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Known for producing pianos that mostly suit beginners and intermediate pianists, we have the Williams Legato Plus digital piano. The piano sticks to the brand’s traditions and manages to offer impressive features at an affordable price.

Williams is a company that offers affordable instruments with adequate features to facilitate both novice and professional players alike. Williams pianos are quite good. You won’t hear this brand frequently release new models annually, like other huge brand names. But when they do, you might want to listen.

Williams Legato Plus Digital Piano Overview

The Williams Legato Plus is a full-size 88-key digital piano with semi-weighted keys, and 5 amazing in-built sounds. Moreover, the Legato Plus also features the Layer/Split keyboard function and a built-in Metronome.

The piano has a portable design and features an easy-to-use interface to ease the novice players’ playing experience. It comes with ample connectivity options, meaning you can integrate this digital piano with other devices to enhance your playability.

We love the Williams Legato Plus digital piano because it can run on batteries or the included AC Power supply. Such and more features make this the most accessible and affordable digital piano on the market.


Features of the Williams Legato Plus Digital Piano


  • 88 Full-size keys
  • Semi-weighted keyboard action with Aftertouch/Velocity–sensitive
  • 5 built-in voices
  • Max. Polyphony – 32 notes
  • 2 Layers and a Split Function
  • 5 Preset Songs
  • Reverb and Chorus Sound Effects (Not adjustable)
  • Connectivity – MIDI In/Out; Line output; USB port, Headphone Jack (1), Pedal input (1)
  • Dimensions – (W x D x H), 50” x 3.5” x 11”
  • Weight – 19 lbs

Williams Legato Plus Digital Piano Design

Williams Legato Plus digital piano
Williams Legato Plus Digital Piano

Although full-size, the Williams Legato Plus 88-key digital piano comes in a sleek and compact black design. It features built-in speakers on both sides of the interface that offer decent sounds considering its price.

You can easily transport the Williams Legato Plus digital piano thanks to its lightweight nature and not-so overwhelming dimensions. The interface is pretty straightforward and has adequate function buttons to access the needed settings quickly.

The only drawback of this instrument’s interface is the lack of a display. But considering the price, you are still getting a good enough deal from Williams.

Williams Legato Plus Digital Piano Keyboard

Williams Legato Plus digital piano
Williams Legato Plus 88-Key Digital Piano

The Williams Legato Plus digital piano features a piano style semi-weighted 88 keys keyboard. It’s certainly not the best keyboard action on the market, but considering the price, it’s a good deal.

As you may know, most digital pianos within the $200-$300 price range come with a sub-standard and 61-key layout with about 5 t0 6 octaves. With such a keyboard, playing certain songs or even performing duets becomes impractical.

But with this digital piano, you get a full range of 88 keys and octaves capable of reproducing the touch and feel of playing in an acoustic piano. However, the semi-weighted action isn’t as good as the Graded Hammer action. But because this piano is mostly meant for beginners and intermediate level pianists, it offers fair playability to play notes with expression.

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Sound Quality


There are five built-in sounds in the piano. They include:

  • Piano
  • Electric Piano
  • Synth
  • Organ
  • And Bass

As you can see, the sound library isn’t that comprehensive, but the piano does compensate by having the Dual and Split/Layer modes. With the former mode, you can combine two different sounds to produce a distinctive and expressive tone.

The split/Layer mode allows you to split the keyboard into equal halves and play specific tones on either side. And for the beginners, the Legato Plus comes with five preset songs for learning and practicing.

Like most entry-level digital pianos, this comes with a maximum polyphony count of 32 notes. This range is adequate and ensures that you play the primary chords smoothly while adding a bit of versatility to your touch. But if you are looking to use the sustain pedal immensely, this isn’t the best polyphony count to accompany that desire.

Overall, this instrument’s sound quality isn’t exactly of a premium nature, but it does deliver according to its purpose.


You’ll get MIDI connectivity to connect the instrument with computer software and other relevant musical devices onboard the keyboard. This makes it a practical MIDI controller keyboard.

Additionally, the piano also comes with USB connectivity to facilitate the connection between the piano and your PC or Smartphone. You can use this port to transfer your compositions from the piano and onto your computer.

Other connection capabilities of the Williams Legato Plus include a Headphones jack, Line Input, and a Pedal input.

Extra Features of the Williams Legato Plus Digital Piano

Reverb and Chorus Effects

The Reverb and Chorus sound effects onboard this digital piano can be used to enhance your playability further. Moreover, you can apply these sound effects to each piano sounds and save them for later use. With these effects, you can customize the sound of the piano to a more complete and natural feel.

2 x 10 Watts Built-in Speakers

These speakers can be found on each side of the keyboard, and they offer just about enough volume to cover a large room. Therefore, you can use this piano in dorms or studios, and it will still deliver decent sounds.

But if you want to amplify the piano sound, you can still do it using the Line Input.

Battery Power Supply

Other than plugged in power supply, the Legato Plus also runs on 6 batteries. This makes it an excellent choice for people looking for a portable digital piano. However, the piano doesn’t come with the batteries, meaning you’ll have to purchase them separately.

Benefits of Owing the Williams Legato Plus Digital Piano


This piano is one of the most affordable digital pianos we’ve ever reviewed. And it manages to nullify the stereotype that cheap instruments are low-quality instruments. The Williams Legato Plus is the ultimate budget-friendly digital piano that delivers value according to its worth.

Portable and Versatile

Thanks to various keyboard features, this piano opens up a versatile world for beginners. It’s also very portable, weighing only 19lbs, and the battery compartment makes this instrument a very flexible piano.

Multiple Connectivity Options

While it may lack an impressive keyboard action and hundreds of songs, the piano also has multiple connectivity options. With these options, you have the chance to integrate the piano with various musical devices and broaden this piano’s playability.

Aftertouch Keyboard

Along with the velocity-sensitive feature on the keyboard, this piano also features the Aftertouch effect. If unaware, the Aftertouch feature is usually reserved for high-end digital pianos. This means that you are getting a pretty good deal of a keyboard by purchasing this instrument.

Why Should You Buy the Williams Legato Plus 88-Key Digital Piano?

If you are looking for a budget-friendly instrument that delivers on the beginners’ needs, look no further. The piano is specifically designed for such use, and you’ll enjoy every aspect of its usability.

Unlike other entry-level keyboards, it will take a significant amount of time to outgrow this instrument. This will ensure you leverage on the piano’s capabilities before advancing to a more prime keyboard.

Pros and Cons of the Williams Legato Plus Digital Piano

We are just about to wind up on this review, but first, let’s look at what we liked and didn’t like about this instrument.


  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Full-size piano style keyboard
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Powerful speaker system
  • Battery usability
  • Dual and Split/Layer Modes


  • Semi-weighted keys
  • Lower polyphony count
  • Few accessories
  • Minimal sound library
  • Lacks a display


As you’ve seen, the piano has several cons. However, it manages to shadow such with ample connectivity options and a full-size keyboard with Aftertouch and velocity-sensitive features.

Besides that, this is a versatile keyboard with battery enabled power supply and portable design. Beginners can enjoy a good learning experience with this instrument, thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive interface. The piano can also be of great assistance to teachers who want a budget-friendly instrument that doesn’t sacrifice on the need learning features.

You’ll be getting good value for your money with this piano if you are looking for an affordable entry-level keyboard.

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