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The Williams Rhapsody 2 digital piano comes packed with some of the most intuitive and efficient features for an entry-level keyboard. But this is to be expected judging from our experience and reviews with the Williams pianos.

As you may know, Williams isn’t a popular brand but it has laid a definitive statement with the few years it has been operational. The Rhapsody line is another addition to Williams’ collections of digital pianos with the other ones including Allegro, Overture, and their high-end Symphony piano.

If unaware, this brand’s digital pianos are highly effective in providing value at their price point. Here, we’ll discuss the Williams Rhapsody 2 88-key console digital piano  to show you just what the piano is capable of accomplishing.

Williams Rhapsody 2 Digital Piano Overview

Before jumping straight in, let’s have some highlights of the Williams Rhapsody 2 keyboard. As it’s been apparent with Williams’ pianos, the first thing you’ll notice is how elegantly this piano sits. Again, aesthetics is another area this brand is mostly recognized for showcasing. The Rhapsody 2 is housed in a classic upright console. It features an elegant black wood finish that makes it seem more traditional.

Other essential features of the Rhapsody 2 included 12 built-in custom sounds that deliver immersive levels of authenticity, sampled from a renowned grand piano and other musical instruments. To accompany the sounds’ playability, the Rhapsody 2 console also comes with a newly improved keyboard that delivers natural response and feel.

Those are some of the key features, and this Williams Rhapsody 2 digital piano review will give you full insights of this instrument’s capabilities. Read on to get more informed.

Features of the Williams Rhapsody 2 Digital Piano


  • Elegant Ebony gloss or PVC wood-like finish for great looks in any décor
  • Keyboard – 88 weighted, velocity-sensitive keys
  • 12 High-Definition custom Voices on 32Mbyte sample ROM
  • 12 Demo Songs
  • Pedal unit – Sustain and Sostenuto pedals for realistic playability
  • 64-voice polyphony for deep, layered orchestrations
  • Voice Control – Layer, Touch, Split
  • Modulation/FX control
  • Stereo system delivers immersive sound
  • Intuitive User Interface with a blue LCD display
  • Connectivity – USB/MIDI connection, stereo outputs with 1/4” jacks, and Headphone output for private practice
  • Speakers – 2-YDT816 (4U’ 15W)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) – 54.1” x 16.3” x 31.1”
  • Weight – 83.2lbs
  • Accessories – Music rest

Williams Rhapsody 2 Digital Piano Design

Williams Rhapsody 2 digital piano
Williams Rhapsody 2 Digital Piano

The design of this instrument is where elegance meets affordability. This digital piano can fit perfectly in any décor and add beauty, thanks to its black wood finish. The piano sits upright, like most console digital pianos, and comes with a Music rest that sits atop the piano. You can easily reach this accessory and change between your scores as you play.

And as an upright digital piano, the Williams Rhapsody 2 dimensions are nearly standard, meaning you can place the keyboard in small spaces. However, this isn’t a portable instrument as it weighs about 83 lbs, and you’ll require some help if you decide to move it around.

Otherwise, the Williams Rhapsody 2 88-key console digital piano still offers you an intuitive control panel with a blue LCD display. This makes the whole user interface experience a cognitive practice, especially for novice players. The stand that supports the Rhapsody 2 comes with a built-in two pedal damper system. Overall, the design of this instrument oozes elegance and simplicity. But most of all, the interface isn’t complicated and offers the needed basics for optimum playability.

Williams Rhapsody 2 Keyboard

Williams Rhapsody 2 digital piano
Williams Rhapsody 2 88-Key Console Digital Piano

The Rhapsody 2 comes with a weighted hammer action keyboard that delivers realistic response and feel when playing. This is the go-to keyboard action to consider whenever purchasing a digital piano. And even if you aren’t thinking about pursuing this instrument further, this keyboard action will enhance your playability immensely.

