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The Nord Piano 4 digital piano is the company’s fourth generation of their award-winning Piano series. This modern digital piano not only has Nord’s acclaimed Virtual Hammer Action Technology, but it also combines expanded voice polyphony and a premium Triple Sensor keybed for the best piano experience.

The piano also incorporates a wide range of other brilliant new performance features such as the dedicated Piano Filters, Seamless Transitions, and Split Point Crossfades, which offer a focused keyboard with an excellent piano feel. In our review, we’ll discuss some of the important features included in this piano to help you learn more about it.

Features of the Nord Piano 4 Digital Piano


88-note Triple Sensor keybed with grand weighted action

OLED display

Split Point Crossfades

Seamless Transitions

Live Mode – 5 live programs

Layer functionality


  • 6 piano types – Grand, Upright, Digital, Electric Pianos, Harpsichord, Clavinet, and Layer.
  • Piano filters – soft, mid, bright
  • Octave transpose
  • Advanced string resonance
  • Selectable soft release for Grand, Harpsichord, Electric Pianos, and Upright.
  • 120 voice on polyphony
  • Each category may contain up to 20 different models


  • Amp envelop with Attack and Decay/Release
  • Octave transpose
  • 46 Voice Polyphony
  • Selectable velocity-sensitive low pass filter and dynamic range


  • Approximately 1 GB of memory dedicated to the Nord Piano Library
  • Approximately 512 MB of memory is dedicated to the Nord Sample Library 3.0


  • Pan, Tremolo, Wah, and Ring Modulator
  • 3 selectable depths for the Pan and Tremolo, rate controlled with the Effect 1 Rate knob
  • You can control Tremolo, Pan, Ring-Mod, and Wah with the Control Pedal
  • Phaser 1, Phaser 2, Flanger, Chorus 1, chorus 2, and vibe
  • 2 selectable depths for each of the effects

Master Effects:

  • Dedicated Delay Effect – rate, amount, and tap-tempo function
  • Dedicated reverb with the room, stage, and hall algorithms – each having an additional Bright Mode.

Dimensions: 50.7” x 4.8” x 13.4”

Total weight: 40.1 pounds (18.5 kg)

Nord Piano 4 Digital Piano Design

Nord Piano 4 digital piano
Image Credit: Nord

The design of the Nord Piano 4 digital piano is almost similar to the Nord Stage 3, especially in color. It has both a red and black finish that showcases the style of Nord keyboards. The sleek and compact finish of the piano makes it attractive and easy to carry around. It only weighs 40.1 pounds, which makes it portable.

Therefore, if you want to carry it for live performances, you won’t have any worries. Another advantage of this piano’s design is that the keyboard controls are well-placed to easily access them whenever you want. The dimensions of the piano also make it suitable for small spaces.


The keybed of the Nord Piano 4 digital piano has added weight to offer an improvement in dynamic control and provide the authentic piano touch and feel. The Fatar keybeds are meticulously calibrated to ensure an even response over the entire range. The Virtual Hammer Action Technology that came with Nord Piano 3, helps to simulate the hammer movements in a Grand Piano, to deliver an outstanding authenticity and dynamic response.

You can also determine key movements with perfect precisions, thanks to the Triple Sensor keybed. Therefore, this results in having a keyboard capable of handling dynamic playing with exception control at any level of velocity.

Additionally, the Virtual Hammer Technology also enables you to produce a new note without the need to completely lift the key. This new keyboard technology included in the Nord Piano 4 digital piano makes it possible to trigger both top and bottom. This results in the best control when playing and also pianissimo with keys half-pressed down.

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Sound Quality

As mentioned earlier, the Nord Piano 4 comes with a variety of piano sounds. This eventually makes it easy to use when you want to play. The piano has a greatly expanded polyphony with 120 voices and creative piano filters. It also has dedicated buttons and knobs for all the essential functions needed in a live performance.

The seamless transitions you’ll find in the piano also come in handy when you want to change sounds or programs while playing. What’s more, there are 2 sound sections that you can combine in a layer or split over the keyboard.

You can assign each of these two sound sections with distinct effects, volume pedal, and sustain pedal. The Piano Section features a wide range of the latest acoustic, electric, and digital pianos from Nord’s Piano Library. You can also easily replace all sounds via the Nord Sound Manager. There are also 3 dynamic curves available to suit your playing style – from soft to hard.


Some of the connectivity options included in the Nord Piano 4 digital piano are 2 audio outputs L&R, MIDI IN/MIDI OUT, USB for transferring sounds and USB-MIDI, 1 headphone output, and 1 monitor output.

There is also 1 sustain pedal input, 1 volume pedal input, and an IEC C14 power connector. Therefore, the piano allows you to connect with other devices such as your smartphone or PC to play music. You can also use headphones to practice privately.

Extra Features of the Nord Piano 4 Digital Piano

One ideal extra feature included in the Nord Piano 4 digital piano is the OLED display, which offers an excellent overview. This enables you to set things properly while using the piano.

Other extra features include the Enhanced Organize Mode and the Numeric Pad for direct Program access. There are also high-quality stereo effects modeled after classic stompboxes. The Reverb has 3 three modes, which include the Room, Stage, and Hall. Each of the modes has a Bright option.

The soft release is also an added feature that makes your playing experience amazing. It adds a slightly longer release, which is more suitable for legato playing, as it emulates a looser damper tension in an acoustic or electromechanical instrument.

Another extra feature worth noting is the Monitor Input, which allows you to connect a second Nord keyboard or another audio to the rear panel and play along a track. This eliminates the need for an external sound system or mixer. That’s because the signal is routed to the main outputs, as well as the headphones output.

Benefits of the Nord Piano 4 Digital Piano

One notable benefit is that the piano has a wide range of features, which means you can explore and get creative. That means it’s a digital piano that can help you improve your playing skill.

The design and finish of the piano are also suitable for any space. It doesn’t take up large storage space, and the color can complement your décor perfectly.

Another benefit is that the Nord Piano 4 digital piano has an excellent keybed that incorporates the Nord Virtual Hammer Action Technology to offer the best playing experience. The sound also comes with numerous effects that you can use while practicing, in the studio, or on live stage performances.

Who Is the Piano For?

The Nord Piano 4 digital piano is for someone looking for an advanced digital piano with a compact and suitable design, and unique features that don’t limit your creativity. With this piano, you’ll have a wide range of features that allow you to explore and improve your playing skills in the process.


  • It comes with an 88-note Triple Sensor keybed with grand weighted action for an authentic piano touch and feel.
  • There are seamless transitions when changing sounds or programs while playing.
  • The OLED display included in the piano offers an excellent overview.
  • Enhanced Organize Mode and Numeric Pad for direct program access.


  • The effects in the piano are not that efficient compared to other piano models from brands like Casio.
  • If you’re a beginner, you might struggle a bit trying to use this piano because it’s an advanced digital piano.


The Nord Piano 4 digital piano is a good digital piano, although it has its drawdowns which you need to be aware of before buying. In terms of features and design, it’s an excellent piano to consider having in your home or studio. Also, since it packs a wide range of unique features, it can be a great fit for an intermediate or advanced pianist.

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