Kawai MP12 Digital Piano Review (Prediction)




Kawai MP12 Digital Piano Review

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Kawai MP12 is predicted to be the successor of Kawai MP10. It will not only be portable, but also deliver premium sound quality, and it will be used both at home and on stage.

Kawai MP12 Alternatives

The Kawai MP12 is not yet available from the major online retailers. If you are looking for an alternative, check out:

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  • 88-key Digital Stage Piano with Responsive Hammer Compact II Action
  • 40-watt Onkyo Stereo Speaker System
  • Bluetooth MIDI pts

Below are our predictions about the piano based on information gathered for credible sources:

Kawai MP-12 Digital Piano: Key Specs and Features

There are great features to be predicted from this fantastic digital piano that everyone should be expecting when released.

1. Design

The Kawai MP12 digital piano will offer a sleek black glossy finish, with a contrasting white piece of plastic on the keyboard, giving it a modern design. This model is expected to be relatively lightweight with a low-profile design.

Kawai MP-12 Digital Piano

The newly designed stand will offer an adjustable height that can be converted into a matching music stand, therefore, very convenient.

Another nice little touch from Kawai is the small blue light right above the LCD, indicating when the power is on.

2. Portability

It will also come with a support stand to be stood upright while being played, which makes both practicing and performing a lot easier.

This means that you won’t have to carry around a bulky stand or risk knocking your music sheets onto the floor while playing on a flat surface.

3. Pricing and Budget

The MP-12 will be an extremely competitively priced digital piano compared to other similar products on the market.

This is because it will offer high-quality sound and functionality without costing too much money. 

4. Keyboard

The keyboard itself will have a surprisingly realistic feel. This is because it will replicate the natural touch response you would expect from an acoustic piano.

If you need to practice in preparation for playing on a real piano, this model will be perfect for helping you improve your technique.

By learning to play with an accurate feeling keyboard like the Kawai MP-12, you will be able to make the transition much easier when you finally step out onto a real piano for the first time.

5. Sound Quality and Speakers

The MP-12 digital piano will also come with speakers built into it so you can practice without needing to connect an additional pair of computer speakers or headphones.

However, if this isn’t enough, then there will be two headphone outputs available on the front of the keyboard. They will allow up to 2 people to practice at once.

You will also adjust both volume levels independently so that everyone practicing is comfortable.

There are 16 different sounds available in total, including grand pianos, harpsichords, church organs, strings, and more. Therefore, even if you lack the inspiration to play using just one sound type, there should be plenty to keep you entertained.

6. Connectivity

The MP-12 digital piano will feature both MIDI and USB, which means that it will be connected to a computer or laptop simultaneously with headphones, speakers, and other devices such as an iPad/iPhone if required.

In addition, there will also be an AUX port that allows you to plug it into a CD player or Smartphone to play along with your favorite songs if you feel like trying something new.

7. Space Considerations

The Kawai MP-12 will not require very much space since it can quickly be disassembled into two pieces just in case storage is becoming an issue for you at the moment.

However, don’t worry because when fully assembled, this keyboard will measure 861mm in width, 356mm in depth and 272mm in height.

Pros Of The Kawai MP12

  • 88 Keys – Most similarly priced pianos will have far fewer keys than the MP12, which means learning to play with full chords etc., will be more complex, and learning pieces will take longer. Having 88 keys also will allow you to play in different octaves, something which most other pianos don’t let the option of doing.
  • Solid Wood Keys – This means that the piano will last much longer than if it had plastic or synthetic keys (which is what some cheaper ones have). The fact that they’re mostly made of wood is also more similar to a real piano, making the MP12 an ideal choice for beginners and experienced players.
  • Great Sounds – There will be 10 preset sounds on this piano, with each having multiple variations. This will make it far more versatile than most other digital pianos in its price range. For example, there will be a “jazz” sound with six different options for you to choose from.
  • Pitch bend wheel – This is something you don’t see very often on digital pianos in this price range, so it’s excellent that Kawai will include one. It will be used just like a guitar pedal (just using your feet). It will add another dimension to your playing by allowing you to change the tone or pitch of notes as you play them. Hence, it will bring depth and expression into specific pieces.
  • Touch Sensitivity – This may not seem like a significant feature. However, it plays an integral role in your playing. If you’ve ever played on a piano before, you’ll know that different notes aren’t just played by pressing down the keys harder or softer. Depending on how softly or firmly you press them, they’re played differently, which means that you will be able to use touch sensitivity to change the song’s sound.

The MP12 will offer six levels of touch sensitivity, meaning that songs will be played delicately and softly for quieter pieces or more powerfully for louder songs, etc. This is something which isn’t so easy to find at this price range hence why it’s important enough to include as one of its pros.

Cons Of The Kawai MP12

  • Shorter Pedal Cable – The pedal cable on the MP12 will be less than 1 meter long, which means that it will not be possible to play with a pedal at a certain distance from where you’re sitting. If you will be playing in front of an audience, then this will be pretty inconvenient as it’ll limit your movements.


The Kawai MP-12 will be an ideal choice for anyone looking to take up playing the piano but hasn’t yet decided whether they want to invest in a digital or acoustic model. This is because it will be so light, portable, and easy to use.

Furthermore, it will offer an impressive level of accuracy while remaining very competitively priced. Therefore, consumers will easily afford one without being completely taken back by the price tag, which makes it very reliable.

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