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Williams-Allegro 88-Key piano

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Not many people out there are aware of Williams company pianos, especially, the Williams Allegro 88-key digital piano. The company isn’t as well-publicized as the likes of Yamaha, Casio, or perhaps Roland.

Most digital piano models that have managed to stand out on the market are mostly from the three brands, as mentioned above. But, this doesn’t dispute other company’s products.

In a nutshell, we all want a digital piano with the most intricate and advanced features. Well, not many digital pianos offer such advantages and at an affordable price.

As you may know, in this digital piano era, you can find a lower priced instrument with features the same as those in prime keyboards. 

From that realization is where the Williams 88-key digital piano comes in the picture. It is a full-sized digital piano designed to offer an authentic playing experience.

To do this, it comes with the weighted hammer action with four touch-sensitivity levels. The keyboard also comes with eight different voices to aid beginners in experimentation, practicing, and recording with other instrument sounds. Some of its features include the Metronome, Split as well as the Layer modes.

Those are just some of the many features onboard this digital piano. Read on to get the full idea of what the Williams Allegro 88-key digital has to offer.

Features of the Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano

Here, we are going to discuss the piano’s Specs, Keyboard, Sound, its Build and Design and finally look at its Connectivity options. With this, you’ll get our full review of the Williams Allegro 88-key digital piano.

Specs of the Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano

The piano has various aspects in its technical specifications. These aspects are what make it different and somewhat more appealing than its competition on the market.

Right off the box, the Williams Allegro’s dimensions measure 45” x 12.2” x 20.27”, respectively. The weight of this digital piano comes in at 43.2 lbs. Its keyboard features 88 tones, weighted with the Hammer Action, and a polyphony count of 64-notes.

For better expressions when using the keyboard, the piano includes four (4) levels of touch-sensitivity with velocity-sensitive keys. The Williams Allegro 88-Key digital piano features eight (8) Preset voices, and another (8) Preset songs (Demo Songs, one for each Voice).

The effects available include both the Reverb and Chorus effects. All of the functions contained in this digital piano are; Split, Layer, and Transpose Mode, as well as the Metronome Function. Finally, the Williams Allegro digital piano also comes with a Damper pedal.

Design of the Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano

Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano

The Williams Allegro 88-key digital piano comes only in black color, finishing with the ‘W’ and ‘M’ logo infused on the interface. It also has a black metal music rest that you can use to place your music sheets on during practice sessions.

The control panel is easily readable with built-in speakers on each side of the piano. For better editing and smooth operations of the features and settings on the keyboard, the control panel features one-touch buttons. The buttons are further raised and have a concave center for a better grip.

Adding on to the piano’s intuitive interface is a blue backlit LCD screen and a control knob. Another fantastic thing about this piano is that six (6) D batteries can power it, but can also take an a/c power adapter for electric current. However, you’ll have to use some more money if you prefer to use the a/c power adapter since it costs extra.


Williams Allegro features the 88 hammer-action weighted keys that give you ultra-realistic piano feel. Additionally, the keys are weighted, and they have an authentic feel to them. Since the keys are also velocity-sensitive, you should know that their three samples come from a “10’ 2” Italian Grand piano.

Also, the Williams Allegro provides you with four levels of touch sensitivity. The keyboard has an editing function that allows you to change the velocity curve touch-sensitivity. With this button, you can edit different touch levels to suit your preferences. 

As earlier mentioned, the Williams Allegro also features a Transpose function that allows you to play music in varying keys without changing the chords. For brightness control, this digital piano gives you a separate EQ and rotary speed control for the B-3 type Jazz as well as the Gospel organ sound.

Since the keyboard has the ability to Layer sounds together, you can play any two sounds on the piano at the same time as well as split two sounds apart. You can play side by side with your instructor or maybe a friend, thanks to the piano’s Split and Dual modes. Both the Split and Dual modes allow the key-bed to equally separate for each side.

Finally, on the keyboard, it has an in-built Metronome that helps you keep track of time when practicing or during stage performances. How does the Metronome function help you ask?

It assists in preventing any unwanted mistakes that can occur during recording sessions. In-built is also the Tempo feature that ranges from 20-280 beats per minute.

Sound Quality of the Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano

Although this piano doesn’t feature an outstanding speaker system, it still offers fantastic sounds that are rich in their expressions. What we truly loved about the Sound of the Williams Allegro 88-key digital piano was the Chorus and Reverb effects.

They go deep to their expressions and give you tonal amplifications of the different sounds onboard. The keyboard is also accompanied by the New Williams sound library feature that possesses various fantastic non-piano sounds like the organs, strings, and the electric piano.

Since the speaker system on the piano is not as loud as many would prefer, you can still connect external speakers with the ¼” audio outputs available on the back panel of the piano.

The piano’s sound abilities are further enhanced by a unique Modulation/FX control for authentic vibrato and rotary effects on top-select instruments. Since the Allegro only offers eight underlying tones, the Modulation/FX features enable you to exercise more controls over these sounds.


Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano

For better functionality of the features on this piano, it allows various devices to connect with it through different ports. It features a MIDI Input and Output that enables you to connect the keyboard to another MIDI device and control up to 16 different MIDI channels.

Another connectivity option that the Williams Allegro has is a USB output jack, which you can use to connect smart devices such as tablets, your PC, and many more. Finally, the piano has a headphone jack as well as a pedal jack to connect a sustain pedal to the keyboard.

