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Roland reported that they are discontinuing the FP-10. Therefore, with demand very low, it is unlikely they will be producing more of them or reissuing them.

You can also check out a detailed review of the Roland FP10 to learn more.

Was Roland Fp10 Discontinued?

Roland has discontinued production of the FP10 digital piano at this time. According to their website, the new model is called the Roland FP-30, so it is probably not worth purchasing a used or refurbished FP10 since the prices are generally higher.

How is The New FP-30 Similar to The Older FP10?

They both have:

  • 88 keys, and full size weighted keys
  • Audio input jacks
  • Built-in speakers
  • Song recorder function with 2 track sequencer
  • USB MIDI connection for computer connectivity
  • USB Flash drive storage
  • 3 pedal standard (half-damper capable)
  • Metronome function
  • Live mode with adjustable tempo
  • Multi-timbral capability


Roland FP10 Set: A Great Value Musician Package

The Roland FP10 set is a midi controller and digital piano in one device. It consists of three parts.

A keyboard, a sound module, and the software which controls them all. So it’s not possible to operate this set without the software running on your computer.

This is because Roland was aiming to make their piano affordable by using already existing technology for this kit.

The only new component used is the keys. Everything else is an already well-known product that reduces production costs significantly.

To get the whole system working, you need to install the following components on your computer:

  • USB driver
  • Control panel/control software
  • The piano sound module

The installation of all components is speedy and straightforward. After installing everything, you can start playing on your new digital piano right away.

The first time, a configuration program will run, asking questions about how to configure the system for your needs. This is a one-time process after which your system is ready to use.

The Roland FP10 set has a convenient look due to its black surface with white keys and blue backlight.

The buttons have different shapes according to their purpose, but they are still clearly visible, so any user should have no problems figuring out what to do without instructions.

This looks great, mainly if you’ve been used to more traditional-looking pianos up until now.

The keyboard is made from plastic, but it’s of high quality and very sturdy, even without being too heavy for its size.

The keys have a small critical width which might be a problem for some users who are used to more expansive keyboards, especially if you have more extensive hands.

But since this is a practice piano with a limited number of keys, the reduced critical width doesn’t affect playing by much, so it’s not noticeable after all.

Roland FP10 Price: Why It’s Worth the Investment

The price of this model is more than $700, which is relatively cheaper than the other pianos in its category.

But some customers are not entirely satisfied with what they got, so they want to know how much a brand new Roland FP-10 cost without tax and delivery fees.

The product’s price will depend on where you’re going to buy it and if you want to add extra items like the triple pedal. Here are some examples:

  • Price for an Unpacked New FP-10 (bass, piano and other sounds) = $899.99 + $81.99 (shipping and handling) = $971 . 99 (without tax).
  • Price for a Packed New FP-10 (includes headphones, sustain pedal, power adapter, music sheet stand and other items) = $974.99 + $81.99 (shipping and handling)= $1 056.98 (without tax).
  • You can also add triple pedal for only $149.99 + $13.00 (shipping and handling) = $163.99 (without tax).

Roland FP10 Review: Key Features

1. 88 Keys With Ivory and Escapement Feel

The FP10 has the duplicate keys as a standard acoustic piano; 88. Seeing as how it is electric, this allows for more realistic essential action, even down to the familiar timbre of each key that would be found on an acoustic piano.

2. Touch Sensitivity Adjustable

This allows the pianist to set what they want out of their playing. There are three options, soft, medium, and hard. These are independent settings for all types of playing (i.e., piano tones, EPs tones).

3. Speaker System: 2 x 4.7″, 2 x 6W Amp

For a digital piano, the sound system is pretty great. The four speakers can give off some severe volume when you need to play with others in the house or outside of your home.

4. Presets 4 Piano tones, 2 Electric piano tones, and others

There are six presets, with four for pianos (piano tone 1-4) and two for the EP tones. This allows you to have some variety when you change your settings or switch between songs with different sounds.

5. Effects 4 x Reverb, 4 x Chorus

You always want reverb on an electric instrument so you can hear yourself and others. If you’re playing with anyone on an electric instrument, there’s no need to worry about getting in each other’s way.

This is because it will sound like you’re at a distance from the microphone (or whatever it is that picks up sound). The same can go for the chorus.

6. Functions Bluetooth Connectivity, App control, Metronome, Twin Piano Mode

You can connect your FP10 to your phone via Bluetooth and use an app to change settings on your piano and even record and playback what you play.

There’s also a metronome that is useful in lots of ways, not only for rhythm but also for tempo. To top it all off, there is a twin mode that allows two pianos plugged into a unit that responds accordingly when either is played.

7. Audio Output 1 x 1/4″ (dual purpose headphone jack), 1/8″ (headphones)

You can connect headphones or speakers to your piano. This allows you to play when others are sleeping or in different parts of the house without making too much noise and disturbing them.

8. Power AC Adapter

You don’t need batteries or anything else to power this piano up. It just needs an outlet within its vicinity that has access to power.

9. Stand Optional

You can purchase a stand to attach your FP10 to if you’d like so that you don’t need an additional surface with which to put it on.

10. Dimensions 5.5″ x 50.5″ x 10.1″

It is small enough to fit in tight spaces but not so small that it sounds like garbage.

11. Weight 27.1 lbs

This makes the FP10 easy to pick up and transport, so you don’t feel bogged down by its size when moving it about.

Roland FP10 Piano Sounds: Listen to the Perfect Acoustic Instrument

The sounds of an acoustic piano are incredibly complex, and it is challenging to create a digital representation of them while retaining the complex character and expressiveness of a real instrument.

Roland’s FP-10 falls victim to this problem: while the company tried to represent all aspects of piano sound, from necessary action and pedaling through amplification and speaker design, they did not do so with enough care.

The main characteristic of FP-10 sound is that it lacks a natural attack (how quickly the hammer hits the string), which makes for a somewhat duller tone.

The lack of attack affects almost all types of files: grand piano, upright/semi-grand/ electric piano/clav, harpsichord, and organs.

The attack is not constant across all note ranges to make things worse: it’s almost nonexistent in the bass range and starkly present in high registers.

Another problem is that FP-10 lacks brilliance, a mix of frequency response and harshness, making for a relatively ‘holographic’ tone with good penetration into midrange frequencies.

The frequency response itself seems to be somewhat unnatural. While there’s enough effort into recreating the natural timbre of different notes, the overall sound comes off as lacking richness and warmth.


Roland is discontinuing its FP10 model to focus on producing higher-quality pianos. The FP10 can be considered a more affordable line of pianos.

There are still a few left in stock on some websites selling the piano, and there is currently no exact date of when it will be unavailable for purchase.

If you need a piano now, you can check out the Roland HP1300E Digital Piano.

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