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The Korg LP-180 digital piano shines with its refinement elegant design, touch and perfect piano sounds. Korg has more than ever put innovation at the service of music and the pleasure of the eyes. And as you may know, the LP series combines elegance and modernity.

Although it’s the first piano in the range, the LP-180 88-keys digital piano doesn’t shy away from comparison by offering high-quality sounds rarely achieved in a piano at this price range.

The other specifications are not to be outdone since the LP-180 has ten quality tones, incorporates Chorus and Reverb effects, and good surprise: has three pedals, an essential element for the pianist.

Korg LP-180 Digital Piano Overview

Korg LP-180 digital piano

The Korg LP-180 is a standard model that immensely delivers the basics. It comes in both a slim, stylish black and white body capable of gracing any décor. And as earlier mentioned you can’t afford to overlook the sound quality of this instrument. The LP-180 bears samples from the brand’s renowned grand piano sounds.

And sounds are just but the tip of the iceberg of this wonderful instrument’s capabilities. You also get an authentic keyboard action termed by Korg as the NH, which we’ll discuss more about in the Korg LP-180 review.

This digital piano is competitively priced and delivers the forefront digital technology needed for performing on an entry-level digital piano. Let’s dive in to the Korg LP-180 digital piano review and see all its capabilities.

Features of the Korg LP-180 Digital Piano

Korg LP-180 Specifications

  • Full-size 88 keys
  • NH – Natural Weighted Hammer Action keyboard
  • 3 Touch Selection – Light, Heavy, and Normal
  • Pitch – Transpose, Fine Tuning
  • Stereo Piano System
  • Polyphony count – 120 notes with an additional 60 notes for Stereo
  • 10 built-in Sounds
  • Sound Effects – Chorus and Reverb
  • 10 Demo Songs
  • Amplifiers – 11W x 2
  • Speakers – Oval shaped (16cm – 8cm) x 2
  • Pedals – Pedal unit (Damper*, Soft*, Sostenuto) *Half-pedaling supported
  • Connections – Headphones x 2 (Stereo mini jack type, also used as an audio output), MIDI OUT, Pedal unit connector
  • Controls – Power, Volume, PIANO PLAY (for Selecting Demo Song), SOUND (for Selecting Sound)
  • Dimensions – (W x D x H), 53.74 × 10.79 × 30.75 inches (including Stand)
  • Weight – 23.3 kg / 51.37 lbs (including Stand, but excluding pedal unit)
  • Included Accessories – AC adapter, Stand, Pedal unit (PU-2), Pedal cord

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Korg LP-180 Digital Piano Design

Korg LP-180 digital piano
Korg LP-180 Digital Piano

As much as sounds and other in-built features matter a lot, no one wants a dull looking digital piano in their space. Luckily, the LP-180 oozes simplicity and elegance all packed in a slim, stylish black or white body.

The piano only measures about 27 centimeters or 10.79 inches in depth, meaning it can fit comfortably in tight spaces. Moreover, it features a keyboard cover, which is a first for Korg’s instruments of this class.

The cover keeps the piano clean and free from dust when you are not striking your favorite notes. Also, the cover acts perfectly in helping the Korg LP-180 digital piano blend seamlessly with any décor.

The piano weighs 23.3 kg / 51.37 lbs, including the stand and the Korg LP-180 dimensions measures 53.74 × 10.79 × 30.75 inches, also with the stand. Korg put in some good work designing this instrument, and the results are vividly presentable.


Korg LP-180 digital piano
Korg LP-180 88-Keys Digital Piano

The keyboard is another area where the Korg LP-180 digital piano also excels in. It features Korg’s Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) keyboard that faithfully reproduces an acoustic piano touch and feel.

The NH keyboard action along with full-size 88-keys is naturally weighted like a traditional piano, meaning you’ll feel a heavier touch when playing on the lower register and a lighter touch as you progress towards the higher register. This is a plus, considering the LP-180 mostly targets beginners and intermediate level pianists. It means that novice players will get a prolonged chance of using this piano’s full potentials, as they won’t outgrow it quickly.

Another addition to the keyboard that enhances its playability is the Key Touch Control feature that comes with 3 options, including Light, Normal, and Heavy. You can use either of the options to match the keyboard response with any playing style. And this feature allows you to retain the subtle expression of the original performance.

