Is a Piano Stand Necessary?

Most people ask whether it’s necessary to have a piano stand if you own a piano. The answer to this question is yes. A stand is extremely necessary to have because it will save you a whole lot of work and stress when you want to use your piano. When you purchase a portable digital piano, you have the benefit of always carrying it around wherever you’re going. However, that also comes with the need to have an ideal place to place it on when you want to play.

This is where a stand comes into the picture. A stand is a piano accessory specifically designed to hold the musical instrument when playing it. The reason why a dedicated stand is essential, it’s because you’ll easily be able to adjust the height to maintain the correct posture when playing the piano.

The essential job of a keyboard stand is to hold your instrument securely when playing. Although beginner keyboards are lightweight and easy to carry, stage pianos are mostly heavy. This is why buying a stand suitable for your instrument can come in handy.

What Type of Keyboard Stand Is Best?

There are three major types of keyboard stands, which we’ve also talked about in our other post about the 10 best digital piano stands.

They include:

1. The Z-style or Mixer Style Stands

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The Z-style stands are stable and offer the best support for heavy-duty pianos. Their other name “Mixer” is derived from their ability to support DJ turntables and mixers. Therefore, they are suitable for on-stage digital pianos. However, unlike the mixer stands, Z-style stands tend to be expensive due to the excellent features that they offer such as stability, adjustability, and reliability.

They are built with strong materials, which make them easily support heavy keyboards. Another advantage of these stands is that they are lightweight and feature a unique design. That means they are easy to carry, plus they come fully assembled.

2. Custom Stands

Just as their name suggests, custom stands are designed to mimic the needs of a specific piano. Therefore, if you desire to buy a custom stand, you’ll end up spending more money because it will come specifically for the type of keyboard you have. Luckily, most piano manufacturers offer custom stands for the keyboards they sell to offer convenience to users.

3. The X-Style Stands

Is a piano stand necessary
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X-style stands are the most popular, and their name is derived from their design. These stands have crossed legs at an angle that replicates the letter X. The reason why they are the most popular piano stands, is that they are well built and can easily support any type of keyboard. Take, for instance, the Rockjam Xfinity Heavy-Duty Adjustable Stand.

This piano stand is strong, flexible, and pretty reliable. That explains why it’s preferred by most keyboard players – both on-stage and off-stage piano players. But, it’s important to compare the weight of your keyboard before buying an X-style stand to ensure it can comfortably support it.

How Much Do Piano Stands Cost?

The cost of piano stands differs from one brand to another, as well as the type you want to buy. As you’ve seen above, there are different types of piano stands and depending on the one you want to buy, you’ll encounter different prices. Generally, the cost of a piano stand starts at $25 to more than $100. Some keyboard stands can even cost as high as over $200. The best thing is to ensure you are getting a quality product that is easy to use and one that will serve you better.


Is a piano stand necessary? Absolutely! Judging by the facts that we’ve provided in this post, you can clearly see the essential benefits that a keyboard stand can offer and why you desperately need it, especially if you’re a beginner or on-stage performer.

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