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Yamaha CP33

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The Piano Yamaha CP33 has an interface that is quite intuitive and the keyboard is also featured with top quality touch sensitivity. Most feedback has gone to portray the Yamaha CP-33 as an entry-level digital piano.

However, we tend to believe that the piano digital Yamaha CP33 is a stage piano and an absolute upgrade from the Yamaha P-series. To realize the potential of the Yamaha CP-33 digital piano potential it requires a more experienced user.

Yamaha also features the CP-33 with its GHE technology. This feature hosts a sense of realism, with a bit of a heavy touch that takes time to get used to.

In this Yamaha CP33 review, we are going to discuss the features, benefits, and give you more insights about the digital piano.

Features of the Yamaha CP-33 Digital Piano

The CP-33 has some of its benefits in regards to its features. The sound is amazing and the samples are also high-quality. Let’s get an in-depth look at the CP-33’s features.


The CP-33 action is quite fascinating. It is a full-sized digital piano with 88 weighted keys, with the graded hammer action. It boasts of 28 voices which include 3-layer piano samples, two effects processors and a sustain-half pedaling unit.

Among its features is MIDI connectivity, as well as a USB for computer compatibility. One aspect of the CP-33 that is not quite pleasant is its polyphony count. It has 64- polyphony notes, which is not quite the norm for a Yamaha keyboard. 

The stage piano Yamaha CP33 lets you stay in control and take full command of your gear. You can easily play and control tone generators and external synthesizers whenever you perform.

The piano also has 2 instrument Zones, with additional Zone sliders that allow you to tweak the level of each instrument as you continue with your performance.

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Yamaha CP-33 Digital Piano Design

Yamaha CP33

Despite the Yamaha CP33 88-key stage piano being a full-sized piano, it is very compact, light and portable. The good thing about the piano is that it doesn’t take up much space and is quite flexible since it only weighs 40lbs.

You can easily set it up and still receive a full piano performance anywhere you choose to play it. It also features a simple, black finish that adds to its beauty.

It has a selection of buttons and knobs available on the top panel, which allows you to navigate through the machine swiftly. You’ll also notice the inclusion of a pitch bend control, a modulation wheel and the 2 Zone control sliders.

The CP-33 has 14 different buttons dedicated to voice selection and an additional button for variation. Therefore, the piano has a total of 28 in-built tones that range from grand pianos, guitars, organs and choirs among others.


Usually, the keyboard part of any Yamaha digital piano is where it gets interesting, and the CP-33 hasn’t been left behind on that part. Once you sit down to play the piano, you get to experience the natural feel of the keys.

Featured with Yamaha’s innovative GHE technology, the keys of the CP-33 possess a type of resistance present in an acoustic piano which makes the touch feel more authentic.

With the realistic piano feel, both a novice and intermediate player can be able to feel much more in-tune with the piano. This factor is fairly great, as it creates a fun and adaptable environment during play sessions.

With a total of 88 keys on board, Yamaha has surely elevated the CP-33 digital piano to compete with some of the high-end stage pianos. You can easily select tones and voices, thanks to its full-size design. The keyboard functions and feel are some of the best you can find in its price range.

Sound Quality

The CP-33 digital piano sound delivers nothing short of realism. Its voice is sampled from a grand piano, which distinguishes the piano’s voice capabilities from most digital pianos.

What’s more, Yamaha has featured the CP-33 with the Advanced Wave Memory technology. The AWM technology detects how hard you press the keys and produces an appropriate tone from its extensive selection included.

For a sound generation, you can find the Yamaha CP-33 speakers which generate more than enough volume for a stage performance.

With a library of 28 voices, you don’t have much to choose from. But, the CP-33 64-polyphony notes ensure that none of them are prematurely cut off.


Yamaha has also done a wonderful job on the connectivity options available in the CP-33 digital piano. You can effortlessly connect your computer using a USB port, without the need for drivers or installations.

It has one headphone jack which can really come in handy during private practice sessions. The CP-33 also has 2 outputs – the right and left jacks, which allow you to record music or just play directly into other devices.

