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The Korg PA700 digital piano offers a well-rounded playing experience. It has unique features that are sure to please any pianist. This 61-key instrument comes with a graded hammer action for smooth and responsive playability.

The keys offer three levels of touch sensitivity to accommodate players of all levels. And the included Multitrack Recorder will help you create music like never before!

Korg is the world’s leading arranger keyboard maker. The company’s arrangers have delighted audiences and musicians globally. This is all thanks to their excellent sound quality and unique features.

The Korg PA700 combines the company’s rich history with cutting-edge new features and ideas from musicians all over the world.

Therefore, it’s a new standard in arrangers. The PA700 is a musical beast that blends technological marvel with sleek, practical design.

Features of the Korg PA700 Digital Piano

The Korg PA700 digital piano comes with top-notch features that make it worth buying. In this section, we’ll go over some of the most ideal features you need to know. Check them out below.



  • 61 keys (C2 – C7) with velocity
  • Memorized keyboard sound settings
  • Display: 7” wide capacitive color TouchView TFT display
  • “My Setting” special keyboard set

Sound Generator:

  • EDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis -eXpanded)
  • Filters with resonance, 3-band EQ on each sound
  • Polyphony: 128 voices, 128 oscillators


  • Accompaniment/song
  • Keyboard sounds
  • Final mastering effects
  • Voice processor
  • Guitar processor


  • Internal memory: 960 MB
  • USB external drives (drive not included)
  • MicroSD card (not included); rear panel slot with plastic cover

Included Items:

  • AC power cable
  • Music stand
  • Quick guide manual


  • EXP-2 foot controller, XVP-10 Expression/volume pedal
  • DS-1H damper pedal (supports half-pedal)
  • PS-1, PS-3 pedal switch
  • VOX V860 volume pedal

Dimensions: 40.55″ W x 14.89″ D x 5.2″ H

Total weight: 21.82 lbs. (9.9 kg)



Korg PA700 Digital Piano Design

The Pa700 features a design that combines a narrow profile with a professional aesthetic. The two 25-watt amplifiers drive the two loudspeakers in a bass-reflex enclosure to produce a robust, full-bodied listening experience.

The new TouchView display has been redesigned, with extra pixels added to make it brighter, larger, and more colorful.

The new graphical user interface is simpler to read than ever before in the most demanding light conditions thanks to the big, bright, and bold TouchView screen.


Korg PA700 digital piano
Image Credit: KORG

The Korg PA700 digital piano features a 61-key keyboard with hammer action, velocity, and channel aftertouch.

The keyboard has a great feel to it with the use of Ivory Touch material over the keys. This is very similar to the Korg SP250.

However, this model includes an extra octave on either side that makes playing more pleasant.

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Sound Quality

The Pa700 uses KORG’s cutting-edge EDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis – eXpanded) sound engine and comes with over 1,700 ready-to-play sounds.

This comprehensive collection includes a wide range of historic and contemporary keyboards, band and orchestral instruments, as well as electronic and acoustic equipment—from techno to folk.

Two new multi-layer stereo grand pianos (with damper and body resonance) are included, as well as the KORG SV-1 Stage Piano’s electric pianos.

The digital drawbar organ has clicks, leaks, and Rotary Speaker imitation. The Pa700 also features new wind instruments, strings, basses, acoustic, and electric guitars.

This is all thanks to the inclusion of new wind instruments, strings, basses—even acoustic and electric guitars.

Sounds have been meticulously recorded using cutting-edge technology that allows for the most precise reproduction of fine details.


The MIDI connectivity is possible through the USB HOST ports (in addition to the USB DEVICE and MIDI ports).

This makes it easy to connect devices like other digital pianos or the KORG nano and micro-series. However, you need an external USB-HUB for connecting these nano and micro series, as well as USB 1.0/1.1 devices).

Extra Features of the Korg PA700 Digital Piano

The Korg PA700 also comes with several other features that we haven’t mentioned above. These include:

The SongBook

SongBook is a completely programmable and searchable Music Database that’s especially beneficial for live use.

The SongBook can also utilize styles, MIDI files, or MP3s and restores parameters such as song name, genre, artist, tempo, volumes, sound effects settings, muted tracks, FX configurations.

The Set List function has also been updated to include a more user-friendly panel button association for fast recall during live performances.

You may use a Windows-based PC to quickly inspect, create, and update your KORG Pa-Series SongBook entries and Set Lists using the SongBook Editor.

You may also link it with iOS and Android devices to serve as an external digital music sheet reader (third-party software required).

Refine Guitar

You can now add effects to a guitar connected to the dedicated Guitar input on the back of the instrument through guitar FXs.

We picked some of KORG’s greatest guitar effects to give a genuine distortion, chorus, or delay pedals, and the best studio reverb sounds.


The Player supports the MP3+G (also known as MP3+Graphics) format for MP3 files in addition to the most popular lyrics formats.

This new functionality allows backing sequences to play with more descriptive lyrics and visuals. You can see them simultaneously on the on-board TFT display and an external monitor.

You can make your very own music tracks, too! You’ll have complete control over the recording process because it’s so intelligent. You may run a song, play the keyboard, sing along, and everything will be saved in MP3 format to an external USB drive or on the internal memory.

Studio-Quality Effects

The Pa700 includes KORG’s best effects, which are popular for their studio quality. For the accompaniment tracks, 2 Insert and 2 Master effects can be used. 1 Insert and 2 Master effects may be utilized for real-time keyboard music.

There are 148 studio-friendly effects available for you to choose from. They also include reverbs, delays, vintage stompbox models, amp and cabinet simulations.

Who is the Korg PA700 Digital Piano For?

The Korg PA700 Digital Piano is for anyone who needs a great-sounding, portable, and intuitive keyboard workstation.

It’s the perfect solution for both practicing and live performance sessions.

The PA700 has been designed with both beginners and pros in mind. So, there are plenty of creative tools available.

These include dual multi-effects engines (with over 90 effects), six-track recording and playback, arpeggiator function, and more than 500 sounds!

You’ll also find all kinds of other helpful options like USB TO HOST connectivity. These allow you to use DAW applications easily via MIDI/USB connection.


  • Slim, powerful, and easy to use
  • It comes with a built-in MP3 player
  • Excellent sound quality
  • The instrument delivers over 370 styles straight out of the box.
  • The PA700 includes studio-quality effects which are the best of the KORG library.


  • Durability is questionable
  • Unfortunately, it’s not the best in the market as it still has sound issues.


Overall, the Korg PA700 digital piano is a great instrument for beginners and intermediate players because it offers so many features.

The number of sounds and styles it offers is awesome. But what will get you mostly hooked into this instrument are all the effects that you can use during performances.

These include reverb, delay, chorus, etc. There’s even an audio input which means you could hook up your iPod or computer and jam along with the music!

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