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The Roland FP-10 digital piano is the latest model in Roland’s renowned FP series. Not only is it an entry-level digital piano, but it’s also affordable and comes ready to play. This is all thanks to the authentic feel from the piano’s 88-note PHA-4 Standard keyboard.

This top-notch keyboard action is joined by the evocative SuperNATURAL piano tones, which are made possible by the onboard speakers and headphones. The digital piano packs plenty of unique features that you’ll enjoy while playing. Our review will mainly focus on the most essential factors and features, to help you learn why this digital piano is worth your attention.

Please note that the Roland FP-10 has been discontinued. Check out our article on the discontinuation of the Roland FP-10 to learn more.

Features of the Roland FP-10 Digital Piano

When it comes to features, Roland always strives to deliver the best experience to their buyers. The Roland FP-10 digital piano is no exception in this case because it has features that will make it easier for you to play and use no only at home, but also in studio recording sessions.


88-keys (PHA-4 Standard Keyboard: with Escapement and Ivory Feel)

Touch sensitivity: 5 types of key touch and fixed touch

Keyboard mode: whole, dual, twin piano

Damper pedal, although also capable of half-pedal when you connect the optional pedal

SuperNATURAL piano sound

96 notes on polyphony

Tones: 4 piano tones, 2 E.Piano tones, and 9 other tones

It comes with Master Tuning and Transpose


  • Ambiance
  • Brilliance
  • String resonance
  • Damper resonance
  • Key off-resonance


  • Tempo
  • Beat
  • Volume: 10 levels

Bluetooth: MIDI

17 listening songs and 15 tone demo songs


  • Owner’s manual
  • Music rest
  • AC adaptor
  • Power cord
  • Pedal switch

Weight: 27 pounds (12.6 kg)

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Roland FP-10 Digital Piano Design

Roland FP-10 digital piano
Image Credit: Roland

The Roland FP-10 digital piano features a portable and space-saving design. This makes the piano suitable for home use. Therefore, if you’re looking for an ideal instrument to use for your home practice sessions, the FP-10BK can be an excellent option to consider. It also features an optional matching stand (KSCFP10) that gives it a classic piano look.

The reason why this digital piano is suitable to use at home is due to its compact design. The piano measures 50-9/16”W x 11-3/4”D x 12-13/16”H. It’s also a lightweight digital piano that weighs approximately 27 pounds. This makes it portable and easy to move from one place to another.


The Roland FP-10 digital piano has a unique and suitable keyboard that will offer the best playing experience. This entry-level digital piano is always ready to play and assures you of an authentic feel from its 88-note PHA-4 Standard keyboard. The keyboard is designed to offer you enough room to experiment with new techniques to improve your playing skill.

Regardless of how you play, whether hard or soft, Roland’s touch-detection technology will offer you a fine acoustic feel. It offers high-resolution sensing and escapement for fast key repetition. The PHA-4 keyboard relatively translates the sound differences in dynamics and tone. The white keys on the keyboard are made with a revolutionary moisture-absorbing material, which recreates the natural texture and tactile feel of real ivory.

Sound Quality

Although it’s easy to find other instruments at the same price point as the FP-10BK, it’s difficult to find them with the exact tones offer by this digital piano. Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound engine included in the Roland FP-10 digital piano delivers an authentic piano tone that feels expressive and unique.

No matter your playability level, the piano will offer you detailed articulation and response. The FP-10BK features a dynamic piano sound that will flood your room while playing via the powerful onboard speakers. You can also use headphones that allow you to play the piano anytime you want.


Roland FP-10 digital piano
Image Credit: Roland

The Roland FP-10 digital piano comes with plenty of ideal connectivity options that come in handy when using it. There are headphones output, built-in Bluetooth MID/USB interface for connecting Garageband, computers, and DAW software. There is also the Roland Piano Partner 2 app that allows you to conveniently choose sounds, set metronome, and do even more with your mobile phone. Therefore, using the piano is easy because you can connect it with other notable devices.

Extra Features of the Roland FP-10 Digital Piano

There is a Twin Piano Mode ideal for lessons, which enables students and teachers to play side-by-side in similar octave ranges. There’s also the optional matching stand (KSCFP10) that offers a classic piano look.

The Roland FP-10 digital piano also includes modern digital features. These features allow you to be creative in any musical genre with onboard sounds such as electric pianos, organs, and strings.

Benefits of the Roland FP-10 Digital Piano

This is the most compact 88-key digital piano in its class judging from real-life experience. If you lack enough room for a regular cabinet in your home, the FP-10BK digital piano is the right option to consider. Due to its compact design and lightweight nature, you can easily store the piano in your home without having to worry about space.

Also, its portability makes it worth considering because you can easily move the instrument around or use a keyboard stand when you want to play. Another benefit of the piano is that it offers an elegant look and authentic piano sound.

Who Is the Piano For?

The Roland FP-10 digital piano is for a pianist who wants to get creative in any music genre. The instrument is suitable for both beginner and professional pianists because it has a lot of beneficial features to offer. The onboard sounds, connectivity options, and Twin Piano Mode make it suitable for a pianist capable of playing at any level.

The piano is also good for a pianist searching for an affordable, yet authentic digital piano. This instrument comes ready to play and assures you of an authentic feel, thanks to the 88-note PHA-4 Standard keyboard. Therefore, as a pianist, you’ll have a lot of options to experiment, learn, and eventually improve your playing skill.

Is the Roland FP-10 Good for Beginners?

Yes, the Roland FP-10 is good for beginners because it’s termed as an excellent entry-level keyboard. It also comes with outstanding features such as the MIDI, USB, and Bluetooth for easier connectivity with external devices. The piano also plays nicely with Roland’s Piano Partner 2 app. What’s more, it makes a great MIDI controller keyboard.


  • It comes with a rich, responsive tone, thanks to the popular SuperNATURAL sound engine from Roland.
  • You get an 88-key hammer action format in a compact cabinet.
  • The PHA-4 Standard keyboard offers you authentic piano touch and sound for maximum expression.
  • There is the headphones output and quiet keyboard action that allows you to enjoy playing whenever you want without disturbing others.
  • Built-in Bluetooth MIDI/USB MIDI interface for connecting to your phone, computer, or DAW software.


  • Confusing method for recording audio and MIDI out of it. Therefore, it may be difficult for some users to record properly, especially beginners.
  • The speakers are located at the bottom of the piano, which means you can put the instrument on top of a table.
  • It’s mostly suitable for students who require something smaller and cheaper than real digital pianos.


Aside from the Roland FP-10 digital piano offering the best playing experience, it also has a cheap price point. Another suitable factor about the piano is that it suits both beginners and advanced players.

Overall, it’s not a bad digital piano to consider buying. It provides minimalistic features that can really come in handy for pianists, especially beginners.

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