Extra Features of the Williams Allegro 88-key Digital Piano

The piano comes with a two-track recorder and a playback function for when you want to compose or practice songs. Since this is not a high-end digital piano, it has little to no extra features.

We cannot dispute its potential, though, since most digital piano around the same price range can’t even match up to what the Williams Allegro 88-key digital piano is offering.

The fact that this piano dares to perform as high-end models set it apart from its competition. One thing to note and like about the Allegro 88-key digital piano is its 64-note polyphony count.

On most beginner digital pianos, you only get 48 and not any more than that, but this piano has moved a boundary.

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Benefits of Using the Williams Allegro 88-key Digital Piano

First of all, you get to enjoy a realistic piano feel with the weighted hammer-action features of the piano’s keyboard. It is an excellent way to set a foundation for your finger technique. To further make it comfortable when you play, the keyboard features four levels of touch-sensitivity that you can maneuver through to realize your best choice.

The piano is not that heavy and, thus, you can quickly move it around without a hassle. If you are in a small apartment, it won’t be a problem to own the Williams Allegro 88-key digital piano thanks to the piano’s standard measurements.

Another thing to fancy about this digital piano is the fact that it has a unique Modulation/FX sound. Although the keyboard doesn’t come with a wide selection of sounds, this feature lets you exhaust the available sounds to their full potentials.

Both the Split and Dual modes on the piano give you the ability to learn side by side with your instructor or even have a Duet session with your buddy. There is also the Layering function that allows you to layer two different sounds on the keyboard and play them both at the same time.

Finally, the Williams Allegro 88-key digital piano has multiple connectivity options. The options on board allow you to connect the keyboard with your smart devices, where you can record and transfer some of your compositions flawlessly. You can also download samples from the internet and use them as learning materials.

Reasons You Should Buy the Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano

Aside from the fact that you want a digital piano, there are some appealing reasons for you to purchase the Allegro 88-key digital piano. The number one reason we think is the piano’s price-it is affordable and readily available if you are in a shoestring budget.

The other factor we believe is the piano’s keyboard abilities. At such a price, not many digital pianos offer a weighted hammer-action keyboard, and in this case, a full-size one.

Most digital pianos under the $500 price bracket offer pianos with 61 to 76 keys, which aren’t bad at all. But, if you compare with the Allegro 88-key digital piano, you can see this one has some significant advantages.

Owning a full-size 88-key digital piano is a privilege, especially if you are a beginner. It is the first step to becoming a pro piano player that can play not only high-end keyboards but also a traditional acoustic.

Therefore, the Williams Allegro 88-key digital piano would be a perfect fit for starting up your musical journey with a digital piano.

Who is the Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano For?

As we have well explained the piano’s attributes, we can conclude that this piano would work best in the arms of a novice piano player.

But, this is not to say that intermediate or pro piano players can’t indulge in the Williams Allegro’s many features. They can find it best useful, maybe around their homes or studios for practice sessions.

If you are a novice searching for a piano that won’t intimidate you, then you are in the right place. The Williams Allegro 88-key digital piano is designed to assist you in getting through the learning process smoothly. It has features that will do just right with your level of piano intelligence.

Buyers Guide

Before you purchase any digital piano, ensure that you analyze its value. Do this by comparing it with other instruments in the same price bracket, and see how it fairs. One of the most important factors you should observe before purchasing a piano is its touch.

Whether you are a pro pianist or a beginner, the best keyboard action on a piano is that which goes closest to an acoustic feel. The sensitivity of the keys also matters a lot, and since the Allegro 88-key features four levels of touch sensitivity, it is already a plus for this instrument.

The other part you should mind is the piano’s sound, which we highly consider a piano’s heart. With the poor quality of Sound, even pianos with the most elaborate of keyboard actions fail to impress totally.

Therefore, identify a piano that can help manage high levels of sound quality. With those factors in mind, you should also know that the Williams Allegro 88-key digital piano comes with a 1-year warranty.

How to Clean the Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano

Here are some of the easy steps that we suggest you put into action:

  • Get a mild dish-washing soap
  • Next, warm some water and add it in a small bowl
  • Add 2-3 drops of the mild dish-washing soap to the  water you just warmed
  • Stir to form the cleaning-solution
  • Get a soft cloth then dampen it slightly in the cleaning-solution
  • Proceed by gently wiping through the edges, and tops of your keys
  • Wipe the external body of the keyboard

Using another dry, soft, and lint-free cloth, gently-rub the keys and the outer body parts of the piano as well.


  • Fully-weighted keys
  • Velocity sensitivity of four levels
  • Great reverberating sound effects
  • Very affordable
  • USB connectivity
  • MIDI Input and Output


  • Speakers aren’t loud enough
  • The piano is not really suitable for pro pianists


In our opinion, it would be an excellent investment if you opt to buy this digital piano. As we earlier mentioned, there very few keyboards in the same price bracket that offer what the Williams Allegro 88-key digital piano does.

We see this as a very lucrative deal that you won’t regret in any way. However, we recommend this model to beginners since most pro pianists have expressed some insufficiency in different areas.

In conclusion, we think that it is very amusing to find a digital piano with such intuitive and responsive features at such a price range. It is a deal that no beginner should miss out on.

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