Do Weighted Keys on Digital Pianos Use Springs?




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Weighted keys on digital pianos are an amazing feature that can make playing the piano more realistic. They offer many benefits, but one of their most unique features is the use of springs. Springs are typically used in non-weighted keys because they provide resistance when you press down on them.

This helps simulate how pushing down on actual strings feels when playing a musical instrument. However, it’s different with weighted keys because they have natural weight to them and don’t need any added spring tension to feel real. The question then becomes whether weighted keys should use springs at all?

This post will discuss the pros and cons of using springs with weighted key mechanisms found in digital pianos. The benefits of using them are primarily to make the feel more realistic, but there are some drawbacks as well.

Pros of Using Springs

As mentioned before, weighted keys using springs provide a sense of realism. There is no denying that playing on an acoustic piano with its real strings and soundboard feels more realistic than pressing down on flat buttons or keyboard keys.

For many amateur pianists, it can be difficult getting used to switching between different types of digital pianos.

However, this problem would not exist if there were some type of spring action in their design similar to actual pianos. This gives them excellent authenticity which makes practicing easier for beginners without necessarily having any drawbacks associated with added parts such as additional moving pieces that could over time due to constant use.

Cons of Using Springs

The most common drawback of using springs with weighted keys is that they can be very difficult to replace when they eventually wear out. Replacing them typically requires the removal of many screws before being able to access each individual spring where it attaches to a key assembly which then needs replacing as well.

For this reason, pianos without any type of sprung mechanism are more user-friendly in some ways because you only need one screwdriver and no other special tools for performing repairs or replacements on your own.

However, not all digital pianos have weighted keys designed like these! Some only use buttons instead which means there’s no moving parts inside at all (which could potentially cause problems down the line). To remedy this problem, manufacturers install rubber pads on them to feel like weighted keys.

Do Newer Digital Piano Keys Break? 

weighted keys on digital pianos
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The short answer is yes, but it depends on the model itself. Some digital pianos have mechanisms that are very old. Therefore, they can easily break down after several years of use from normal wear and tear conditions.

However, newer models with their latest technology in key design tend to be more durable. That’s because they have better parts inside which means you won’t ever need to worry about them breaking or wearing out so soon. They may not last forever either since nothing does, but at least it will probably take longer than an older manual piano made decades ago!

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Do Digital Pianos Have Different Number of Keys?

Yes, there are some digital pianos out on the market with 88 weighted keys. However, they can also come in fewer keys such as 76 or even 61 depending on what you prefer and need from your instrument.

Digital pianos that have a higher number of keys typically cost more money since it takes a lot more to manufacture something like this. Therefore, piano manufacturers who sell them often don’t make very many of them which means their prices go up significantly compared to those without any type of extra key mechanisms at all!

For example, Casio makes several models with only 49-key action instead by using the “waterfall” keyboard design. There are also other additional features built inside including speakers for playing music through its internal sound system. Most players don’t need anything more than this, but others may want something that has a wider range of keys such as 88-key action which typically comes on digital pianos rather than keyboards.

There are different types and amounts of key mechanisms out there depending on your personal preference and needs.

You can also find some brands online with only 49 keys if you’re not looking to spend much money.

Do Digital Pianos Need Regular Key Maintenance?

Yes, digital pianos need regular key maintenance just like any other acoustic piano. At the very least, you should consider cleaning them on a weekly basis. This will help to get rid of all dust and dirt that builds up inside over time. That’s because the dust buildup can make playing your instrument less enjoyable overall. It’s also important to clean off all existing fingerprints before they cause more damage.


Overall, weighted keys on digital pianos use springs because they help provide more realistic actions. They also feel similar to what you might find on a regular acoustic piano. Weighted keys using springs provide some benefits for making playing the piano feel more realistic; without having to pay extra money just for additional features.

However, it’s crucial to know the disadvantages of having this type of key mechanism in your digital keyboard before making any final decisions about purchasing one for yourself.

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