Yamaha vs. Young Chang: Which Digital Piano Brand is Better?




Yamaha vs Young Chang

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Over the years, there has been much debate on forums and message boards about which piano brand to choose. Many people ask whether they should buy a Yamaha or a Young Chang (YC). This article will attempt to discuss this problem objectively without turning into a forum flame war.

Features of the Young Chang and Yamaha


The design of an acoustic piano can significantly impact the way it looks in your living room or other performance space.

Young chang piano

For example, if you plan to keep your piano in one place for several years or more, it may be necessary that your instrument’s style matches its surroundings. In this area, Young Chang pianos and Yamahas have a clear difference.

yamaha piano

Yamaha makes pianos in the traditional grand style, with straight legs and an umbrella-style cover over the keys.

Young Chang uses curved legs on some of its pianos and a flat top for others to give them a sleeker look that can fit into smaller living spaces more quickly than a traditional-looking piano.


Yamaha does not offer any acoustic pianos in a “mini” size. However, one model from Young Chang is called the M100C, which is 42 inches long and weighs 113 pounds (51 kg).

The smallest models offered by Yamaha are the CLP525 & CLP635 at five feet eight inches long (170 cm) and 140 pounds (61 kg).

Yamaha does provide a digital piano, the P115, that weighs just 43 pounds (19 kg) and is 34 inches long.

Most pianos from either company will require at least two people to move them up or downstairs.

Pricing and Budget

The Young Chang M100C can be found for about $4,000.00, while Yamahas run is closer to $5,000.

If you purchase a digital model like the Yamaha P115 instead of an acoustic one, you’ll pay around $3,200.

When comparing prices between brands, it’s important to remember that Yamaha offers less expensive models and more luxurious ones, if your budget falls low, Yamahas may offer more piano for your money.


Young Chang pianos and Yamahas in the keyboard area are much more similar than they are different.

Yamaha’s standard 88-key Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) weighted action key is very popular with beginners and advanced players. This is because it gives them a nice amount of control over their sound while still being gentle on their fingers when they make mistakes.

The same action can be found on many models produced by Young Chang, though some of these pianos also carry the “Graded Hammer” name.

A few higher-quality YC models have “Grand Feel” actions designed to feel even closer to an acoustic piano. This is because each key has four separate weighing systems instead of just one per key, as with the GHS system.

Sound Quality and Speakers

The speaker systems of both Yamaha and Young Chang pianos can be customized to suit your living space.

For example, YC is known for its ST-R and A-4G speaker models, which simulate a multi-speaker surround sound system when they are placed near the floor.

Yamaha offers several optional Virtual Acoustic Simulation (VAS) speaker cabinets that create similar effects.

For example, Yamaha’s proprietary SVC speakers, surround sound with two speakers, or the portable NS10c. This makes simulated extra bass by placing a subwoofer under one end of the keyboard.

Both companies offer headphone options that allow you to practice without disturbing others.

Connectivity Options

Yamaha has three different audio input options for connecting your piano to other devices. These are USB, AUX-IN, and MIDI which can all be used simultaneously if you wish.

The company also offers two wireless headphones that can connect wirelessly to your instrument when you’re using the available pedals.

The only option for Young Chang pianos and Yamahas in this area is Yamaha’s proprietary Digital Piano Controller app for iOS-based smartphones and tablets. It allows players to use their device as a second control panel or songbook while playing.

Space Considerations

Again, because both companies make space-saving options like smaller digital pianos, it cannot be easy to compare them in this category easily.

However, it’s worth noting that Yamaha offers several different cabinet styles for its digital pianos, such as the DX (grand piano shape), SV (square box), and HP (half-moon), which allows them to fit into more spaces.

While they may not currently offer the most compact options in their lines, both companies seem to be expanding their lineups frequently and keeping up with the demand for smaller and more space-efficient models.

Pros of Young Chang

  • Better sound at a lower price than similar brands
  • Durable and reliable
  • Many options for personalizing the instrument’s feel, look, and functionality to match your needs in playing style
  • Good quality in its compactness in comparison to other digital pianos that are about the same size
  • The piano is easy to learn how to use for beginners

Cons of Young Chang

  • Slow keys too light to feel
  • No loudness button for headphone output

Pros of Yamaha

  • There Are Many Different Styles Available
  • The Weighted Keys Can Be Adjusted
  • Touch Sensitivity Can Be Tweaked
  • The Polyphony Can Be Set to Affect Your Playing Style
  • You Can Save Your Own Custom Presets

Cons of Yamaha

  • The buttons are not labeled very well
  • Not enough songs

Young Chang piano vs. Yamaha: Which One is Better?

Young Chang pianos have been around since 1975. In the 1970s, Young Chang started to invest in research and development, making it a leader for this technology. In 1991, they were the first company to introduce the 88-key concert grand digital piano with built-in speakers and effects.

For many years, Yamaha has been a symbol of top-quality musical instruments and equipment.

They have a long history of making high-quality keyboards and today are still considered a leader in music technology.

With both brands being so popular among musicians, what makes them different from each other? Several factors may convince you to choose either brand over the other.

1. Ability to Reproduce the Sounds of Many Different Instruments

One factor that makes Young Chang pianos stand out is their ability to reproduce the sounds of many different instruments.

It has over 220 instrument voices and 20 reverb effects, allowing you to customize your sound for each song. You can even connect external devices through USB or AUX ports if you want to incorporate other music types into your performance.

Yamaha digital pianos are designed with 88 semi-weighted keys which provide a more authentic piano experience than most other brands on the market today.

It also comes with 128-note polyphony processing power so that it can handle complex pieces without any lag or delay in your performance. The downside is that this keyboard type does not have built-in speakers; you will either need an amplifier or earphones to produce sound.

2. Hammer Effect Keyboard Action

Another reason why Young Chang pianos are preferred over Yamaha is because of its hammer effect keyboard action.

The weighted keys provide an authentic piano feel which can give you a better performance when compared to other digital brands on the market. However, the only downside is that it does not have a graded soft-touch keyboard surface like Yamaha pianos do.


Both companies have their ways of providing high-quality products, so it all depends on what you are looking for in your digital piano. Each brand has its specific pros and cons that may impact your decision-making process when choosing one over another.

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