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Yamaha has always stood out among musicians as one of the best musical instruments manufacturers and distributors globally. The Yamaha YDP-103 digital piano is a modern keyboard that belongs to the ARIUS line from Yamaha. This digital piano has managed to stand out as well since it offers some of the best features and benefits to users.

What makes this piano stand out is the fact that it delivers authentic piano sound only possible from Yamaha, it has superb playability and feel, and it also offers you quick and easy access to your favorite features by using an app. Let’s dive deep and see what this digital piano has to offer.

Features of the Yamaha YDP-103 Digital Piano

When it comes to choosing a digital piano, features should play a significant role in your decision because it shows the efficiency and user-friendliness of the piano. You need to understand ideal features for you – depending on your playability level as a pianist. This will help you look for a keyboard that completely aligns with those needs. Check out below some of the features that the Yamaha YDP-103 digital piano has to offer.


Dimensions: 53-7/16”W x 32-1/16”H x 15-5/8”D

88-key keyboard with GHS action

Touch sensitivity: Hard/Medium/Soft/Fixed

Number of pedals: 3

Pedal functions: Damper/Sostenuto/Soft

It comes with a sliding key cover and music rest

Tone generation: AWM stereo sampling

The piano comes with 64 notes on polyphony

Number of voices: 10

Effects: 4 reverb types

10 voice demo songs and 10 piano preset songs

Rhythm: dual layers, duo, metronome, and tempo range of 32 – 280

It features transpose, tuning, a standard stereo phone jack, and a USB to Host.

Yamaha YDP-103 digital piano also comes with amplifiers & speakers

Included owner’s manual

Weight: 82 pounds

Yamaha YDP-103 Digital Piano Design

Yamaha YDP-103 digital piano
Image Credit: Amazon

The design of this piano shows that Yamaha put a lot of thought into it – judging by the sleek finish, and variety of colors to choose from. Yamaha YDP-103 measures approximately 53-7/16”W x 32-1/16”H x 15-5/8”D. It weighs approximately 82 pounds, which makes it ideal to use even at home.

Due to its exceptional design and wonderful finish, the piano can significantly complement your space and add a touch of elegance to it. The keyboard design features matte black keytops and a sliding key cover that gives the piano an elegant look.


The keyboard of the Yamaha YDP-103 digital piano features the Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) action. This 88-key keyboard offers a heavier touch in the low end and a lighter touch in the high end. This is similar to the hammers found in an acoustic piano. The good thing about the GHS action is that it’s ideal for aspiring pianists, especially beginners.

That’s because the action builds excellent finger technique that will come in handy when you switch to playing an acoustic piano. What’s more, the matte finish of the piano’s black keys makes it less slippery when playing the digital piano for long hours.

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Sound Quality

Sound is another essential aspect of a digital piano you need to consider. Luckily, the YDP-103 has improved on the traditional AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) synthesis. This makes the piano deliver authentic sounds.

The AWM technology utilizes digital recordings of acoustic instruments, which allows you to enjoy the grand piano tone on a compact and affordable keyboard. You’re assured of the best sound experience because Yamaha brings over a century of experience in creating acoustic grand pianos.


The modern digital piano offers a variety of connectivity options that makes it easier to use with other devices. These devices may include mobile phones, tablets, and even your PC. The Yamaha YDP-103 digital piano can connect to an app for quick and easy access to your favorite features.

This is the “Digital Piano Controller” app, which has an interactive interface optimized for iOS touch screens. The app allows you to adjust settings, select Voices, and even record performances.

You can also use a standard USB cable to connect the piano to a mobile device or computer. For iOS devices, you need to connect using the Yamaha UD-BTO1 or the Lightning-USB Camera Adaptor. Therefore, you can use the piano to interact as a controller or sound source with a variety of music creation apps.

Extra Features of the Yamaha YDP-103 Digital Piano

With this piano, you can combine two voices, such as piano and strings, for a pleasant playing experience. This allows you to experiment with your combinations to discover new and inspiring tonal colors.

Another unique feature included in the piano is the Auto Power, which shuts down the instrument if it stays inactive for long. You have the option of customizing how long it has to wait to shut down. This helps you conserve energy and reduce your electricity costs.

Benefits of the Yamaha YDP-103 Digital Piano

Basically, the piano comes with plenty of unique features and efficiency, which makes it suitable to buy. The advantage of this piano is that it packs a wide range of beneficial features for both beginner and advanced pianists.

The pedaling system included in the piano also offers an added level of realism. That’s because the pedaling provides more detailed nuance and subtlety whenever you’re playing.  This is also similar to pedaling a grand piano, as it allows you to increase lengths of sustained notes, from low to high.

Judging by the number of features we’ve discussed above, you can see that this digital piano has a lot of benefits to offer. Therefore, we won’t dwell much on the benefits.

Who Is the Piano For?

The piano is for any pianist looking to explore and learn more to improve their playing skill. Although it doesn’t pack a ton of features that you would find in other more advanced digital pianos, the Yamaha YDP-103 Digital Piano has still managed to stand out.

This is mainly because it makes it easier to use and has an authentic sound, as well as top-notch keyboard action. So, if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced pianist, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to check out what this piano has to offer.


  • It comes with the AWM technology that enables you to enjoy a grand piano tone in a small cabinet.
  • The YDP-103 features superb playability and feel, thanks to the Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) action included in the keyboard.
  • It connects easily with the “Digital Piano Controller” app that adds a new level of functionality to the instrument.
  • Includes half-damper pedal control that creates more detailed nuance and subtlety when playing.
  • Another unique feature is that it allows you to combine two voices for an exclusive playing experience.
  • You can connect the instrument with other devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers.


  • Unfortunately, the piano doesn’t come with an LCD display.
  • Other features you won’t find in the piano include key-off samples, smooth release, and virtual resonance modeling (VRM).
  • Effects that lack in the piano include chorus, brilliance, master effect, and intelligent acoustic control (IAC).


The Yamaha YDP-103 digital piano has all the features a pianist would need. However, note that the piano lacks some fundamental features that some pianists feel are mandatory or important for their playing experience. I wouldn’t say it’s a high-end digital piano, but if you’re looking to kick-start your journey as a pianist, it can be a great instrument to buy.

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