which you can use to control different parameters.

The parameters include the piano mode, reverb, recording/playback and metronome among others, with an easy to use screen interface.


As mentioned earlier, the Yamaha P115 digital piano comes with 88 keys fully weighted keyboard, with the Graded Standard Hammer action. The GHS action gives you a feeling similar to that of playing an acoustic piano.

It articulates the 88 keys with the right resistance and weight. What’s more, the keys are touch (velocity) sensitive which means the harder you press, the louder a key sounds. In case you want to adjust the sensitivity level, the P115 has different levels of touch sensitivity. These are Hard, Medium, Soft and Fixed settings.

If you select the fixed setting, it will lock the piano’s touch sensitivity and produce the same level of volume regardless of how hard or soft the keys are pressed.

For the dynamic range of volume from the softest pianissimo to booming fortissimo, select the hard setting. But, if you prefer the closest feel to an acoustic piano, we suggest you select the Medium (Default) touch sensitivity setting.

Yamaha P115 keys are made of plastic with the black keys designed with a matte finish. The matte finish prevents fingers from slipping due to moisture after long hours of playing or high temperatures. The P115 has the touch of an acoustic piano that promises proper finger technique.

Sound Quality

The sound production used in the P115 is similar to that used in the Yamaha P255, which is the flagship model of the P-series.

The P115 also comes with Yamaha’s proprietary Pure CF sound engine, which comprises of 001 grand piano found in the Yamaha CFIIIS 9 concert grand piano, recorded in multiple volume levels for each note.

What you can expect from the grand piano is that it produces exceptionally clear and authentic sound with an amazing resonance and decay. Therefore, the P115 gives you intuitive and convincing vibrant sound.

It also has 14 present instrument voice options that sound realistic. These include; grand pianos, electric pianos, organs, Strings, Harpsichords, Wood bass, and a Vibraphone.

It also features reverb effects available in four types; recital hall, concert hall, chamber and club. Without a doubt, the Yamaha P115 digital piano provides the best piano sounds available in its price range.


So, does Yamaha P115 have a headphone jack? Yes! It has 2 ¼ ” headphone jacks that are located on the front panel of the piano.

The P115 has the USB to Host port connectivity options that you can use to connect with a computer or other devices such as smartphones or tablets.

For this function, you need an A to B USB cable which you can find on Amazon at a fair price. Once you connect with your PC, you can exchange MIDI files and use the P115 as a MIDI controller with music applications.

To connect the P115 to an iPad or iPhone, you will need the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. With it, you can access the exclusive Yamaha Digital Piano Controller app, which compensates for the lack of display on the piano.

There is also the Aux Out (R + L/L +R), which are 2 x ¼ ” jacks that you can use for plugging in external speakers or amplifiers for more powerful sound production. The ¼ ” sustain jack available can be used to connect the sustain footswitch to the piano.

The P115 also comes with an optional 3-pedal unit jack. However, this requires you to purchase the Yamaha L-85 furniture stand, since you can only assemble the pedal unit on that stand.

Extra Features of the Yamaha P115 Digital Piano

If you are looking to play different types of music, the P115 features an accompaniment function to assist any pianist who wants a challenge. With it, you will feel like you’re playing a duet.

Sound Boost – The P115 has the ability to boost the sound while increasing the volume, which in turn makes the soft played tones clearly audible.

Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) – With this function, you won’t have to worry about a balanced and clear sound. The IAC adjusts the sound quality produced by fairly leveling it, and is mostly the case when the high and low frequencies are not heard.

Other amazing features that the P115 digital piano has is the Auto power off control and the Lesson Function which lets you practice each hand’s part separately.

Benefits of Yamaha P115 Digital Piano

Well-built and professionally equipped, the P115 is not that different from a real acoustic piano in terms of performance. Here, Yamaha has featured a premium feel keyboard with touch velocity that lets you experience the nature of a grand piano.

The keys are spaced in a standard manner, which enables you to be free from pressing unwanted notes by mistake. Your finger technique is promised to improve with the GHS action feature found on the piano keyboard.

The quality of sound is also very convincing and uses Yamaha’s very own Pure CF sound Engine sampled from Yamaha CFIIIS 9 Grand piano. The connectivity options are a plus, with the ability to run your piano using an iOS device.

You can also host duets with the P115 and at the same time listen to both of your work using the double ¼ ” headphone jacks on the front.

Reasons You Should Buy Yamaha P115

Since a digital piano is an investment, it is obvious you are looking for something that not only carries quality but also has the ability to last. The P115 promises an excellent and long-lasting digital piano.

Yamaha offers pro features with the P115 piano without adding unnecessary features or sophisticated interface which is hard to navigate. With the P115 you are guaranteed a versatile, yet simple and easy to operate digital piano.

Who Is Yamaha P115 Digital Piano For?

Since the P115 comes from the P series, it has features for both an amateur and pro pianist. The design and features it has can help to establish a unique playing technique to a player looking to grow their skill.

The other intuitive part is that it has the touch and sound quality features, similar to those found in acoustic pianos.

Buyers Guide

What you need to know before buying the P115 is that it does not come with its stand. Therefore, you have to purchase one. Most preferably an X-Style stand would do good service in supporting the piano.

It also comes with a Music Rest, Sustain Pedal (Footswitch), an AC Power Adapter and an Owner’s Manual. Its compact design also makes it a very convenient piano.

There is also a 3-year warranty included when you purchase the piano.

How to Clean Yamaha P115 Digital Piano

Since the piano keys are made of plastic, the cleaning process is not that difficult. You only have to follow the following steps:

  • Prepare a cleaning solution by adding warm water with 2-3 drops of mild dishwashing liquid soap.
  • Have with you a clean, lint-free soft fiber cloth.
  • Dampen it slightly and gently wipe the piano keys.
  • Rub on top and sides of the keys in a gentle manner to check-off any dust on the keys.
  • With a similar cloth but a dry one now, proceed to wipe the keys for moisture removal and allow them to dry.

Maintaining proper piano hygiene helps to ensure you keep your instrument in good condition.


  • GHS action with 88 keys
  • 192 polyphony notes
  • Portable
  • 14-high quality instrument sounds
  • 2-track MIDI controller
  • Built-in music library with 50 songs
  • Realistic sounds of the Yamaha CFIIIS 9 Grand piano
  • Lesson function


  • Sustain switch is a bit flimsy
  • USB Type-A port is absent
  • Lacks an LCD display
  • Doesn’t allow MIDI features

Bottom Line

Like other Yamaha digital pianos that offer a realistic acoustic experience, the P115 is no different. It is a fully equipped 88 key digital piano capable of presenting a professional performance. Its versatility and diverse settings also provide an amazing playing experience to users.

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