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The Roland F-120 digital piano is a stylish and compact size musical instrument. Just a glance at it is enough to capture your attention. It is built into a space-saving, contemporary cabinet, and comes at an affordable price.

Equipped with Roland’s SuperNATURAL piano engine, the piano Roland F-120 is ideal for music lovers in search of authentic sound. When it comes to its touch, you can expect nothing short of excellence.

The piano is featured with the Ivory Feel-G keyboard, which resembles and feels like a real grand piano. It is a full-sized 88-key digital piano featuring weighted keys with Escapement.

The F120 inherits a lot of features that can only be found in Roland’s flagship pianos. So, it can confidently compete against some of the high-end pianos.

Its design is not bombarding, which means that you can piano place the piano anywhere in your home. The piano also has many instrument samples, recordings, as well as playback features.

Similar to a real acoustic piano, the Roland digital F120 includes three pedals (soft, sostenuto and a damper). Connectivity options are also a plus for this keyboard, as it has input jacks, headphone jacks, and MIDI capabilities. Therefore, this digital keyboard has the potential to offer excellent performance.

Features of the Roland F-120 Digital Piano

Let’s get into its details, and find out what it truly entails.


The Roland F120 specifications include the Ivory Feel-G keyboard with weighted keys. It has a total of 88 tones, 189 songs and 30 voices. The polyphony count for this particular keyboard reaches a maximum of 128-notes.

Therefore, you can easily play complex music pieces with Roland F120 avis. It has two in-built 12cm x 8cm speakers, together with two 12W amplifiers. This combination gives you expressive sound production.

The display features 3 characters LED screens designed to give you excellent visuals. With the inclusion of the three pedals, the F120 lets you take charge of its sound abilities. The interface has also been simplified for beginners.

Roland equipped the F120 with only the relevant buttons for piano practice, lessons, and performances. Therefore, beginners can simply advance their skills very well without much strain.

Roland F-120 Digital Piano Design

Roland F-120 digital piano
Roland F-120

As earlier pointed out, the craftsmanship done on the piano Roland F120 is one that can only be matched by a few digital keyboards on the market. The F120 is available in two finishes – white and satin black. It can, therefore, add a good decorative factor to your home décor.

With a slim cabinet design that only measures 30cm deep, the F120 as pointed out earlier doesn’t eat up too much space in your house. It has a unique folding-lid design that covers the keyboard safely, and also acts as a music rest.

One limitation of the piano is the weight, which is approximately 75 pounds (34 kg). It may require at least two people to move it, which makes it a not-so portable digital piano. Its dimensions measure 53.6 x 13.6 x 35.9 inches when the lid is opened. Once you close the lid, the height changes from 35.9” to 30.7”.


Roland F120 digital piano features key abilities to fulfill a more natural and realistic experience. It is a full-sized digital keyboard that has the Progressive Weighted Hammer Action, which also includes Escapement.

The F120 is further combined with the latest sensor technology that captures every single tone and the amount of strength used to press it. Since the F120 strives to replicate the touch and feel of an acoustic piano, Roland added to it an Ivory Feel-G keyboard.

This allows you to play for an extended period of hours, and even if it gets sweaty, the keys synthetic Ivory texture absorbs moisture very well. The F120 boasts of 5 levels and fixed touch-sensitivity.

Roland also added to it the Twin-Piano Mode, which enables the keyboard to be split into two. This facilitates side-by-side instruction and can also be utilized for duet sessions. In the Twin mode, both the left and right pedals can be enforced to act as dampers for each player.

You can also find a Metronome, as well as a track recorder built into the F120. The recorder allows you to monitor progress during practice, while the Metronome enables you to keep time when playing.

Therefore, the Roland F120 digital piano provides a smooth transition for people who are used to playing acoustic pianos.

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Sound Quality

Since the F120 features Roland’s remarkable SuperNATURAL sound engine at its core, it doesn’t compromise on sound quality. The keyboard delivers a new level of natural performance and authentic sound to the digital industry.

Roland manufacturers analyzed with a lot of effort the complex, ever-shifting traits of concert grand pianos. They thereafter captured and reproduced the tonal variations based on the velocity of every keystroke.

On top of that, the SuperNATURAL sound engine enhances three key elements, which are the key-range behavior, velocity response, and note decay. The witnessed result is an amazing diverse and expressive authentic sound that cuts across digital and traditional keyboards.

The F120 produces a nice subtle echo that closely resembles an acoustic piano. The speaker system is not unnecessarily loud, but volumes anything short of a grand stage performance. With its 128 polyphony notes, the F120 does not cut off any tones prematurely. The sound quality of this instrument is, therefore, up to par!


Connection with various digital devices that enhance further playability is an important aspect of any digital piano. These external devices offer such diverse and simple ways to advance monitor and track your piano progress. The good thing is that Roland has provided enough needed connectivity options to the F120 digital piano.