Sound Quality

The LP-180 comes with 10 in-built sounds that are rich and authentic in expression. For most people, especially advanced player, this number is quite minimal. However, it’s the beginners and novice players who will enjoy the nature and quality of these sounds. The different sounds include:

  • Piano
  • Electric Piano
  • Pipe Organ
  • Vibraphone
  • Electric Organ
  • Strings

Additionally, you get Reverb and Chorus sound effects to enhance these sounds further. Such capabilities make playing on the Korg LP-180 88-keys digital piano an enjoyable experience.

The LP-180 sound features are comprehensive enough to accommodate advanced pianists. It has 120 polyphony voices and an additional 60 voices for Stereo. This means that you can play some of your most complex pieces on the LP-180 and achieve a complete performance.

You can still extend this piano’s sound to a more classical piano performance, thanks to its indispensable three-pedal unit. This pedal unit operates similarly like the one in acoustic pianos and has the Damper, Soft, and Sostenuto pedals. The damper and soft pedals also support half-pedal operation, allowing you to express the nuances that are important when practicing classical piano.

Overall, Korg did an impressive job on the LP-180’s sound abilities, giving you immersive sounds at a reasonable price.


Integrating digital pianos with other musical interfaces has become a must consideration before purchasing any instrument. The ability to connect your digital piano with other musical devices enhances your playability and also enhances the piano’s abilities.

The following are the connectivity options found on the Korg LP-180 88-keys digital piano:

  • Headphones x 2 (Stereo mini jack type, also used as an audio output) – With two headphones, you can practice privately and enjoy lessons whenever.
  • MIDI OUT – The Korg LP-180 MIDI OUT allows you to connect the piano with MIDI devices, making it a good MIDI controller.
  • Pedal unit connector.

Korg LP-180 Price

The Korg LP-180 costs less than $800. This is quite an affordable price when consider some of the excellent features that this piano has to offer. Another thing is that it’s not only portable, but also its keyboard is relatively easy to use – especially for a beginner.

Benefits of Owning the Korg LP-180 88-Keys Digital Piano

Affordable – This has to be the number one benefit of owning this musical instrument. You actually get good value for your money, especially if you are on a budget.

Impressive Keyboard Action – The Natural Weighted Hammer Action keyboard on the LP-180 adequately mimics the action on traditional pianos. Therefore, you get to experience the authentic feel and playability present on acoustic pianos when playing the Korg LP-180 keyboard.

Compact and Stylish Design – Korg designed this piano with minimalism in mind. So, if you live in a small apartment or want an instrument that doesn’t take up too much space, you’ve hit the jackpot. The good news is that it doesn’t sacrifice any features that make it a wholesome digital piano for its size. Besides that, the LP-180 features a captivating black and white finish design capable of fitting perfectly into any décor.

Authentic Pedal Unit – This is a significant addition to the piano’s capabilities. Not many entry-level digital pianos can offer what the Korg LP-180 offers. You can enhance your playability and make the piano performance more classical, thanks to this instrument’s three-pedal unit.

Why Should You Buy the Korg LP-180 88-Keys Digital Piano?

The LP-180 is Korg’s first digital piano model under the LP series. It comes with multiple features, some of which can also be found on high-end models. But why should you purchase this keyboard?

Well, there isn’t a straight answer for that question because the final decision mostly rests on your preferences. But as you have seen, the LP-180 offers a good bargain for an entry-level digital piano. And considering the price, some of its features can go head-to-head against some of the prime models on the market.

This slim and stylish digital piano features a beautiful and rich piano sound, keyboard cover, a one-piece stand, and a three-pedal unit. That’s a comprehensive enough digital piano that any beginner or intermediate player can enjoy working with.

Included Accessories

  • AC adapter
  • Stand
  • Pedal unit (PU-2)
  • Pedal cord


  • Affordable
  • NH Keyboard Action
  • A decent polyphony count
  • Three-pedal unit
  • Wonderful design


  • Lacks a built-in Metronome
  • Light and slippery pedal unit
  • No recording playback feature


When purchasing a digital piano, a lot goes into thought. And it’s rightly so because anyone deserves good value for their money. After spending time with it, the Korg LP-180 digital piano proved to be more fascinating like its price tag. We can confidently say that this piano manages to fulfill its purpose well and even goes beyond what you would expect from a piano in its price range.

And although it has some cons such as the lack of a built-in Metronome, we can highly recommend this digital piano for its price.

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