Using the Yamaha CP33 as midi controller is quite easy. The MIDI capability is quite beneficial, because not only can you turn the CP-33 into a capable MIDI controller, but also a full-length master keyboard.

Extra Features of the Yamaha CP-33 Digital Piano

Yamaha CP-33 allows you to take control of different functions. For instance, you can play and take charge of 2 external tone generators, allocate different voices to distinguished sections of the piano, and also layer voices together.

The CP-33 has wheels that you can assign to control a variety of effects, such as an attack, filter cutoff, decay, and brightness. You can also use the CP-33 in Mono mode, where you can play along with a band.

Another intuitive feature that the Yamaha CP-33 piano has is the “panel lock”. The “panel lock” feature locks in your settings on your command and does not change them in case you accidentally hit a wrong key during a performance.

Benefits of the Yamaha CP-33 Digital Piano

One notable feature about the CP-33 is the simple, yet stylish design. The piano is, therefore, going to add a scene of attraction to your space.

If you like to travel with your instrument, then the CP-33 won’t hold you back. The piano is quite portable thanks to its lightweight and compact features.

The keys have a realistic and natural feel, which takes you as close as possible to the feel and touch of an acoustic piano. Your finger technique will surely improve once you start practicing with the Yamaha CP-33 digital piano.

Another benefit is the sound quality of this digital piano. The voices are sampled from a full-sized, grand stage piano, which gives you nothing but top-class sound quality.

Added into the piano is the AWM sound sampling technology, and the sounds present in this keyboard are simply exemplary.

Reasons to Buy the Yamaha CP-33 Digital Piano

The CP-33 is a great stage piano that has the right amount of features to deliver exceptional performance. On stage, it generates the right volume for your audience to hear.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself on stage because of simple mistakes during performances. This is all thanks to the “panel lock” feature.

Yamaha made the CP-33 a lightweight and compact digital piano, which makes it a good choice for frequent gigs. The hassle of bulk in transit is eliminated by this digital piano.

Most lightweight digital pianos lack some of the best key features, sound distinctions and end up sacrificing a lot on playability. However, the CP-33 still manages to incorporate all the high-quality digital piano elements.

Who Is the Yamaha CP-33 Digital Piano For?

The CP-33 is considered as an entry-level digital piano, even though it has the essential features capable of executing a nice stage performance.

It is more beneficial to use the CP-33 as an electric stage digital piano, rather than to keep it around the house for practice sessions only.

Of course, beginners can use the piano well, but that won’t fully utilize the piano’s full potential. The piano is much more effective for an experienced user.

Buyers Guide

You should note that the CP-33 does not come with a sustain pedal. Therefore, you may be required to buy one of the four different foot-switches sustain pedals manufactured by Yamaha.

Also, the Yamaha CP33 88-key stage piano doesn’t come with any additional accessories. This means you may also have to buy a bundle package in case you are just starting out as a player. Although its price is rather high, it is quite justifying in regards to what the piano offers.

How to Clean the Yamaha CP-33 Digital Piano

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Get  a mild dish-washing soap
  • Take  some warm water and pour it in a bowl
  • Add 2-3 drops of the dishwashing soap to the warm water in the bowl
  • Stir to form a cleaning solution
  • Get  a soft, lint-free, soft fiber cloth and slightly dampen it in the cleaning solution
  • Wipe gently through the edges, and tops of your keys using the dampen cloth
  • Clean  the external body of the keyboard
  • Using another dry  cloth, wipe the keys and the external body of the keyboard


  • Authentic and natural keyboard feel
  • High quality sampled sounds
  • Wide variety of modes
  • Wonderful connectivity abilities
  • Very portable


  • Limited voice selection
  • Not much suitable for beginner players


The Yamaha CP-33 digital piano is an exceptional stage keyboard that possesses one of the most authentic key actions you can find in a digital piano. The features and sound quality of the Yamaha piano make it a powerful instrument for experienced pianists.

It is also suitable for beginners to learn with, as well as an excellent option for stage performances. You can easily carry the CP33 to any gig and deliver the best experience on the performance.

It is difficult to find an instrument that compares to the CP-33 which offers the same quality of playability at the same price range.

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