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The Korg XE20 digital piano is a fantastic choice for modern pianists. It’s an 88-key, Korg exclusive model that was designed to be the ultimate in home and stage performance.

The Korg XE20 comes with some of the best sounds available on any digital piano, including beautiful Korg Grand Piano samples (a Korg exclusive), as well as strings, electric pianos, harpsichords, vibraphones, and more.

With such a wide variety of tones at your fingertips and ready whenever you need them – it’s never been easier to find the sound you want!

Features of the Korg XE20 Digital Piano

The good thing about the Korg XE20 digital piano is that it includes a wide range of unique and beneficial features. In this section, we’ll go through all the features that this digital ensemble piano packs to see if it’s worth your purchase.



  • 88-key Natural Weighted Hammer Action Keyboard
  • Touch control: Four types, soft (light), medium (standard), hard (heavier), fixed
  • Pitch: transpose, fine tuning

Sound Generation:

  • Stereo PCM
  • 184 voices
  • Over 705 sounds, 41 drum kits


  • Accompaniment part
  • 2 stereo digital multi-effects
  • Keyboard part: 2 stereo digital multi-effects
  • Style: 280 presets


  • Tempo
  • Beat
  • Volume
  • Key transpose
  • Tuning


  • AC adaptor
  • Custom LCD with backlighting
  • Sheet music stand
  • Damper pedal

Total weight: 25.13 pounds (11.4 kg)

Korg XE20 Digital Piano Design

Korg XE20 digital piano
Image Credit: Korg

The XE20 features a slim design that can easily fit anywhere. The piano is 34 cm deep and weighs approximately 11.4 kg without including the music rest and the stand sold separately. The convenience of the keypad is evident with its centralized design, and users will appreciate that it has a built in accompaniment function.

The piano also features a slim and lightweight body compatible with any room. It also has a dedicated stand, which is sold separately. Alternatively, you can easily carry the piano place on a table, which gives you more options of enjoying the XE20.


Korg XE20 digital piano
Image Credit: Korg

The Korg XE20 digital piano features an 88-key, graded hammer action keyboard with two full concert grand pianos. The lower keys feel heavier and get lighter as you play upward. They keyboard is also well-balanced and provides you with a natural, effortless playing experience.

The piano also comes with automatic accompaniment to make it easier for you to switch from practicing your favorite songs, and into truly performing them with just one touch of a button.

The XE-20 provides a variety of auto accompaniment Styles that you can access with your left hand, so you have the backing of a full band without any limitations. The Play Chords feature in the Korg XE20 also seamlessly follows your changes in any Style that you select.

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Sound Quality

Aside from the stunning pianos that the XE20 includes, it also provides a versatile collection of over 700 expressive and authentic sounds such as organs, electric pianos, brass, drum kits, strings, and synth pads, among many others.

All of these sounds have been sampled from actual acoustic and digital instruments. You can also play of these realistic sounds live or use them as part the piano’s automatic accompaniments.

The German Piano sound comes from one of the most famous piano makers in the world. It’s also loved by pianists due to its versatile expressive power.

The Italian Sound is also popular globally due to its rich resonances and sensitivity to the player’s style. Having a combination of these two sounds in one piano will offer you a nuanced choice to assist you in getting the most out of your playing experience.


Image Credit: Korg

Some of the connectivity options you’ll find in the Korg XE20 digital piano are USB input, Pedal jack, Headphones jack, AUDIO IN, Foot Controller jack, and USB MIDI. This means you can connect this digital piano with other devices such as your computer.

Extra Features of the Korg XE20 Digital Piano

One additional feature you’ll find in the Korg XE20 digital piano is the ability to record your performance. The piano allows you to easily record yourself playing a song and save the performance for later.

In addition to your own songs, you can play back demo song files using the Song Mode, as well as MP3 or WAV audio data, or even S Standard MIDI files from any available USB. This is a good option if you want to add another layer of entertainment with playing along with a pre-recorded song.

The XE20’s speakers are also additional features, which offer a powerful and clear sound. This new playback system creates an evenly balanced sound so that the piano can shine through while still balancing out the bass and drums provided by automatic accompaniment.

The Korg XE20 also includes software such as Skoove’s award-winning piano teaching software, which assists you to improve your playing. There’s also Korg’s Module app that offers you access to more sounds, and finally Korg’s Gadget 2 Le DAW music production app.

Who Is the Korg XE20 Digital Piano For?

The Korg XE20 digital piano is an excellent choice for modern pianists. Korg has a long history of making high-quality instruments and this is no exception.

With its new playback system providing crisp and clear sound that will help any musician shine through while balancing bass with other accompaniments, Korg’s newest electric piano is one of the best choices available on the market today for both professionals and amateurs alike.


  • 88-key Digital Ensemble piano with Hammer Action that offers the best playing experience.
  • It comes with 280 Accompaniment Styles.
  • Built-in speaker system with arranger functionality.
  • You’ll get over 700 sounds with excellent sound quality.


  • Flimsy music stand that doesn’t offer much convenience.
  • You have to double press the buttons to get the accompaniment variations to change.
  • The free software included in the XE20 doesn’t support Android devices and Windows.


Overall, the Korg XE20 digital piano is an efficient, user-friendly, and lightweight piano to consider using either in your home, studio, live stage performances. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced pianist, the XE20 digital piano is an efficient musical instrument worth looking into.

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