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The Yamaha PSR-E463 digital piano helps you turn your ideas into music inspiration. This modern piano doesn’t require you to have professional-level skills or abilities to use and make music. It offers a wide range of features, appealing design, and convenient connectivity options that we’ll get to discuss later.

In this review, we’ll have an in-depth look at the Yamaha PSR-E463 to help you gain more knowledge about and learn whether it’s ideal to buy. What we like about is the wide range of unique features and portability. It’s the type of digital piano that you can easily carry and use anywhere.

Features of the Yamaha PSR-E463 Digital Piano

Here is in-depth information about the included features in the Yamaha PSR-E463 digital piano.



  • 61 keys
  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Fixed

AWM stereo sampling

48 notes on polyphony


  • 8 Sweet! Voices
  • 3 Cool! Voices
  • 3 Dynamic voices


  • DSP: 10 types
  • Reverb: 12 types
  • Master EQ: 6 types
  • Chorus: 5 types
  • Harmony: 26 types


  • Dual/layers
  • Arpeggio
  • Melody suppressor
  • Split
  • Crossfade (for internal AUX IN)


  • AC adaptors
  • Sustain pedal
  • User manual

Total weight: 14 pounds (6.6 kg)

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Yamaha PSR-E463 Digital Piano Design

Yamaha PSR-E463 digital piano
Image Credit: Yamaha

Not only is the PSR-E463 the best entry keyboard, but it also features an excellent design that makes it easier to use anywhere. It is a compact, efficient, and user-friendly digital piano that is most suitable for beginners. The piano’s dimensions are 37 ¼”W x 5 ½”H x 15 15/16″D. It only weighs 14 pounds, which makes it easy to carry and use even at the top of your table.


The keyboard of the Yamaha PSR-E463 digital piano also has plenty of unique options to offer users. The piano features a 61-key keyboard with touch responses such as soft, medium, hard, and fixed. Other controllers included in the keyboard are Pitch Bend, Control Knobs, and an LCD display. The LCD display makes it easier to use the piano since you can easily see all your settings.

The keyboard also includes powerful onboard speakers and other professional features like Quick Sampling, USB Audio Recorder, and Groove Creator. You can easily capture audio from an external audio source, and then assign the sampled sound to the keyboard. Therefore, the Yamaha PSR-E463 digital piano enables you to groove like a pro and bring all your ideas to life.

Sound Quality

The good thing about musical instruments is that the better sound quality it produces, the more it inspires you to play. Yamaha Corporation has a long history of manufacturing a wide range of musical instruments. This has made it easy for them to reproduce the sound of these instruments on a keyboard. Therefore, this results in high-quality sound production.

The Yamaha PSR-E463 digital piano has a comprehensive library of 758 instrument voices that allow you to play music in any genre. There are 235 auto Accompaniment Styles, which includes 10 new local Styles and five contemporary Styles inherited from Genos. These Styles help to provide real-time band backing tracks all based on the chords that you play.


Yamaha PSR-E463 digital piano
Image Credit: Yamaha

One of the connectivity options included in the PSR-E463 digital piano is the USB to device terminal. This allows you to record your performances on USB flash drives. It also enables you to load and save your settings and songs to a USB and transfer data from your computer. The piano also features audio transfer through the USB to the Host terminal.

That means you can record your performances on your PC, mobile phone, or tablet. You can also connect to your iOS device, which will add a new dimension of MIDI control with apps. Another connectivity option is to connect an external audio player to the AUX IN jack and play along with your favorite music. If you want to lower the volume of vocals and melody lines of the original recordings, all you have to do is use the built-in advanced Melody Suppressor. You can check out the iPhone/iPad Connection Manual for iOS device connection.  

Extra Features of Yamaha PSR-E463 Digital Piano

One extra feature of the Yamaha PSR-E463 digital piano is the Registration Memory function. This feature allows you to save 4 x 8 panel settings for instant recall. Therefore, you’re able to memorize your favorite settings.

Another additional and beneficial feature is the intuitive Live Control Knob interface. This feature allows you to change sounds by simply switching the effect destination. 2 assignable, real-time control knobs enable you to filter and adjust sounds similar to an analog synthesizer.

You can assign 10 DSP effects and control them via the knobs for dynamic and expressive live performance. The Pitch Bend wheels, on the other hand, adjust the sound’s pitch and brings voices like the Sax, Guitar, and Trumpet. The Target button also supports a quick target change of effect destination.

Who Is the Yamaha PSR-E463 Digital Piano For?

This digital piano is for any pianist. You don’t need to have professional-level skills to use this piano. All you need are ideas and the inspiration to make the music that you want. Therefore, the PSR-E463 is an excellent piano to buy, especially for beginners because you’ll have an easier and more fun time using it. Additionally, it has a wide range of connectivity options that make it even easier to use.


  • User-friendly, portable, and includes a wide range of features that offer value for your money.
  • The piano incorporates several connectivity options that allow you to use it with your PC and smart devices.
  • High-quality sound production, thanks to the Groove Creator feature and Yamaha’s comprehensive library of 758 instrument Voices.
  • Additional features such as the LCD display that make the piano easier to use and efficient.


  • The user interface might sometimes be difficult to use.
  • It’s difficult to change voices, especially if you’ve used the piano for long.
  • Although you can save the settings for registration, it’s nearly impossible to see the registration you’ve set.


The Yamaha PSR-E463 digital piano is an ideal musical instrument to consider. Not only does it have an excellent design, the keyboard, sound quality, and connectivity options that this 61-key digital piano offers make it stand out. What’s more, you don’t need to be a professional pianist to use this piano because it’s designed for any player.

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