However, the keys on this digital piano felt more plastic to the touch, but this is what you call a tradeoff. Not that they don’t deliver authentic playability, it’s only that advanced players wouldn’t find this efficient.

The keyboard does allow you to layer two sounds together, which enhances the sounds produced compared to when playing sounds solely. Additionally, you can split the Williams Rhapsody 2 keyboard in two zones and assign different playing tones to each. This is a plus, especially for instructors and their learners who can sit side by side and play along during lessons.

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Sound Quality

This is the heart of any digital piano and it can either make or break the user experience for most people. The Williams Rhapsody 2 digital piano features 12 High-definition custom voices crafted from well known grand pianos, vintage and electric pianos, synths, strings, and organs, among others. And while we’d like to hail the Rhapsody 2’s sound quality based on the price, it’s hard to do so.

Although the sounds are termed as high-definition, you’ll struggle finding the authenticity in them, especially the grand piano. In simple terms, the sounds are just basic even for a budget-friendly keyboard.

As piano enthusiasts, we believe that novice piano players should have an enabling foundation when venturing into playing this instrument. Among such foundations include the piano’s tones. A beginner should be able to identify how each tone expresses the keystroke right from the start. And if the keyboard is top-quality, like in this case, it could have been better to see the same on the sounds.

Otherwise you still get 12 Demo Songs that you can play along to with this model, making it a fine choice for the beginners.

Connectivity Options

The Williams Rhapsody 2 88-key digital piano gives you the following hook up options:

  • USB/MIDI connection
  • Stereo outputs
  • 1/4” Headphone jacks for private practice sessions

Williams Rhapsody 2 Price

The Williams Rhapsody costs approximately less than $1,000. The price may vary from one seller to another so it’s not a fixed price. The best thing to ensure is that you’re getting a high-quality digital piano that will serve you appropriately.

Additional Features

Williams Rhapsody 2 digital piano Metronome

Unlike most digital pianos within this price range, the Williams Rhapsody 2 digital piano comes with a built-in Metronome to help you play the rhythms accurately.

2 Track Recorder

The piano also comes with a 2-track recorder that allows you to record and playback your samples. And considering that it has Headphone jacks for private practice, monitoring your progress can only get easier.


You can easily transpose the Rhapsody 2 and the in-built damper pedal system highly contributes to this function.

Benefits of Owning the Williams Rhapsody 2 Digital Piano

Good Keyboard Action

The weighted hammer action keyboard present on the Williams Rhapsody console digital piano exhibits natural responses and feel. Any level of player would enjoy getting their fingers on this piano’s keys. Moreover, this keyboard action will help a lot in setting a solid foundation for the beginners, who are the primary target audience.


Affordability is one of the main aspects that brought the surge of digital pianos, and it still remains a significant factor when purchasing this musical instrument. The Williams Rhapsody 2 price is fairly placed and manages to deliver on its worth. This, among other reasons is why the Rhapsody 2 has gained significant appreciation from its customers.

Stylish Design

This digital piano can fill your home or studio with great looks made possible by the quality furniture stand.

Reasons You Should Buy the Williams Rhapsody 2 88-Key Digital Piano

If you want a digital piano that offers enough value for its money, this is one ideal instrument to consider. As you’ve seen, we’ve given you a detailed review showcasing some of the piano’s strongholds and not forgiving the drawbacks as well.

We would commend this instrument to novice players and teachers who are on a budget. It can also blend seamlessly in your décor and offer that fancier look, if that’s what you want.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Elegant design
  • Weighted Hammer Action Keyboard
  • Built-in Metronome feature


  • Average sound quality
  • Plastic feel keys

Final Thoughts

The Williams Rhapsody 2 digital piano can grace your home or studio with beautiful looks, good-quality sound, authentic feel, and other playability features. And although it still bears some knockoffs, they aren’t that substantial.

We’ve done our part and hope to have informed you adequately about this Williams production. Now, you have the final call.

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