Samick Baby Grand Piano Review




Samick Baby Grand Piano Review

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The Samick brand is well known for its quality piano production. Although the name is not a very popular one in the market, for those who appreciate quality and affordability, it is a good selection.

The Samick baby grand pianos are well known for their considerably small size that fits into almost any corner. This article gives a full review of the Samick baby grand piano, including the good sides and the bad.

Are Samick Pianos Good?

A direct answer would be yes! Samick is one of the piano companies known for its high-quality piano production.

Samick Baby Grand Piano

They make pretty good pianos at an extremely affordable price. Other major pros of the Samick piano include

  • They have a large array of pianos with small sizes and good delivery. A great plus for choosing Samick pianos is the portability. Particularly their baby grand piano. For someone who loves a great setting, a Samick baby grand piano can do magic.
  • Touch and feel is another thing Samick sure knows how to do better. One way to know a Samick product is in the soft touch and feel. This attribute is replicated in both their acoustic and digital pianos.
  • A pro of the Samick piano that can not be overemphasized is the incredible piano design that is sold at a lower price. Most of their digital baby grand pianos are in the price range below four thousand five hundred dollars. When you compare this piano to the other brand pianos within this price range, you’ll realize Samick pianos are way better than others.

Are Samick Pianos Bad

For someone without a good technical knowledge of piano, buying the Samick pianos might be a risky move.

Here are some things you might need to consider before getting the Samick pianos

  1. Most Samick pianos are pretty old, making the purchase risky. Most of the time, the only option you are left with when buying a Samick piano is to get a second-hand one. However, some of these second-hand pianos might have a good body but a bad internal framework from long-time usage.
  2. Most Samick owners have complained about its sound production. The sound might be muffled from a long time of use.
  3. A problem most piano enthusiasts generally have with Samick pianos is the fact that they are not consistent. It is easy to notice a great difference in tone, feel, and other productions of different Samick piano. This inconsistency makes it look like Samick pianos are entirely different pianos from the same company.

Where Are Samick Pianos Made

Although the Samick piano company is a native company of Korean businessmen, it has grown beyond just Korea.

Today, the American corporate headquarters of the Samick company is located in Gallatin, Tennessee.

The Samick major piano factories are located in four countries; China, Korea, Indonesia, and United States. However, the United States factory is located on a 200,000 square foot warehouse where the pianos are being manufacturing alongside guitars.

Samick Pianos History

The Samick company was founded in 1953 as a music propagation company by the Korean businessman, Hyo Ick Lee.

Although the company started with the importation of piano into Korea and most of Asia, it soon began manufacturing its own. The first set of Samick pianos was built just two years after the company’s inception into the market.

Samick piano received a wide acceptance and by 1970, the company has developed production capability to manufacture its first set of grand pianos for sale.

Since its 1970 debut, Samick piano has grown increasingly larger and well known in over 70 countries of the world. In 1978, the company opened its United States branch in Los Angeles.

It expanded into Europe through the German market in 1982, and in 1992 it established a factory in Indonesia. Samick piano has partnered with several other piano companies to make their piano. Most notable of the Samick piano partnership were

  • Yamaha
  • Baldwin
  • Pramberger
  • William Knabe and co.

Samick Baby Grand Piano Price

Most of the Samick baby grand piano comes at an amazingly affordable price. An example is the SG110 baby grand piano which also comes with the Fatar key action and a high-quality stereo sound delivery and sold at about $4000.

Other baby grand pianos are also considerably affordable with most of them going for prices roughly below $4500.

Samick Baby Grand Piano Review

Samick instrument as a company has had quite a fascinating reputation for itself over the past years. This is largely due to two factors

  1. Their production of piano of good quality and
  2. The affordability of their pianos

Although there are some variations in their pianos, these factors can easily be spotted in Samick pianos, even in the baby grand pianos. On a first-hand positive review of the Samick baby grand piano, here are some key facts about the baby grand piano.

  • Samick baby grand piano is produced in partnership with the Italian companies Fatar and Orla. These companies are high-quality key action companies and digital design & sound electronic company respectively. These companies were responsible for the activation key behavior and quality sound production in the baby grand piano. The result is an inclusion of a high-quality graded hammer piano key action and piano’s stereo digital sounds.
  • The Samick baby grand pianos have three functioning brass pedals and an amazing 385 instrument sound (which comes with the electric piano, synthesizers, woodwind, strings, guitar, percussion, and so on). It also has 64 polyphonic notes.

Other fascinating features of the Samick baby grand piano are

  1. Three standard size brass pedal
  2. Instant control with high key touch sensitivity
  3. Headphone jack support for a personalized experience
  4. Long-lasting display screen LCD backlight
  5. Supports MIDI and USB connector for computer connection

Samick 6 Foot Grand Piano

The Samick SIG-61 and SG-185 are two of the most amazing 6 foot Grand Piano designed by the Samick piano manufacturing company.

The SIG-61 in particular is made in the Samick Indonesian factory with specifications that includes

  • Nickel-plated tuning pins
  • German Roeslau strings
  • A double felted hammer
  • Basswood keys
  • Sand-cast plate
  • Dimension: 1.82m x 148cm

Samick Vs Young Chang Piano

Amongst most piano enthusiasts, an affordable pick struggle is always between Samick or Young Chang Piano.

However, some similarities put them in the same category and also differences that put them apart. This includes

  • They are both South Korean companies.
  • Young Chang is more beginner-friendly than Samick in operation
  • Young Chang was founded three years after Samick.
  • Samick baby grand piano is cheaper than young Chang baby grand piano.
  • Young Chang Piano comes with better tones than Samick pianos.
  • Samick pianos have a better feel than Young Chang Piano

Kawai vs Samick

  • Most Kawai pianos have a superior quality tone than Samick.
  • Samick has cheaper pianos than Kawai.
  • However, both are considered entry-level pianos.
  • Kawai’s piano designs are more consistent in tone, sound, and feel than Samick pianos.
  • Kawai pianos have a superior action than Samick pianos.


This article has comprehensively reviewed the Samick baby grand pianos to provide you with quality information about the Korean piano company. Choosing the Samick piano, however, comes with an advantage an important one being its affordability.

Check out this article on Samick vs Knabe to see how they compare.

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