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When it came out, the Kawai MP6 digital piano was all about bringing evolution into how pianists play the piano. And since then, this digital piano continues to prove itself as one of Kawai’s best digital pianos.

This piano features a great interface, compact body design, and a keyboard action that can deliver top-notch playability. That’s not all, the sound technology on this instrument is also another aspect to cheer on.

The MP6 is an amazing stage piano that is perfect for gigging, practicing, and the impressive keyboard action as well as the sound technology makes this piano worth your consideration.

With that in mind, let’s look at this Kawai MP6 digital piano review to get an in-depth overview of this instrument’s capabilities.

Kawai MP6 Digital Piano Features


  • 88 weighted keys with Ivory Touch key surfaces
  • Responsive Hammer Action (RHA) with Let-Off
  • Polyphony – 192 notes
  • Progressive Hammer Imaging Sound Source
  • 256 built-in Sounds
  • 256 Set Up Memory
  • 12 Tonewheel Simulators for Zone 1
  • Amp Simulator for Zone 1
  • 7 Types of Reverb Sound Effects
  • Internal MIDI Recorder, USB Memory, MP3/WAV Recording and Playback
  • 16 X 2 LCD with backlight
  • Built-in Metronome
  • Pitch Bend Wheel, Modulation Wheel, Master Volume, and Zone Volume among many more controls
  • Connectivity – Line Out Jacks, Headphones jack, Pedal jacks, MIDI In/Out/Thru, USB To Host, USB to Device
  • Dimensions – 1355 x 347 x 181 (mm)
  • Weight – 21.5 kg

Kawai MP6 Digital Piano Design

Kawai MP6 digital piano

As a hand-built digital piano, the Kawai MP6 digital piano doesn’t feature any cut corners on its frame. It features black and white keys that make this piano look more authentic to the eyes and touch.

Like mentioned earlier, this piano is compact and packs all the features you need to create exciting music. The MP6 has a great panel interface that will make performing on stage more efficient. It can add both beauty and impressive playability on stage performing.

Additionally, this digital piano is built to last with the most rigid plastic action that you can find on the market. So, this instrument is worth every penny especially when you consider its durability.


Kawai MP6 digital piano

The touch on this stage digital piano is another area where it excels. The MP6 comes with the Responsive Hammer action with Let-off mechanism. The results are stunning and realistic playability experience.

That’s not all, the MP6 also features Ivory Touch key surfaces that help you maintain a good grip on the keys while playing. This not only prevents your fingers from slipping, but you also experience authentic playability when performing on this instrument.

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Sound Quality

Kawai did a good job before launching this digital piano to the public especially when it comes to sound capabilities. This instrument features acoustic and electric pianos that can go head-to-head with some of the prime digital pianos on the market right now.

This is a powerhouse controller and stage digital piano that comes with a Tonewheel Organ Simulator. The tonewheel feature allows you to press your favourite drawbar positions, switch on the rotary speaker effects and amp for the piano to give you authentic sounds.

And as for professional stage performers, the Kawai MP6 digital piano allows you to split the entire keyboard into 4 Independent Zones. You can then assign each of the four different zones to trigger external MIDI devices, play internal sounds, or control both functions simultaneously.

As you can see, this is a decent digital piano that can deliver authentic playability in a robust and durable body.

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Integrating this digital piano with other musical interfaces is an easy fix thanks to the MP6’s ample connectivity options. The Kawai MP6 digital piano features a USB to Device connector that facilitates you to SETUP memories, customise sounds, and record songs on an external USB drive.

You can also connect your computer to the MP6 with the USB capabilities, playback and save songs to other devices using this digital piano. And in a recording studio, the MP6 can play the role of a master keyboard. That’s because this instrument is compatible with both hardware and software necessary to create music.

Still on connectivity, the MP6 also features a mixing option that offers you a chance to get creative on the instrument. You can bring your musical imaginations to life with the MP6 because it gives you a chance of doing so in every area.

Extra Features of the Kawai MP6 Digital Piano

  • Pitch Bend Wheel
  • Modulation wheel
  • Master Volume
  • Zone Volume (x4)
  • Edit Selection (x4)
  • Zone On/Off
  • Real-Time Edit Control
  • Control Mode Switch
  • Transpose
  • Built-in Metronome

Benefits of Owning the Kawai MP6 Digital Piano

Firs of all, you need to know that it’s a lightweight digital piano that offers you durability and authentic playability as well. The compatible nature of this instrument is another benefit to enjoy because you can integrate it with other musical interfaces. With such and more capabilities, you can achieve your musical goals with this instrument.

And for professional performers, this piano’s lightweight and compatible nature can facilitate an efficient stage performance. With a thoughtful design, high-quality sounds, and stage-ready design, the MP6 is a great stage digital piano.

Why Should You Buy the Kawai MP6 Digital Piano?

If you are looking for a stage-worthy digital piano, then this piano can fulfill your needs accordingly. The MP6 is lightweight, meaning that you can travel with it if you have gigs frequently.

Moreover, it’s also compatible with many musical interfaces and that’s what you need to have by your side when performing on stage. That’s not all, this digital piano is also useful in music production thanks to its software and hardware compatibility. So, this is an impressive digital piano that can facilitate your musical desires accordingly.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact and stylish
  • Great panel interface
  • Authentic key action
  • Impressive sound technology
  • Robust build for durability
  • Comprehensive connectivity options


  • May be too intricate for beginners

Final Thoughts

There you have it, our comprehensive Kawai MP6 digital piano review. This instrument covers every detail of stage performance and you can deliver the best to your audience using the MP6 all the time.

If you are looking for a stage digital piano that can deliver an impressive performance, then the MP6 can do the job. It’s portable, durable, and compatible, which makes the MP6 a great investment for your musical needs.

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