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Pianos come in all shapes and sizes, but the digital grand piano is one of the most popular instruments on the market. This post will discuss how much a digital grand piano costs, and also provide information about how to buy one. We’ll also talk about pianists who have used this type of instrument and their thoughts on it!

What is a Digital Grand Piano?

A digital grand piano is a type of electronic keyboard which tries to mimic the sound and experience of an acoustic grand piano. It looks similar in size, but it’s not the same instrument!

A traditional acoustic grand is made out of wood and metal – while a digital version only has some wooden components for aesthetics. Additionally, a real piano has strings attached up high on its body. Whereas this isn’t possible with most modern keyboards due to their weight or design layout.

There are exceptions though. Kawai actually makes an 88 key weighted action electric/digital upright model that includes all parts from actual pianos (including pedals)! This means that if you’re looking for something close enough to play, then look at the options from Kawai.

How Much Does it Cost?

So, how much does a digital grand piano cost? Well, it depends on what you want. A basic model is going to run anywhere from $2000 – $3000. But if you’re looking for something with weighted keys and all the bells & whistles, then expect to pay closer to $6000 or more!

On average, most digital grand pianos are around 200 lbs. (give or take). So moving one into your home may be a big task depending on where it’s coming from. If there isn’t an option at your local store though, don’t fret because many companies will ship these instruments directly to you via freight shipping. They use large trucks that transport goods much faster!

Pianists who have used this type of piano often prefer the digital sound, as it’s easier to maintain and doesn’t require tuning! Additionally, they say that transitioning from a traditional acoustic grand is easy because these instruments take away some of the “mechanical” aspects. These include having to press down really hard on keys or worrying about changing strings.

On top of this though, many people also enjoy how quiet these models are. While an acoustic might seem loud at times (especially if you’re in a rehearsal hall), you can turn most modern digital pianos up very high without distorting their signal. This makes them perfect for recording studios where any extra noise would cause problems with microphones picking things up!

How to Buy a Digital Grand Piano

digital grand piano cost

So, how do you buy a digital grand piano? Well, there are many online stores that sell them new and used. However if you’re going to purchase via the internet then make sure they have good reviews from customers.

Otherwise, it might be best to try somewhere else! In addition though, most of these companies also offer financing plans where your payments will only cost about $100 per month .

This makes buying one much more affordable than ever before for those who were previously unable or unwilling to put down a large sum of money all at once.

If a digital grand piano cost seems like too big of an investment however (and even with easy monthly payments), don’t forget that some museums may rent them out as well! Even local bars and restaurants sometimes do this, so it’s definitely something worth asking about.

In the end though, a digital grand piano is often better than an acoustic because of its ability to easily play and maintain . It also doesn’t require tuning – which makes them perfect for concerts where time is short!

If you’re a pianist looking for one that will help you get used to playing a real acoustic grand, then look no further. Those are some of the best out there. As long as you have enough money in your budget, then it’s easier to purchase a high-quality digital piano.

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What Do Pianists Think About Digital Grand Pianos?

As far as pianists go, there’s a wide range of thoughts and opinions about digital grand pianos. Some musicians prefer them because they remove the mechanical aspects of playing (such as pressing keys really hard or having to tune frequently).

Another common reason is that some models today can be hooked up to an iPad using technology such as Apple Airplay . This lets you play along with songs on your tablet device without any latency. This enables users to practice their skills much more quickly than ever before!

On top of this though, many people actually enjoy how loud these instruments are too. Acoustic grands by nature tend to have problems where they don’t produce sound at high volumes due to resonance issues. Digital pianos however don’t really struggle with this, so they’re perfect for piano teachers who need to produce a lot of sound!

In addition though, the majority of them are also much cheaper than acoustic models. For those that can’t afford thousands upon thousands of dollars to purchase an instrument however, it’s definitely nice knowing that you have other options too.


Digital grand pianos are great instruments with many benefits. They take away some aspects from regular grands (such as having to tune or press hard on keys) and make others easier instead (like recording yourself).

Plus depending on the digital grand piano cost and where you buy one from, there might even be financing plans available too! If you want something high-quality but don’t necessarily have a high budget – then getting one of these is definitely a good idea.

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