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Portable, user-friendly, affordable, compact design – all these are some of the terms which you can use to describe the Yamaha NP 11 digital piano. The piano is closely related to the Yamaha NP 31 model. They only differ in size and price.

Yamaha NP 11 is an affordable, compact, and fantastic digital piano. It sets the right standards for beginners to explore the world of digital pianos. The NP 11 features Yamaha’s quality features and is specifically to provide excellent service to users.

Although you should note that the piano is not sufficiently sized and only has 61 keys, unlike other pianos which have the full 88 keys.

But, it is easier to move around with and quite suitable for beginners. This Yamaha piaggero np-11 review unveils more about the piano.


Features of Yamaha NP 11 Digital Piano

The Yamah NP-11 avis has not drifted too much away from the NP 31 in terms of features. They closely resemble each other but differ in their size and weight.


Since the Yamaha piaggero NP-11 also belongs to the ‘Piaggero’ line, which describes a small and light portable piano, with a compact structure and versatile nature. The piano weighs approximately 14 pounds.

It measures 40 inches long and its width extends up to 10 inches wide. Therefore, NP 11 belongs to the category of lightweight digital pianos.

It bears some strong similarities with the NP 31. They both have the same number of speakers as well as size – two twelve by six centimeters.

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Yamaha NP 11 Design

Yamaha NP 11

The NP 11 design is quite simple. Yamaha is not only known for creating beautiful pianos with features that greatly stand out, but they are also popular for releasing pianos which have a very sophisticated and well-calibrated design.

Although high-end digital pianos also feature such great design – this doesn’t mean the NP 11 doesn’t have an attractive look.

The piano also comes with a uniform all-black finish with the key-bed having a red trim lining at the beginning. It also has a nice, simple, and sleek feel to it. Remember the piano is not ideal for stage performance.Therefore, it hosts some basic features which are quite favorable for beginner players.


Yamaha NP 11
Yamaha Piaggero NP-11 61-Key Digital Piano

Usually, with the price and size that the NP 11 features, one would expect a low quality and inefficient keyboard. However, that is not the case.

The Yamaha NP11 keyboard is made up of 61 keys that include well-built technological which helps to provide key action and realism of the piano.

It is also a weighted keyboard and is quite responsive. It does not produce the annoying noticeable clacking sounds that come with the cheapest keyboards in the market.

Yamaha has built the keyboard with standard-sized keys. Overall, Yamaha has done a great job on the NP 11 keyboard, if you compare it with many pianos with that price and design.

Sound Quality

Yamaha pianos are popular for providing rich and full sound qualities. The NP 11 produces excellent quality sound using the Yamaha’s proprietary Advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling technology.

This is the first installment of Yamaha’s tone generation engineering. The polyphony reaches 32 voices maximum. In addition, there is the Dynamic Voice Allocation by Yamaha to produce a crisp, clear sound.

The AWM technology is also a notable innovation that genuinely captures all subtle nuances of an acoustic piano sound. The NP 11 has a quality beyond its price and design. In fact, the sound quality and distribution of the NP 11 match some of Yamaha’s high-end digital pianos.


The NP 11 consists of the basic needed connectivity options. Since it is not a high-end model meant for live stage performances, Yamaha opted to simplify the NP 11 features.

Unlike other Yamaha grand stage models that host a lot of connectivity options, the NP 11 is made up of a single headphone jack and the Yamaha piaggero np 11 MIDI connectivity.

The MIDI suits connectivity with other devices and helps to transfer data to and from the piano. The headphone jack is quite convenient and helps to provide privacy while playing. You can use it to listen to your playing sessions privately.

Extra Features of the Yamaha NP 11 Digital Piano

Just like the Yamaha piaggero NP-31 NP-11 does not require the burden of bringing along any power adaptor. The reason being, it features two 6 AA batteries which last up to 6 hours. The NP 11 also has 10 preset voices.