It features both MIDI IN and OUT jacks, which lets you connect your PC or iOS devices. With this capability, you can easily download and transfer files from both sides. You also get a Mono (Line Out) and a Stereo (Line In) jack for external sound systems.

But, you don’t need to stress that much over the external sound systems, since the built-in speakers and amps are already up to the task. Unless you need to satisfy a larger crowd, then go for it. The F120 has 2 Headphone jacks that allow duet sessions to proceed just fine, as well as a Damper Pedal.

Extra Features of the Roland F-120 Digital Piano

One very unique feature of the Roland F-120 digital piano is the built-in external input. This input lets you connect a music player to the keyboard and play songs via the F120 speakers.

Now you can easily play along to the music of your preference. The Twin Piano mode is also one top-class feature, especially for beginners. It splits the keyboard into two equal octave ranges, which also makes it possible for the F120 to easily facilitate duet sessions.

The piano also has an included headphone hook to hang your headphones after practice. Roland also featured the F120 with auto-off functionality and built-in lesson songs for the learners.

Benefits of the Roland F-120 Digital Piano

Roland F120 digital piano has a lot of benefits. It is easy to play the piano and it also features quality sound performance. From the design of its keys, you won’t have to worry about temperature changes or even aging strings.

Also, since it’s a digital keyboard you’re not required to tune any string. All you have to do is just sit down and start playing. Another advantage about the piano is that you can play music through its in-built speakers, privately through the headphones, or its external output.

The Twin mode is a great advantage as it enhances beginner’s playing skills through side-by-side lessons, or with a duet partner. Since the F120 can split into two halves, this makes it simple to follow and practice with an instructor. 

In the same Twin mode, the left pedal (commonly known as the soft pedal) can act as a damper pedal. You can also record and listen to your performance with a built-in recorder.

If perhaps you are a forgetful person, Roland equipped the F120 with an auto-off feature that shuts down the instrument after 30 minutes when not in use. The F120 has high-quality samples, amazing voice selection, and doesn’t consume too much power.

Reasons Why You Should Buy the Roland F120 Digital Piano

With a base of magnificent features, the F120 is an instrument that fully lives up to its expectations. Although Roland is mostly known for producing highly-priced digital pianos, the F120 is quite different.  

You get to benefit from the F120 price and at the same time enjoy the high-quality performance that this digital piano offers.

It has an attractive design that adds beauty to your home and takes up just a reasonable amount of space.

Who Is the Roland F-120 Digital Piano For?

From its design, the Roland F-120 is not for a pianist who is always on the move with their keyboard. It is a bit heavy and requires double man-power to move it around.

So, it is a perfect instrument to keep in a fixed position. On its features, the F120 can satisfy both a beginner and an experienced pianist.

For a well-experienced pianist, they can use the instrument for simple tasks and samples. The beginners can highly take advantage of the Twin mode lesson features and recording capabilities of the Roland F120 piano to further advance their playing skills.

However, the piano is highly recommended for beginners.

Buyers Guide

The keyboard comes flat-packed in a large single box. It is quite heavy and may also take you up to one hour to assemble it, although this depends on how skilled you are.

The F120 comes with a 3-pedal stand, an AC adaptor, power cord, headphones hook, and a manual.  It doesn’t come with a bench but the On-Stage KB8902 matches with it quite nicely.

How to Clean the Roland F-120 Digital Piano

Since the F120 has a keyboard lid that also doubles up as a music rest, it doesn’t require much cleaning.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Acquire a mild dish-washing soap
  • Warm some water and add it in a small bowl
  • Add 2-3 drops of the mild dishwashing soap to the warm water
  • Stir to form a solution (cleaning solution)
  • Get a soft, lint-free cloth and dampen it slightly in the cleaning solution
  • Wipe gently through the edges, and tops of your keys
  • Wipe the external body of the keyboard
  • Using another dry, but soft and lint-free cloth to wipe the keys and the external body of the piano

Use this procedure anytime you notice layers of dust on top of your piano keys and its exterior.


  • Twin piano mode
  • Amazing voice selection
  • Progressive Hammer Action with Escapement
  • High-quality samples
  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • A lot of useful features


  • Doesn’t come with a bench
  • Not portable efficient
  • The interface is pretty basic
  • Key action is a bit too clunky

Roland F-120 Price

The Roland F-120 digital piano costs approximately $1,000 but it all depends on where you buy. You might find it a considerable price in most online stores, so it’s important to first conduct in-depth research.

You also need to ensure that you’re buying from the right dealer/seller so as to get a high-quality musical instrument. The last thing you want is to purchase a piano that won’t last long or one that will encounter issues within using just a few days.


For its price, there aren’t a lot of digital pianos that can match the F-120 attractive look and sound performance. The stylishly-designed cabinet finish gives the Roland F120 digital piano a modern, classy look that blends in with any home décor.

The SuperNATURAL sound technology also gives the piano an expressive and realistic sound. The key action and realism closely replicate the feel of an acoustic piano. Overall, Roland F-120 is an efficient and affordable piano to consider buying.

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