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We all know how Yamaha has a way of manufacturing some of the best digital pianos in the industry. Well, the Yamaha YDP-144 digital piano is no exception to this fact because the features included in its modern keyboard will certainly blow you away. Just to go through the highlights, the piano offers a grand experience from a compact and efficient design.

It allows you to immerse yourself in the sounds that you create and develop your playing skill in the best way possible. The YDP-144 belongs to Yamaha’s Arius Series of digital pianos and has been crafted with the culmination of more than a century of advanced Yamaha technology and experience. In our review, we’ll discuss the features and all the other things that the piano has to offer. Read on.

Features of the Yamaha YDP-144 Digital Piano

The good thing about the Yamaha YDP-144 digital piano is that its affordable price hasn’t compromised on the quality. Here are some of the features to help you understand better.


88-key Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Action keyboard with matte black keytops

Touch response: Hard, Medium, Soft, and Fixed


  • 3 pedals
  • Half-pedaling support
  • Damper, sostenuto, soft

Sliding key cover and music rest

Tone generation:

  • Yamaha CFX
  • Key-off samples
  • String resonance
  • Damper resonance
  • 192 notes on polyphony
  • 10 preset voices


  • 4 reverb types
  • Intelligent acoustic control (IAC)
  • Stereophonic optimizer
  • Damper resonance

Dimensions: 53-7/16”W x 32-1/16”H x 16-5/8”D

User manual included

Total weight: 83 pounds

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Yamaha YDP-144 Digital Piano Design

Yamaha YDP-144 digital piano
Image Credit: Keymusic

The YDP-144 Arius features a compact and elegant design that can conveniently fit into your home and even complement your space. Regardless of the décor you have going on in your home, rest assured that this piano won’t spoil the look.

The Yamaha YDP-144 digital piano represents the traditional design of an acoustic piano, while still delivering the technology and experience of a modern digital piano. What’s more, it features two finish options to choose from to easily match your space. The available colors include rosewood and black.


The keyboard of the Yamaha YDP-144 digital piano offers an authentic and expressive piano experience. That’s because the piano features an 88-key Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Action keyboard. Playing this keyboard will have you thinking that you’re playing a real Grand piano.

This digital piano is able to recreate the touch of an acoustic piano due to the heavy feel in the lower register and the lighter touch in the upper octaves. Additionally, the keyboard includes matte black key tops that make the touch and feel comfortable even when you play for hours.

Sound Quality

If you’re looking for an authentic and expressive piano experience, the Yamaha YDP-144 digital piano can offer you that and much more. Not only does the piano have a classic and elegant design, but it also unique sound features convenient for any pianist. It features the flagship Yamaha CFX concert grand sound and a realistic GHS keyboard that offer the best sound experience.

The advantage of Yamaha’s flagship 9′ CFX concert grand piano is that it provides sparkling highs and powerful resonant bass, appropriately combined in a sound that delivers to the furthest reaches in any concert hall.

In fact, the CFX was played by the winner of the prestigious International Chopin Competition back in 2010. Since then, this sound technology from Yamaha has gained recognition among the greatest concert grands of modern times.


First of all, since this is a digital piano, it has the functionality that allows you to connect it with the Smart Pianist App. This app adds a beautiful graphic interface and various incredible features to the piano. The app offers an intuitive operational experience as it allows you to adjust settings, scan the audio songs loaded in your Music Library, analyze and display the chord progressions on the screen of the smart device you’re using.

You can also load MIDI songs into the app to follow your digital music sheet while playing. Other included connectivity options are two standard stereo headphone jacks and the USB to host.

Extra Features of the Yamaha YDP-144 Digital Piano

The piano incorporates a Stereophonic Optimizer that allows you to enjoy the neutral and spacious sound experienced when playing an acoustic piano. Even if you play while wearing headphones, you’ll still have that amazing sound experience.

Also, the Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) automatically adjusts the sounds to allow the player to enjoy a well-balanced sound at any level.

The Smart Pianist App that is compatible with the Yamaha YDP-144 digital piano also helps you make music faster and enables you to focus.

Benefits of the Yamaha YDP-144 Digital Piano

One of the benefits of the Yamaha YDP-144 digital piano is that it has a unique and compact design that doesn’t take up much space. Also, the design is elegant and appropriately complements your décor.

The fact that you have two color options to choose from also adds to the benefits of this digital piano. This allows you to select a color you know will match your space and offer an appealing look.

Another benefit is that the YDP-144 digital piano offers an authentic and expressive piano experience. You can also pair it with Smart Pianist App to get more features that will come in handy while playing.

Who Is the Piano For?

This Arius digital piano is suitable for students and hobbyists. If you’re looking for an attractive instrument that you can use at home, then the Yamaha YDP-144 digital piano is the right option to consider. The piano is also for someone looking for an affordable modern digital piano with a compact and elegant design.


  • It is an affordable digital piano with an elegant design capable of complementing your décor.
  • The piano is suitable for both students and hobbyists, as there are a wide range of features that can help students improve their playing skills.
  • Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Action keyboard that offers a playing experience similar to that of an acoustic grand piano.
  • It delivers an authentic and expressive piano experience, thanks to the high-quality sound production.
  • The YDP-144 Arius offers ideal connectivity options to make it easier to use.


  • Lack of AUX IN/AUX OUT is a disadvantage
  • External drivers are not included in the YDP-144
  • It doesn’t include a metronome, tempo range, transpose, and tuning.


Is YDP-144 Worth It?

Yes, the Yamaha YDP-144 digital piano is worth buying because it offers a unique sound experience and features an 88-key GHS keyboard. It’s also compact with an elegant design. Although it lacks a few fundamental features needed in a digital piano, it still ranks as one of the best Arius digital pianos.

Does the Yamaha YDP 144 Have Weighted Keys?

Yes, the Yamaha YDP-144 features an 88-key Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Action keyboard that offers an expressive playing experience.


Overall, the Yamaha YDP-144 digital piano is worth looking into and also buying, if you’re a fan of Arius digital pianos. It has many modern features and offers a unique playing experience needed by today’s pianist.

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