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Roland and Korg are the two most popular musical instrument manufacturers after Yamaha. But, how much do they differ in terms of product quality, service, and the benefits that they offer to clients?

Is Roland better than Korg, or is it the other way round? Most musicians debate about this factor, with Korg fans claiming it’s better than Roland, and Roland’s fans claiming Korg can never beat their favorite company.

Unlike Yamaha which offers a wide range of instruments suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players, Roland and Korg tend to be a bit limited in terms of instrument production.

They don’t have plenty of products catering to all levels of musicians. However, that doesn’t make these two brands less important when considering buying a digital piano. You can still buy their products because they strive to manufacture high-quality musical instruments in the industry. Let’s find out more about each of these two brands.


Is Roland better than Korg
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Roland Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic musical instruments such as pianos, keyboards, synthesizers, drums & percussion, guitar & bass, amplifiers, organs, and accessories.

The company was founded in 1972 and has manufactured numerous instruments that have had a lasting impact on music. During the 80s and 90s, Roland released instruments that have had a lasting influence on music to date.

Some of the popular Roland digital pianos include:

Benefits of Roland Digital Pianos

Is Roland a good piano brand? Absolutely! Roland is one of the best musical instrument manufacturers in the world. They produce a wide range of instruments at different prices from under $200 up to over $3000.

Roland also incorporates excellent features in their digital pianos such as additional sounds, key split, dual-mode, sequencer, USB/MIDI, and audio playback. Roland digital pianos tend to have a warm and rounded tone. The main reason for this is that their sound is normally sampled from acoustic pianos.


Is Roland better than Korg
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Is Korg a good brand? Yes, Korg is a great brand. Korg Inc. was initially founded as Keio Electronic Laboratories back in 1962. The company is known to manufacture and distribute some of the best musical instruments in the world.

These instruments include acoustic and digital pianos, guitars, electronic tuners, recording equipment, and accessories. The company’s first product was an electro-mechanical rhythm device, which was called the Disc Rotary Electric Auto Rhythm machine in 1963.

The company is also credited with several innovations in digital pianos, synthesizers, and sound design.

Some of their famous digital pianos include:

Benefits of Korg Digital Pianos

The good thing about Korg digital pianos is that they are reliable and high-quality. Korg also offers a versatile collection of pianos to appeal to all types of pianists – from beginners to advanced players. Additionally, the company also boasts affordable digital pianos that you can buy from $200 and above.

When it comes to features, Korg manufactures both 61 and 88-key digital pianos, with Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) to offer players an acoustic playing experience. Korg keyboards also include connectivity options such as USB/MIDI, headphones, phones, tablets, and PC.

Therefore, you can connect the digital pianos with other devices to listen to music.  Korg pianos are also portable, efficient, and user-friendly.

Which Is Better – Roland or Korg?

Is Roland better than Korg? I would say Korg is better than Roland, but that’s just my opinion. In terms of features, the company offers unique functionalities and affordable digital pianos in the market.

However, I’ve also used several Roland digital pianos and loved them a lot. Therefore, I can conclude that both Roland and Korg’s digital pianos are great. It all depends on your needs and budget.

Avoid buying a brand. Instead, consider buying a digital piano that offers you convenient features, reliability, durability, and efficiency. Buy a piano that within your budget and still offers value for your money.

Also, ensure you buy a user-friendly and portable digital piano – especially if you’re a beginner, as that will save you a lot of headaches.


So, is Roland better than Korg? No; and neither is Korg better than Roland. Both companies have their strengths and weaknesses. Overall, I would choose a digital piano from any of the brands, judging from real-life experience and not just from the features offered in their instruments.

If you’re on the fence about the best type of piano to choose, feel free to reach out to us through email and we’ll be happy to help.

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