From the ten voices, two of them are grand pianos, two electric pianos, two pipe organs, another two harpsichords, a string section, and a vibraphone. That explains the rich and full sound of the keyboard.

The piano also includes 4 different types of reverbs, the Dual and Layering functions, as well as an innovative and energy-saving feature known as the ECO energy-saving mode. The feature automatically shuts off the piano if it stays idle for more than 30 minutes.

Reasons You Should Buy Yamaha NP 11 Digital Piano

For Yamaha, pleasing their customers has genuinely been one of their core missions. The Yamaha NP-11 digital piano produces the same authentic rich sound found in some of Yamaha’s grand stage pianos.

It features an acoustic keyboard with an excellent responsive action, unlike other keyboards in the same price bracket that have clacking disturbing sounds. It provides beginners with the opportunity of learning how to play a digital piano in the most effective and easiest way.

No burden in searching for a power supply for the Yamaha piaggero NP 11, as it comes with the option of being used with batteries. The piano is lightweight, which means that you can carry it anywhere.

Who Is the Yamaha NP 11 For?

As can be seen, the Yamaha piaggero NP-11 keyboard is specifically designed to serve a particular purpose. Its compact, basic design shows that the piano is not meant for hosting grand performances.

It is an excellent musical instrument for beginner players. The NP 11 is also suitable for kids who are into pianos but cannot deal with the advanced, sophisticated models. Kids and beginner players will find comfort in the indulging with the NP 11.

Semi-pro players may also find it exciting to use the NP 11 in practice sessions – although it does not promise to hit the edge of a grand quality digital piano.

Buyers Guide

The huge benefit of the Yamaha NP 11 is its price. Yamaha developed a well portable digital piano with just the right amount of features.

The NP 11 costs under $200, and it could be labeled as one of the best cheap keyboards in the market due to the amazing capabilities that it features.

It is an excellent recommendation if you are looking for an entry-level piano in the market. The portability and battery system features provide a high level of convenience to the users.

How to Clean the Yamaha NP 11 Digital Piano

For any piano out there, there must be a way to keep it clean and attractive. Here, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to clean Yamaha NP11.

The procedure ensures the piano stays in the right form and ready for use the next time you need it.

  • Prepare a cleaning solution using warm water and little drops of a light dishwashing liquid, by mixing them in a small container or bowl.
  • Proceed by using a soft clean but color-free cloth and slightly damp it in the cleaning solution.
  • Wipe the keys and key bed with the soft damp cloth – this helps to remove any dust or fingerprints that are on the surface of the keys.
  • Use another dry soft fiber cloth to wipe off any left moisture left within the keys.

With the simple procedure outlined above, you’ll realize a clean piano remains attractive.


Cover the piano always when not in use. Place it away from direct sunlight, cold or humidity. Avoid drinking or placing hot or cold drinks on the piano.


  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Key realism and responsiveness
  • 6-hour long-lasting batteries
  • Compact design
  • Great sound quality from Yamaha


  • Lacks a lot of features
  • Little light to the touch due to the soft-touch keyboard

Does the Yamaha NP 11 Have Weighted Keys?

Yes, the Yamaha NP 11 digital piano has weighted keys. Another great thing about this digital piano is that it’s pretty responsive. Therefore, it doesn’t have any noticeable clacking sounds that you’ll mostly find in cheap keyboards.


The ‘Piaggero’ line is meant to produce lightweight pianos with a compact design. Another thing to notice about the line is that it highly targets beginners and kids interested in learning how to play a digital piano.

That said, you shouldn’t expect too much from the pianos that come from the Piaggero line. However, this does not mean that Yamaha created toys and termed them digital pianos.

The NP 32 and NP 11 are incredible digital pianos that still serve users with the rich and full sound from Yamaha’s advanced quality sound features.

Therefore, Yamaha NP 11 is a significant investment to consider for all types of players.

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