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The Roland RP501R digital piano is Roland’s most advanced instrument in the 500 series. It offers concert-quality sound and a great variety of features that are tailored to pianists.

Roland has given this piano an 88-key, weighted keyboard with responsive keys for natural playability. In addition, Roland has incorporated their SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling System into the RP501R, giving it beautiful acoustic and dynamic range sounds that could rival any traditional acoustic piano out there today!

Features of the Roland RP501R Digital Piano

The RP501R incorporates a wide range of unique features that make it ideal for any pianist. Check out below some of the features that this piano brings to the table.



  • 88-key PHA-4 Standard Keyboard with Escapement and Ivory Feel
  • 5-key touch sensitivity
  • Fixed touch
  • Keyboard mode: whole, dual, split, and twin piano


  • Soft
  • Damper
  • Sostenuto

Sound Generator:

  • SuperNATURAL piano sound
  • MIDI Format
  • 128 notes on polyphony
  • 11 piano tones and 305 other tones
  • Stretched tuning
  • Master tuning
  • Transpose
  • Effects: ambience and brilliance


  • Tempo
  • Beat
  • Volume


  • Owner’s manual
  • Assembly manual
  • Leaflet
  • Power cord
  • AC adaptor
  • Music rest
  • Headphone hook

Total weight: 90 pounds (40.8 kg)

Roland RP501R Digital Piano Design

Roland RP501R digital piano
Image Credit: Roland

The Roland RP501R is a compact, user-friendly, family piano that includes unique onboard features. You need to choose a piano that fits your lifestyle, budget, and what you want. The new Roland RP501R digital piano is a fully-featured, 88-key digital piano.

It offers beginners an affordable instrument to learn on; at the same time, this piano is sophisticated enough that it never feels out of reach for experienced players. It also features a compact, yet robust cabinet that offers you convenience while using it.


The RP501R features a PHA-4 Standard keyboard with high-resolution touch sensing for expressive and responsive play. The Roland RP501R digital piano keeps you feeling inspired whether you’re just starting out or an experienced pianist.A SuperNATURAL sound engine and dynamic speaker system produces a rich, acoustic-grade piano tone.

The Roland RP501R digital piano features of synth-action keybed and Progressive Damper Action. The Ivory Feel PHA-4 keyboard significantly responds to the nuances of your touch, while the Progressive Damper Action pedal allows you to perform techniques that offer you the feel of an acoustic piano.

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Sound Quality

Traditional pianos only offer you one tone, a limitation that can be frustrating for musicians still developing their voice. Luckily, this digital piano has the authentic sound of a traditional acoustic piano, plus it offers more than 300 additional sounds.

Practice sessions seem even more appealing when you can play along with the on board Rhythm function, which lets you choose between 72 ensemble backing styles (pop, jazz, Latin) and the band will follow your change.


Roland RP501R digital piano
Image Credit: Roland

The Roland RP501R digital piano allows for Bluetooth MIDI and USB connectivity to your tablet or smartphone, giving you access to a world of great apps such as the Roland Piano Partner 2, which displays internal songs as sheet music and gets your notation reading up to speed.

The Roland RP501R digital piano offers access to sheet music and downloading from Sheet Music Direct. There’s also the free piaScore app that allows you to access over 70,000 classical music scores.

The RP501R is perfect for any novice or experienced musician looking to purchase an electronic piano. It has a built-in pedal and displays digital sheet music on your tablet’s screen.

Extra Features of the Roland RP501R Digital Piano

The Roland RP501R is full of additional features that make practicing music an enjoyable experience. It has an onboard metronome that offers an excellent way to improve your sense of timing. It also has a recorder to help you assess your progress.

Who Is the Roland RP501R Digital Piano For?

Roland RP501R digital piano is for anyone who’s looking for a high-quality keyboard with an upright, acoustic sound. Roland is the perfect choice if you want to learn how to play piano by yourself or are already experienced in playing this instrument and need something that provides excellent feedback when practicing music.


  • PHA-4 Standard Keyboard with high-resolution touch sensing for a responsive and expressive play.
  • A wide range of connectivity options such as MIDI, Roland’s Piano Partner 2 app, and headphones.
  • It comes with a space-saving cabinet and features an affordable price.
  • The SuperNATURAL Piano delivers an authentic tone an acoustic grand.
  • Roland’s acclaimed digital technology in an attractive and affordable instrument.


  • The piano may not be so much ideal for advanced pianists.
  • It’s a bit heavy as it weighs approximately 90 pounds.


In conclusion, the Roland RP501R is a digital piano that offers an excellent opportunity for musicians looking to improve their skills. It features Roland’s proprietary SuperNATURAL technology, which produces the sound of an acoustic instrument with great accuracy and clarity.

The Roland RP501R has many other features to help beginners learn how to play music including built-in pedaling, sheet music display on your tablet screen, and many others.

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