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In the music industry, there are plenty of popular brands known for producing high-quality musical instruments. Korg is among the big names which have shown tremendous capabilities of producing world-class equipment such as the Korg LP 380.

Established in 1963, Korg went on to gain trust and popularity among musicians due to the works it released and is still releasing. Its instruments feature good design, innovative approach, and quality specifications.

The digital phenomenon has become quite attractive. Most people are opting for the possession of digital pianos. Digital pianos are most capable of giving that acoustic piano play feel, but with an affordable advantage.

To have a piece of the pie, Korg also decided to produce good digital pianos that have gotten fantastic responses to users. Recently, in their LP series, Korg released the Korg LP 380 digital piano model which is making huge strides in the market.

The LP series caters explicitly for students who are serious about learning the art of the piano and its musical benefits. The approach was received by abundant positivity through Korg’s previous production of the LP 180 model.

With the new piano model, there are high expectations from customers and the music community at large. Today, we will dwell on the Korg LP 380 model subject to help you understand what it has to offer.

Features of the Korg LP-380 Digital Piano

The LP 380 digital piano has a lot of quality features to offer users. The features provided before by Korg have been mostly unquestionable as the company has always been able to produce top-level instruments. Korg pianos have some of the most amazing features topped up with unique, exceptional designs.


The outlook of the LP 380 series is essentially appealing and would suit any type of décor depending on where you decide to store it. The piano has received some exceptional craftsmanship, and one would say that the work done on it is from highly experienced artists who put a lot of effort into designing it.

The Korg LP 380 dimensions are 13.8 × 30.4 × 53.4 inches. It has a total weight of 81.7 pounds, which is quite substantial. Although the LP 380 is not a significant consideration if one is looking for a portable digital piano because of its bulkiness. It includes a 3-pedal system, which is the sostenuto, damper, and soft pedals, to give the players a realistic grand piano feel.

Unlike other pianos, the LP 380 will enable you to money as you won’t have to purchase any external pedal units. What’s more, it offers players the capability of using the half paddling option.

Korg LP 380 Digital Piano Design

Korg LP380

The LP 380 model features a beautiful, sleek design. The piano is designed to fit into any space. It also has a slim finishing. It includes a crucial wooden cover top which prevents dust from contacting the keys. Korg designed the essential wooden cover with a soft landing mechanism to ensure gentle closure when the piano is not in use.

The design is one to love as it does not have any difficulties when assembling the piano. The LP 380 model also features an icy, white finish which gives it a uniquely elegant look. It is a beautiful piece of design from Korg that would add to the beautification of any home.


The LP 380’s keyboard is of high-quality and is designed to bring out that grand acoustic piano sound with its much-featured advancement. The piano features full 88 keys and Real Weighted Hammer Action.

It has 3 keyboard capabilities and resembles a grand piano. LP 380 also has an RH3 feature which makes it possible for keys in the lower register to have a massive response, while the keys at the higher register to give a lighter response.

The response time of the Korg LP 380 keyboard is better when playing repeated keystrokes, unlike in other models which pose a challenge when playing quick musical passages.

The keyboard capabilities of the piano are further enhanced by adding a Key Touch Control Function. The feature has three different levels for customization and an adjustment, which enables the piano to respond to specific playing dynamics.

The three levels include light, heavy and normal mode. They allow different settings and the piano is able to play as per the user’s preference.

The piano also features both a layering and partner mode. The layering mode allows you to play any two different sounds by layering them against each other. The partner mode divides the piano into two equal sections.

This makes it easier for a teacher and a student to play at the same time, with the same range of notes. It also helps to create a productive environment for learning.

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Sound Quality

At its price range, the Korg LP 380 digital piano has plenty of optional voices and tones to choose from. While other digital pianos at the same price bracket offer only 10 voices, the LP 380 has 30 housed voices for players to choose from. All of the optional voices and tones are stored in three different banks with specific button choices.

The piano also features 120-notes of polyphony which allows a shallow sound if any notes are dropped. The LP 380 brings with it five different acoustic piano sounds, six electric piano sounds, a grand electric sound, jazz organs, pipe organs, harpsichord, clavichord, strings, and choir.

Among the 30 built-in demo songs, 10 of them showcase the significant sounds of the LP 380 piano model while the other 20 demo songs show what the piano is capable of as a whole.

In addition to all the sound capabilities, there is the inclusion of the Stereo Sampling System, which is responsible for great sound generation.


Although the piano has 2 × 22W and 10cm × 2 built-in amplifiers and speakers, you can also connect it with external speaker systems to amplify the sound further.

You can do this using a well-designed mini stereo jack. This makes the connectivity straightforward and you can also use it to link any studio recording settings.

The MIDI connectivity is also another advanced technology feature that the LP 380 has. It allows the piano to link with other devices and transfer or receive data. There’s also the unique addition of dual headphone jacks.

