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If you are in the market for a new digital piano, it can be difficult to make your way through all of the options. There are many factors that go into selecting the right piano for your needs. You need to think about things like sound quality, key action (weighted keys, hammer action), and what features will best suit your style of playing. Luckily, this post will help you find the perfect digital piano by discussing these issues in detail and giving examples of pianos that may meet your specific requirements.

Types of Digital Pianos

There are various types of digital pianos you need to know about first. These include:

  • Spinet – These are usually compact, light and often have a nice sound. They are great for small spaces or travelling musicians. However, the action of the keys is not as good with this type of piano. This is because it is less complex than most other types.
  • Analog Keyboard Synthesizer – This kind of digital piano will allow you to play sounds that mimic an acoustic grand or upright pianos. You can also change/morph between different tones using knobs on the front panel. That makes them very flexible instruments that offer many options through their built in keyboard synthesizers (synthesizers).
  • Newer models even come with USB input so you can use your MIDI instrument controller to switch between different sounds on your USB keyboard (the synthesizer is built into the piano).
  • Stage Piano – Like their name suggests, these are the go-to option for musicians who want a quality and portable piano. These pianos offer weighted keys and/or hammer action which makes them more similar to acoustic grand or upright pianos. They also come with many features such as multiple speakers, MIDI ins, headphone jacks, etc.
  • A very popular model in this category would be Yamaha’s CP series stage pianos. This is due to their excellent key actions and sound reproduction. They also have a multitude of good reviews from users. But there are several others out there too including Roland RD series pianos.

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What is a good digital piano for beginners?

kind of digital piano should I buy
Image Credit: Yamaha

A good digital piano for beginners is one that makes it easier for you to play and grow your skill. This means it should offer a good key action and sound quality.

One option would be the Korg SP170S due to its weighted keys and touch sensitive pads. These make the SP170S feel like an acoustic piano.

Another popular choice among beginner musicians is the Yamaha P45. It is a portable digital piano with hammer action keys and built-in speakers (the basic model comes without speakers). It has USB ins for connecting external MIDI keyboards or recording your music directly to computer.

Overall, I think either of these two pianos would be good choices depending on what you are looking for. Both have great features that will help beginners excel at their craft so they are both worth considering!


So, what kind of digital piano should I buy? The answer is simple; buy a piano that will make it easier for you to excel at your craft.

As you’ve seen there are different types of pianos including spinet, analog keyboard synthesizers, stage pianos, etc. Each has their own unique features that set them apart from the others. Therefore, it’s important to pick one depending on what specific piano sounds or key actions you need. This will make it easier to grow your skills as a musician!

Either the Korg SP170S or Yamaha P45 would be great choices when looking into digital pianos. That’s because they have everything an aspiring beginner needs, However, I also recommend checking out other models too by searching online for reviews written by people who have used similar instruments before making a purchase decision.

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