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Should I buy a used digital piano? A second hand keyboard is not so bad, provided it has been well kept and has reliable features.

Will it be able to serve your purpose right away? Or will it need additional repair work before you can start playing?

Either way, you need to adequately assess the instrument before agreeing on a deal. Whether the seller says it’s been used less often or not, assessing the instrument’s capabilities is a must consideration to avoid getting less value for your money.

Here, we’ll detail what you need to look for when buying a used digital piano – regardless of the brand.

What to Look for Before You Buy a Used Digital Piano

Should I buy a used digital piano

Needless to say, affordability is the number one reason why most people opt to purchase a used digital piano. That’s because digital piano prices depreciate significantly once delivered to your doorstep or immediately after leaving a retail shop.

As a result, buying second-hand instruments is a cheaper venture compared to bringing in a new digital piano. But the decent advantages may also bring along some disappointing realizations, which is why you need to be vigilant when purchasing a used digital piano.

Thus, below are some of the things you need to look into before buying a used digital piano.


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As the saying goes – ‘cheap is expensive’, which means you need to think twice if the deal is too good. The good news is that most people selling used digital pianos will have you test them before agreeing on a deal.

An ideal starting price for a used digital piano ranges from $100 to about $500, or higher. Anything below the former is usually an instrument on its final days or beat up beyond repair. So, you need to relate the asking price with the instrument’s capabilities to avoid getting a digital piano that’s not worth your money.

The Instrument’s Status

Another essential thing that you need to look into is the piano’s condition. Note that we are not talking about the aesthetics but the operational capabilities of the instrument.

Things like the piano’s sound quality, keyboard, connectivity features, and the sound projection system. Ensure you take a good look of the piano’s interface to see if the keys, buttons, or faders are in the right condition.

This is where you test drive the instrument to see whether it has a problem with any operational features. In some cases, you may find minor issues while test driving a used digital piano. However, most sellers usually do final repairs before placing their instruments on sale, and add the costs to the pricing.

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Check for the Accessories

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Here, you’ll look for stuff like the AC Power Adaptor, chords and necessary cables, furniture stands, music rest, and sustain pedals. Usually, most used digital pianos on sale come with a full set of accessories.

However, there is no guarantee that all of them do come with a full set of accessories. Hence, you should bargain for a discount if you notice any missing accessory.


This is an essential consideration when purchasing a used digital piano. That’s because digital pianos are subject to flaws and malfunctions. Hence, purchasing a used Kawai digital piano that comes with a return policy or remaining warranty will be a plus for you.

Note that it’s easier to find a used digital piano with a warranty if you purchase from online stores that sell used instruments, unlike from private sellers.

The Bottom Line

So, should you buy a used digital piano? Our straightforward answer is a yes. But, ensure that you at least put the above considerations to work for a better outcome.

Whether you want to purchase a used Yamaha digital piano, or a used Roland digital piano, knowing what to look for will help you find the right instrument for the price.

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