The jacks accurately suit the student-teacher sessions and add effectiveness to the piano lessons. Also, during duet sessions, the dual headphone jacks connectivity brings in the fun, as well as private practice.

Extra Features of the Korg LP 380 Digital Piano

Some other useful features include;

Metronome – It allows the user to customize the tempo, volume and time signature, which improves the quality of the performance. 

Korg LP 380 also has an accented metronome in which the sound of the crisp bell can be used to identify an accent.

Unlike other digital pianos that need up to 40W to function, the LP 380 only requires 15W of power consumption to use it.

Benefits of Korg LP 380 Digital Piano

The LP 380 digital piano stands out when you compare it with its peers in the market. It offers more sounds to choose from as opposed to other pianos, which are a bit limited when it comes to the sounding option.

Its unique finish is quite impressive as it makes the piano fit inside any decor and still compliments its beauty. Fin terms of acoustic benefits, the LP 380 the Realistic Hammer Action 3 Keyboards helps it to provide a grand acoustic environment when playing.

The piano caters to most learners’ needs as it mainly focuses on that ideology, but also offers exceptional services to experienced pianists during practice sessions.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Korg LP 380

There are a lot of factors to consider before considering the purchase of Korg LP 380. The major ones include; grand acoustic capabilities, authentic fundamental touch abilities, dual and partner modes availability.

There are also 30 housed demo songs to choose from, affordable price range. You can also find good quality sound supported by the Stereo Sampling system. You can compare this to other high-end models like the SuperNatural sound feature from Roland pianos to get your take on that.

The LP 380 finish is well-engineered with a good design that complements any background. Its dimensions are not too exaggerated. It is a fairly-priced digital piano with outstanding capabilities.

Who is the Korg LP 380 Digital Piano For?

Korg has engineered the LP 380 digital piano from the LP series to highly cater to the needs of the learners. Although this does not necessarily mean that no other person except the students should enjoy it.

It is crafted with features that enable learners to exhaust their creativity. From the 30 demo songs available, learners will be able to sample and practice in the best way possible.

The MIDI connectivity feature assists users to record and transfer their recorded songs to and from the piano.

The availability of the headphone jacks makes it more convenient for students to enjoy their lessons effectively. The partner mode allows two players to sit side by side and play similar sounds of notes.

Is the Korg LP 380 Good?

Yes, the Korg LP 380 digital piano is one of the best musical instruments to consider buying. It combines both physical appeal and musical quality to provide users with a unique playing experience.

Is Korg LP 380 Portable?

The Korg LP 380 isn’t designed to be portable but doesn’t occupy much space. The good news is that you can easily move it around. However, it will require a bit of work. In comparison, the Korg B1 is more portable than the LP 380.

Buyers Guide

The piano is quite affordable when you consider all the features that it offers. There is a great advantage to its price. The LP 380 is well priced in the retail market.

Korg designed the LP series to fit into the high-end competition from other popular brands in the market.

The LP series does not compromise on the authentic touch, grand sound quality and wide variety of acoustic features that it provides. It would be a significant investment to purchase this musical instrument.

How to Clean Korg LP 380 Digital Piano

There are some procedures you can follow when it comes to cleaning the LP 380 model. The keys have to be cleaned and kept in good condition for them to deliver the best sound.

Korg has also contributed to the good maintenance of the piano. They built an essential cover top to ensure there is minimal dust or debris falling on to the keys. This helps to provide proper care for them.

Follow the steps below for proper cleaning of the piano:

  • Mix a small amount of detergent with water to create a cleaning solution.
  • Using a soft fiber cloth, dip it into the solution until slightly damp then clean the top and edges of the piano keys.
  • Apply the rubbing also to parts of the keyboard, but with great care to avoid moisture entering into the control panel.
  • Using a similar soft fiber cloth, wipe the piano to remove unwanted dust, which normally damages the piano keys.

The piano keys and body will stay in top form if you adhere to the right cleaning and maintenance procedure.

The Pros and Cons of Korg LP-380


  • LP 380 houses all necessary features required by students.
  • It has a sleek and slim design which helps to save space on storage.
  • The piano uses a Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 keyboard which offers quality grand acoustic piano feel.
  • Versatile piano to use due to its good music quality and a beautiful outlook appearance.
  • MIDI connectivity options and the storage capacity allow massive recordings to be stored.
  • Energy-efficient as the piano requires a low input of power.


  • The piano misses a Line-in jack for the ability to connect an audio player.
  • The LP 380 is quite heavy and cannot be categorized as a portable digital piano.


If you are in the market searching for a fairly-priced digital piano, then it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to check out what the Korg LP 380 digital has to offer.

Korg LP 380 features some of the best and most advanced features that any piano player out there would find beneficial.

The piano is also affordable and suitable for new learners who are interested to learn all about digital pianos. Korg LP 380 is a reasonably good digital piano to consider buying.

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