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The Korg B2 digital piano is a powerful instrument ideal for every pianist. It has 88 keys, which are weighted in order to emulate the feel of an acoustic piano. The piano also has over 200 voices and effects available for different types of music. Whether you’re looking for a new Korg digital piano or just want to learn more about this amazing product, read on!

Features of the Korg B2 Digital Piano

The Korg B2 digital piano includes unique features that make it efficient and ideal for both beginners and advanced pianists. Korg also included KORG Kontrol for iPad, which allows the player to control this digital piano with a tablet. Below are some of the other features.


88-key Natural Weighted Hammer Action Keyboard

Three types of touch control

Transpose, fine tuning

Equal temperament

Stereo PCM sound generation

Maximum polyphony: 120 voices (max)

12 sounds

Effects: reverb, chorus

12 demo songs

Damper pedal

Controls: power, volume, piano play, sound, metronome

Power supply: DC 15 V, AC adapter (included)

Power consumption: 8W

Dimensions: 51.65 x 13.23 x 4.61 inches

Weight: 25.13 pounds

Korg B2 Digital Piano Design

Korg B2 digital piano
Image Credit: Amazon

The Korg B2 digital piano is pretty easy to use. The focus of this piano is on accessibility, not just sound and feel. It is a great piano for beginners, and a lot of thought was put into designing it to make it easier to play. The piano has carefully selected sounds, starting with pianos from around the world.

You also get software and connections that are included in the price so you can have a true piano experience. The B2 can be placed on a stand, since it has an easily assembled stand and a three-pedal unit. It also has a light-touch 88-note keyboard.


The Korg B2 digital piano has a keyboard that is sensitive to your touch. It reacts like a piano with heavier hammers in the lower register and lighter hammers in the higher register. This music rest can be removed to spread out your sheet music on it. That way you don’t have to turn pages while performing. It also works with iPad and other tablets.

Sound Quality

The piano is perfect for practice and performance. The B2 has a keyboard with software to help you make your music better. It comes with Skoove, which will help you improve your keyboard skills, and the KORG Module to help you play piano.

It also has the KORG Gadget 2 Le DAW app for making music on the computer. The metronome can be turned on/off with one touch. There are three levels of adjustment for how the sound changes based on how you play it. There are also two effects, reverb and chorus, that you can choose as well.

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Equipped with versatile i/o for range of connectivity. This Korg B2 digital piano provides connectors that allow it to be used with many different software and music hardware. This makes the digital piano more fun because it helps people make great music.

These connectors include:

USB MIDI/Audio – This instrument has a USB port. You can use the USB to connect it to your phone or tablet, and then you can use it like a MIDI keyboard for an external sound module. It also has built-in speakers that play music from your phone through them. If you want to connect it to your computer, you need the USB cable which comes separately.

AUDIO IN – When you connect something like a phone or music player to the B2, you can use it like a speaker. You can play your own favorite songs and also play along with them on the piano. Even when you are not playing the piano, you can use it to listen to music at home.

Benefits of the Korg B2 Digital Piano

– Korg B2 digital piano offers a great platform to learn how to play the piano, as it provides many features for beginners. For example, there is an auto accompaniment feature which helps you keep track of timing and chords while playing your favorite tunes!

The piano also provides an impressive variety of sounds from all over the world. Many people have no idea that Korg has more than ten different types of acoustic pianos in their library! You can even choose what style or genre you want to play when practicing or performing – contemporary, ballad jazz, R&B/soul music…the list goes on.

– Korg B2 also offers quite a few features geared towards beginners, intermediate, and advanced players.

Why Should You Buy the Korg B2 Digital Piano?

Korg is a company with great history in the music industry

Korg has always been known for their high quality and innovative products, such as Korg’s first electric guitar “The Tony” which was released in 1962.

The Korg B2 also features modern technology and it’s quite easy to use. It is is designed to be powerful and versatile instrument, perfect for any piano player. It features a 76-key semi-weighted keyboard with KORG’s “Natural Weighting System” that provides an amazingly satisfying play experience.

The Korg B2 digital piano also offers many impressive and dynamic sound effects, which ensure the sounds are always fresh and new no matter how often you use it. The Korg software includes more than 500 different instruments ranging from electric pianos to synthesizers, organs as well as various types of drums! You can edit these patches in detail too (e.g., adjusting their velocity sensitivity or adding release samples).

Who Is the Piano For?

This Korg B-series digital piano is for the player who wants to have an acoustic feel. Korg has designed this instrument with 88 full size keys that are weighted and graded just like their flagship model.

The piano also features KORG’s acclaimed RH (Real Hammer) action with escapement which provides the most realistic grand or upright piano touch in its class while still remaining lightweight enough for transport over stairs or other obstacles.

This means players can enjoy all of the benefits from owning a high quality acoustic piano including authentic key response, dynamics, release time (how quickly one note stops resonating when you play another), and tone decay (the way notes gradually fade away after being played).


  • The piano has an 88-key weighted hammer action keyboard
  •  Korg B2 is a portable, efficient, and user-friendly digital piano
  • It features a piano sound engine with 12 selected sounds
  • The piano has 3 level touch  control and one touch metronome control
  • It comes with excellent connectivity options such as USB, MIDI/AUDIO, and AUDIO IN.


  • Some buyers have reported issues with keyboard keys after using for a while.
  • There isn’t any input on the keyboard for the cord type.


In conclusion, the Korg B2 digital piano is an ideal instrument for Korg piano players and overall musicians who love playing the piano. With its light weight, sleek design, many features, and portability, the piano is sure to offer you nothing but the best playing experience.

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