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The Roland DP603 digital piano is a slim and stylish piano perfect for modern living spaces. If you have a stylish home and you don’t want to spoil the interior look with an old-fashioned piano, then this is the right option to consider. Its appealing look helps to complement your décor while still saving on space.

Another thing you need to know about the DP603 is that there’s more than what meets the eye. This is because when it comes to functionality and features, this piano truly stands out. It comes with a selection of practice-friendly features backed by wireless connectivity. This allows you to use the piano with external devices such as your smartphone and tablet.

Features of the Roland DP603 Digital Piano

There is a wide range of features included in the Roland DP603. These features help to provide excellent sound, keyboard action, and connectivity options ideal for the modern pianist. Let’s have an in-depth look at some of these features.



  • 88-key PHA-50 keyboard made of wood and plastic hybrid structure with escapement and ebony/ivory feel.
  • Display: Graphic LCD 132 x 32 dots

Sound Generator:

  • Piano Sound: SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling
  • Max. Polyphony: Piano: Limitless (solo playing using “Piano” category tones)
  • Other: 384
  • Tones: 307 tones


  • Damper: capable of continuous detection
  • Soft: capable of continuous detection
  • Sostenuto: function assignable

Headphones with 3D ambience

Speaker System:

  • Speakers: 12 cm (4 ¾ inches) x 2
  • Rated Power Output: 30 W x 2
  • Volume Level (SPL): 108 Db

Tuning, Voicing:

  • Touch sensitivity
  • Master tuning
  • Temperament
  • Effects: Ambience, Brilliance

Internal Songs:

  • US: 363 songs
  • Other: 353 songs

Data Playback:

  • Standard MIDI Files (Format 0, 1)
  • Audio File (WAV, 44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear format, requires USB Flash Memory)

Bluetooth: version 3.0 (supports SCMS-T content protection)

Other Functions:

  • Metronome
  • Registration
  • TwinPiano
  • Transpose
  • Speaker volume and headphone volume automatically select function
  • Volume limit function
  • Panel lock
  • Auto-off


  • DC IN jack
  • Input jacks
  • Output
  • USB computer port: USB B type
  • USB memory port: USB A type
  • Phones jack x 2


  • Owner’s manual
  • Leaflet “stand assembly”
  • Leaflet “using the unit safely”
  • Roland classical piano masterpieces
  • Roland piano arrange collections
  • AC adaptor
  • Power cord
  • Stabilizer
  • Headphone hook
  • Cord clamps

Dimensions: 55-1/16” W x 12 ¼” D x 30-13/16” H

Total weight: 101 pounds or 45.9 kg (including piano stand)

Roland DP603 Digital Piano Design

Roland DP603 digital piano
Image Credit: Roland

As mentioned earlier, the Roland DP603 digital piano is a slim and stylish piano suitable for modern living spaces. It features a stylish cabinet and minimalist design, which can perfectly match your modern living space. The good thing about this piano is that it stands out from other models on the market.

Its slim and stylish linear cabinet design helps to keep curves and embellishments to a minimum. It also includes an integrated keyboard lid that opens to provide an elegant music rest and discreetly closes with a safety-conscious soft-fall motion. The design has 13.5 inches (35 cm) depth, the Roland DP603 offers similar acclaimed durability you’ll in the DP series of pianos.


With the Roland DP603 digital piano, style meets substance, which combines the minimalist look with heavyweight onboard technology that makes it a suitable piano. This digital piano features an 88-key PHA-50 keyboard made of wood and plastic hybrid structure with escapement and ebony/ivory feel.

The keyboard also includes an LCD display that makes it easier for you to input your settings while playing. It’s an intuitive keyboard ideal for both beginners and experienced players, who want to hone their skills and continue improving. The blend of wood and molded material of the DP603 keyboard means that it plays like traditional ivory, but without maintenance and expense.

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Sound Quality

This latest digital piano comes with a similar sound engine as Roland’s flagship LX/HP models. Therefore, you’ll get to hear the benefit of Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling in performance. Therefore, it flawlessly recreates a rich and dynamic response of an acoustic instrument.

The piano also comes with an onboard speaker system the projects a warm, enveloping sound, with controllable volume that allows you to play quietly or loudly. The Roland DP603 digital piano can also double as a wireless speaker system, which means you won’t have to clutter your home with any additional stereo or hi-fi.


Connectivity options you’ll find in the Roland DP603 digital piano include Bluetooth, DC IN jack, Input jacks, Output, USB computer port, USB memory port, and phones jack. It’s always essential to consider buying a digital piano that offers you a variety of connectivity options. That’s because it will make it easy for you to use the keyboard with other devices such as your phone, tablet, or computer.

With the Bluetooth connectivity option in the DP603, you can use your smartphone or tablet to playback your favorite songs through the internal speakers. You can also connect the piano with a USB flash disk to transfer data to and from the piano. Additionally, you can use a mobile app with the piano to play songs or improve your playing technique.

Extra Features of the Roland DP603 Digital Piano

The Roland DP603 digital piano includes onboard educational tools and wireless connection to piano apps. This piano supports you every step of the way of your learning process if you’re a beginner. It does that by having 300 onboard songs readily available for you to play and improve faster.

It also has a built-in metronome that tightens up your timing before the onboard recorder assesses your development. The USB playback/save functions also help to enhance your practice sessions and enable you to archive your performances.

The Twin Piano Mode helps a learner and teacher to sit side-by-side and play in a similar key range.

Another additional feature is the ability to connect the piano with mobile apps. This can allow you to access online practice videos and enhance your playing skills as a beginner.

Who Is the Roland DP603 Digital Piano For?

The Roland DP603 digital piano is for beginners and experienced players. If you’re looking for a slim and stylish digital piano, then this is the right instrument for you. What’s more, it saves on space, has excellent connectivity options, and can help improve your playing skills. Therefore, this digital piano offers value for your money.


  • Slim, stylish cabinet design to complement your modern living space.
  • It comes with an authentic grand piano touch from the new PHA-50 Progressive Hammer Action Keyboard with Escapement.
  • A dynamic speaker system that conveniently fills your home with music.
  • You can easily learn faster with onboard educational tools and wireless connections to piano apps.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones and tablets for using apps and playing along.


  • Easy to assemble until you have to connect the soundbox to the main unit. It has a plastic cap that is difficult to remove.
  • Some buyers have reported that when they ordered the piano it arrived with issues


Aside from the fact that sometimes you may order a piano and it arrives with issues such as damages, the Roland DP603 digital piano is pretty decent. It has a lot to offer pianists – both beginners and professional players.

When it comes to pricing, it’s fair when you consider the features you get, and its compact design. Therefore, if you’re looking for a minimalistic digital piano, the DP603 is a good choice.

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